Written Preview for Final Episode of Drunken to Love You and Spoiler Pictures

It’s the grand finale of Drunken to Love You this weekend, and I for one am absolutely thrilled (and going to break out the bubbly at home when I watch it). The last two episodes reinvigorated my passion for this drama, which had mellowed in the past few weeks, but has been revived just in time to celebrate four months of a great drama run.

Drunken to Love You took the playbook of Fated to Love You, and made it better – added character maturity, more emotional depth, and less jokey antics. Since no one has any doubt how this drama will end, this post contains not only the detailed written preview for episode 18, but a boatload of spoiler pictures as well.

The Last (Drunken) Happiness – the title word of “drunken” sounds the same as “last” so it’s a cute word pun in this title:

Meng Jun giving birth to Er Bao coincidentally allows Xiao Ru to find the nurse who delivered her. The nurse shares details of Xiao Ru’s birth and gives Xiao Ru more clues to find her birth mom. After months of searching, Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu finally have a concrete lead.

Except their mother search is fraught with danger. Even knowing it shouldn’t be done, Jie Xiu has made it his sole responsibility to find Xiao Ru’s birth mom, so they sneak into the headquarters of the Crow Gang with the express purpose of saving Xiao Ru’s mom from the mastermind Brother Xiong’s hands.

But their sneaky ways are quickly seen through and they find themselves in danger once again. Right at the last minute, a mysterious person arrives. Who is this mysterious person? Can Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu emerge unscathed from the danger they are in with the help of this mysterious person?

Xiao Ru has finally found her birth mom. Under the well-wishes of everyone attending their wedding, Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu prepare to say “I do.” Right at that moment, a charity worker comes running into the wedding to deliver a big present for Xiao Ru, who finally discovers where all her hard-earned savings went. And that Jie Xiu was the culprit for her losing all her savings. Xiao Ru gets pissed, and a romantic wedding takes a turn for the near disaster.

Seeing that a string of “accidents, coincidences, and random occurrences” has finally led to “the good things”, Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu head on their honeymoon. Maybe good things don’t come easy, or they are destined to have a colorful life, even in their honeymoon suite they find extra pairs of eyes peeking at them from near and far. In the end, Xiao Ru and Jie Xiu’s “good thing”, what will it lead to?


Written Preview for Final Episode of Drunken to Love You and Spoiler Pictures — 14 Comments

  1. I KNEW IT!!!!! I was wondering how Xiao Ru didn’t get wet on the bench after the storm and figured that either the PD was lame or else someone had shielded her. \o/

    Am gonna miss Joseph Chang the most. *sigh*

    Thanks for spoiling us, Mrs Koala.

    PS: I just can’t wait for your next recap of B&W. *^^*

  2. It’s going to be a sad farewell to awesome Lin Xiao Ru and Song Jie Xiu. It reminds me of the hapiness and sadness I felt with the Sunny Happiness finale (So happy…who can take this?). I’m happy LXR & SJX finally find happiness, but sad that the ride is over. Joseph, you are awesome and I hope your future is filled with many leading roles from now on. I am your fan forever.

  3. So it was mom who held the umbrella for her. Aww~~ It goes so well with the Chinese saying that “home is the haven that shields you from wind and rain”.

  4. Nice pictures, and every bit of information helps to shed light on the imminent final episode. So, ta, Capt. K! Looking forward to your final recap of DTLY next week. I’m likely to watch ‘Protect the Boss’ following this, after reading such glowing recaps from you on the series.

  5. Thanks koala,for this filler in between the long wait for the grand finale.sounds riveting n the pics sure fire the imagination m whet the appetite…yummy to see the lovey dovey moments.. Gonna miss the series,SJX,lxr n ur recaps on dtly so much..been a thrilling 4mths!thanks.

  6. Thanks for the previews and recaps.

    I love the nerdy glasses of Joseph Chang. It suits him. Cute!!!

    How i wish there will be romcom drama for Rainie and Joseph again.

  7. Thank you Ms Koala.I started this series based on your love.One of the best dramas I’ve ever watched and the best TW.I usually want to throw something at the laptop screen for TW because of the silliness.However love love this and love love Joseph Chang.

    Oh the last few photos almost made me hyperventilate.Looking forward to ep 18 so much 🙂

  8. Ahhhh….can’t wait.Thanks for lovely pics…I agree with ck1OZ -the best TW drama ever ….n m looking fwd to another JC&RC collaboration.Till then,m going to start on Protect the Boss(based on OCKoala’s glowing reviews) to see if it can fill the void after DTLY or I wonder if Sunshine Angel can bring some sunny days and blue skies after the end of DTLY…sigh..missing it n SJX-LXR already.

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