Saving General Yang Holds Filming Commencement Ceremony with Cast Including Vic Zhou and Wu Zun

A filming commencement ceremony was held last week in Kaifeng (the old capital of the Song Dynasty) for the upcoming blockbuster martial arts historical movie Saving General Yang (忠烈楊家將). Present for the media event was the actors playing five of the seven Yang brothers: Yu Buo (Second Brother), Vic Zhou (Third Brother), Raymond Lam (Fifth Brother), Wu Zun (Sixth Brother), and Fu Xing Fu (Seventh Brother), along with the producer Bakmin Wong. Missing was main character Louis Koo (First Brother), who hurt his achilles a few days earlier, Jerry Li (Fourth Brother), and the parents Adam Cheng as General Yang and Xu Fan as Madame Yang.

The movie was supposed to start filming immediately after the commencement ceremony, but due to Louis’s injury, is being tentatively delayed until he can resume action scenes. Producer Bakmin Wong emphatically stated that Louis was his only choice for First Brother and he wasn’t going to re-cast the most pivotal role in the entire movie. Contrary to initial casting speculation, Ekin Cheng will not be playing a Yang brother, but instead asked to play the villain Pan Ren Mei. Below have a look at the pictures from the commencement ceremony, and the poster sketches of the seven Yang brothers.

Artist rendering poster of First Brother:

Artist rendering poster of Second Brother:

Artist rendering poster of Third Brother:

Artist rendering poster of Fourth Brother:

Artist rendering poster of Fifth Brother:

Artist rendering poster of Sixth Brother:

Artist rendering poster of Seventh Brother:

[Credit: all pictures as marked via Baidu Vic Zhou bar]


Saving General Yang Holds Filming Commencement Ceremony with Cast Including Vic Zhou and Wu Zun — 21 Comments

  1. could not recognize vic zhou in the beginning! omg he’s really changed in recent years. is he or wu zun older? they both look mighty fine 😀

  2. WHOLLY CRAP !!! what has happened to Zai Zai!!..I mean he looks like a walking skeleton….it took me a while to recognized him and then I was on denial telling myself that it can’t be him…. O_o next to Wu Chun he looks sooo weird…..

    • i did too. at first i thought he wasn’t in any picture so i keep on scrolling down and was surprised when i saw him. he got really skinny plus he cut his hair so short. but no matter how he looks, just hearing his voice is heaven enough for me, lol! he still has that perfect face anyway.

  3. So Feng Shao Feng is not part of the film contrary to what reported before? So frigging bummed, cuase i really want to see him and Raymond in the same project again ><

  4. What happen to Vic, looks very different. He looks matured, and no more boyish look. Is it no more long hair which suits him well or more style short hair. Is this his new look. God, l don’t like it. l don’t like that moustache. It’s just no Zai Zai. l did not recognize him at first before l read other comments, only to check the photo again.

    Please change back!!!!

  5. what happened to Vic..? he looks so thin, not that he ever was big but he was much more filled during MARS and BLACK & WHITE…

    anyway still love him, as in LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM…
    he is looking more yummy with all that maturity added to him and the rugged look with the dark/tan skin plus the mustache but I wish he would put on weight or muscles…

    lastly cant wait for this movie!!!

  6. Team Louis! Any other members? Anybody? I’ve liked him since his “fairest-skinned of them all” days in TVB’s Against the Blade of Honor until now with his “toasted hazelnut caramel” glow. The other fellas are totally yum too. Guess I’ll be checking this rendition to add to my collection of Yang brothers’ saga. Thanks for the news Ms. Ockoala!

  7. Vic I think is emulating Andy Lau. That’s good because Andy Lau is one of Asia’s most commercially successful film actors. Vic’s fave actor is Andy, right?.

  8. I’m sooo looking forward to this coz of Wu Chun….I’m a super huuuge fan of him..

    Gonna support him all the way… He already has 3 films that i am really anticipating to watch.. (My Kingdom, Magic to Win and Saving General Young)…

    Chunnie FTW!!!!!!!

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