Proudly Flying my KyoHaru Flag in Ouran High School Host Club

How is this not the OTP? Practical and down-to-earth butt poor girl meets calculating and acerbic nerdy billionaire heir. Yes yes, I know Kyoya in the manga/anime of Ouran High School Host Club isn’t even guy2, but the drama is definitely setting him up to be guy2, so that’s my canon and I’m sticking with it. The problem isn’t even that I don’t adore drama queen/king/prince Tamaki, it’s simply that I love Kyoya more.ย And Daito Shunsuke‘s chemistry with Kawaguchi Haruna? If she was older (re: legal age, and discounting the 9 year age difference between them), I’d be shipping them in real life so hard they would be the second coming of YamaKi for me.

This post has no purpose other than to indulge my KyoHaru shipping heart. See, even De Viewย Magazine thinks Haruhi and Kyoya ought to be photographed together! Everyone else, indulge me, m’kay? Also wanted to disclose that I have a proper Shunsuke ONLY post coming up, and you don’t want to miss it. This boy is smoking when he’s not playing he buttoned up nerd. A preview pic, and more KyoHaru goodies, after the jump. Now I finally understand what it must’ve felt like to be a Tsukushi-Rui shipper in HanaDan (or a Jan Di-Ji Hoo shipper in BOF).

I realized that both Shunsuke and Haruna played yankees (i.e. Japanese slang for delinquent students) in different dramas, he in Tumbling with Yamamoto Yusuke, and she in Yankee Kun to Megame Chan. Even putting their yankee-incarnations next to each other makes me ship them rabidly. Japan – you have a good thing forming here, get on it and start making the perfect drama for these two. Something along the lines of Buzzer Beat but without the basketball and even more making out. And don’t forget the spooning.

And finally, a preview of my upcoming Shunsuke picspam post. Yes, it’s getting “Hot in Herre”.


Proudly Flying my KyoHaru Flag in Ouran High School Host Club — 51 Comments

  1. Ai! I love all the pictures. I can’t get enough of the Kyoya, not that I’d ever dream of stealing him. I tend to like the most interesting male character and for OHSC, he is definitely the most interesting. I love all the characters and am so excited to watch more of them.

  2. I know, I know, Tamaki is the lead and definitely the sure OTP but I like Kyoya more!

    Totally shipping this OTP that i know for a fact will never sail. *sighs*

    He’s so good looking too! *weeeeeeeeeh*!

    I’m with you on this sis!

  3. First post ever in this playground….
    Anyways just want to said I love this shipp and I so agree with you someone needs to put this two in a drama.

    I have watch and read the anime/manga (runs and hide under a rock) and in both Kyoka for some reason does not read 2nd leadmen yet I always have shipp Kyoka/Haruhi much more that Tamaki/Haruhi or Hikaru/Haruhi which are the two big shipps of OHSHC. I don’t have a particular reason why I like this two characters together I just do… I think is because how down to earth both of them are and how uncomplex and easy going they are…

  4. Practical and down-to-earth butt poor girl meets calculating and acerbic nerdy billionaire heir.
    If this can’t be the OTP in Ouran, can we please have another drama with this premise? I don’t care if it has every trope in the book. I just kind of need to see it.

    But mannnnn their chemistry is insane. Maybe it’s because they both get to flex their comedic and dramatic skills in Ouran, while poor Yamamoto Yusuke has only gotten to do comedy thus far (and he has been brilliant at it).

    If Ouran has proved popular enough to merit a film announcement before the drama ends, I’m sure Japan has noticed their chemistry. Thankfully, it seems like Japan is more willing than Korea to put leads in a second, third, drama together. I would love for this to happen tomorrow, but uh, I’d end up feeling really gross about it. Let’s wait until she’s 18, and then they can do something fabulous together.

    • I agree that acting wise, Shunsuke and Haruna get more range, while Yosuke has been relegated to overacting like he has frogs in his pants most of the time. But his overacting is so pitch perfect, and when he has to be serious, he nails it, too. Yosuke is the real deal.

      But the chemistry between Kyoya and Haruhi is more that just their acting styles and character traits being more aligned. Their intense chemistry is just off the charts even in the tiniest little scenes and gestures. Whereas I don’t see any romantic chemistry between Tamaki and Haruhi. And this is where the chemistry “it” factor comes into play.

      Yosuke and Haruna are like big brother-little sister. I’ve seen the BTS, it’s the exact same interaction. Whereas Shunsuke and Haruna are….not. I can’t say more since she is so very young. But the simmering chemistry between them onscreen is undeniable, and turning me into a crazy KyoHaru shipper. It’s like they get each other.

      • Ohh…. boy you seem very taken with this two but then again who can blame you they look really good together…. I must be crazy loving this pair so much myself after all she is still a teen so…

        I think I need to see this BTS because that can put somethings in perspective. Like in LTM those BTS put things into perpective for me.

        Either way I can waite for the next couple of episode and the movie.
        Now is a matter of crossing fingers that in 2013 this two will have the opportunity to act together as an OTP.

      • LOL, unlike LTM, I don’t think they actually like each other in RL. Maybe they do, but I’m not going there.

        For now I see them more as YamaKi-esque, actors with sizzling onscreen chemistry.

      • LOL…. actually I was think more on the lines of thta BTS sometimes can show a natural side to actors that influence their acting and can created magical moments… Then again that can also be taken as developing feelings.

        Ok not going there…. but I don’t really know how to explain it other that sometimes actors natural charm comes out and affect their enviorment and their co-stars…

      • I’m looking forward to seeing Yosuke toning things down a bit, and seeing what he can really do. I don’t think I’ve seen him in a drama before, and he’s fabulous as the over the top Tamaki, but things get a little more serious towards the end of the manga. It’s going to be fun to see him tap that side too.

        It’s just unfortunate that Yosuke and Haruna are lacking the “it” factor that Shunsuke and Haruna have in spades. Their bed scene together completely took out all the emotional wham out of Tamaki and Haruhi’s scene (which was really beautiful in the manga). But really, the scene between K/H could have been anywhere, and it still probably would have taken out the umph from T/H.

        I guess with the film being made for next year, the chance for Shunsuke and Haruna to do something else together just gets bigger. Everyone in Japan will be reminded of their incredible chemistry, and she’ll *almost* be legal then. Come on Japanese TV big wigs! Make us a show!

  5. ****Oh darn I push the post button by accident anyways I love Daito Shunsuke acting he is playing Kyoka wonderfuly. I really think he was a great choice, so great that he is stealing the show. Have to love him.

    I can’t believe he is 25 years old…. He looks so much younger.

  6. Wait…he’s 25??? For realz? Like, not in everyone-gets-older-January-1 25? As in, he was born in 1986?!? No way. I’ve never really found Japanese guys hot, but I’m definitely willing to make an exception here. And she needs to grow up fast so they can make a totally awesome, chemistry-off-the-charts drama, ASAP.

    • Shunsuke is scheduled for next year’s Taiga already, so unless his character is offed mid-way (which might happen since war Taiga’s have high body counts and is a year long drama), he’s booked for the entire year. Which means when he gets out after doing his Taiga service (I consider it like enlisting for K-actors), Haruna will be 18 in 2013 and the world might not be ready for their pairing to melt our brains. Or at least mine.

      Shunsuke’s totally taking the Mukai Osamu career trajectory, or at least I hope he is. Do that Taiga, and then come back a leading man, my boy!

      • Really he’s in the Taiga next year? Gosh NHK is really serious in making it a Taiga filled with great young actors (Kenichi and Hiroshi as leads are swoon-worthy enough; not to mention a lot of great names appear on that actor list)

        Just checked about Shunsuke’s role in this Taiga (btw, love your description about Taiga being something similar to MS in Korea LOL), I think it will be quite a prominent role as younger brother of Kenichi. All the best to him!

  7. The funny thing is I actually was surprised that Kyuoya didn’t end up the 2nd lead in the manga because in the beginning of the manga (about where they are in th dorama) I definitely was getting the 2nd lead vibes from him so I was surprised in the later volumes when one of the twins ended up the 2nd. These two look adorable together, I hope they do a drama as the otp.


      How come nothing special happens to the tall, dark guy? I call first dibs on him.

  8. I was doing my wiki research on Daito Shunsuke and was surprised he was in HanaKimi… sorry I really didn’t realize that!! (but who would realize that when we have Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma and Mizushima Hiro in that dorama…)

    Looking at the pix above I exceedingly feel a certain resemblance of Daito with Oguri… and then bamp! He was exactly playing Shun’s younger brother (Saito Shin) in that dorama as I read further… Great casting for HanaKimi indeed haha

    I think back and I was probably a Tsukushi-Rui shipper back then hehe
    (even for the TW TV version of Meteor Garden)
    There used to be a guy in my school who looks just like Rui out of the manga (with the exception that he’s caucasian which makes him even more like a living Rui straight from the manga – I wish I had taken a photo of him LOL… sorry for the tangent)

    • I know, it was a perfect fit to cast him as Shun’s younger brother. What I love most about Shunsuke, and the reason I like Shun, Kame, and Yosuke despite those three being pretty fugly to me for the most part, is that they can all ACT. Like, really act, and not just idoru-levels of acting. I’d take an uglier dude who can act over a better looking dude who can barely twitch a facial muscle any day.The fact that Shunsuke is insanely good looking and hot? That’s just icing on the cake.

  9. Koala, you’re spoiling us too much…I must confess I’ve watched the anime and read the manga, and even though I like Tamaki I was still drawn to Kyoya…There was a mystery about him that draws you in and I totally shipped Kyoya and Haruhi, even though the OTP is Tamaki and Haruhi..

  10. Kept thinking where I’ve seen Shunsuke before. Then realized he played Oguri Shun’s younger brother in Hana Kimi. Like Oguri shun then but liking Shunsuke now as well.

  11. Hi unnie……..I am a Kyoya Fan tooo. Thank you for this post.
    You are spoiling us soo much……that’s why i love to play here!!!

  12. I’m really happy they are bringing Kyouya in for 2nd lead, because I was kind of disppointed with both anime and manga where they just gave a hint of it but never really made it clear!! With all the opportunities they had it was a shame ๐Ÿ™

  13. “get on it and start making the perfect drama for these two. Something along the lines of Buzzer Beat but without the basketball and even more making out. And donโ€™t forget the spooning.”

    XD haha. You speak the truth oh wise Koala!

    • Actually I agree but I was also what kind of manga turn live action story would I like for this two and the only one I could come yp witg was “Skip Beat” just because it seems to fit them…..

  14. Wow, I need to go back and watch more of Shunsuke’s old doramas. Also, Haruna is NAILING it. 16????? The younger J-dorama actresses are blowing it out of the water (see: Takei Emi).

  15. ahhhh this brings back memories of the days spent shipping tsukushi and rui…. i had a major major crush on oguri shun then and i think thanks to koala-san’s rabid adoration of ouran livedrama.. i’ve begun checking it out and omggg i think i’ve had it bad for daito shinsuke… cold sarcastic nerds…. my cuppa tea… but for a non ouran anime/manga haruhi-kyouya shipper, i think i’ll have to turn to fanfics for comfort… and you’re right about them having the chemistry… goshhh if you did not point out the rl-age difference, i wouldnt have known…. they’ve got something simmering beneath the surface that’s not so age-appropriate..

    • @casey


      It’s like when they are around each other and not even doing a scene face to face I sense chemistry. *facepalm* I’m so screwed loving this ship. Thank you for sharing!

      • “Itโ€™s like when they are around each other and not even doing a scene face to face I sense chemistry.” I KNOWWW….. and knowing that this ship will never sail cos it’s based on a manga that just ended is just.. just…. *runs off to dig for more fanfiction/fan videos* i will await with bated breath your exclusive shunsuke post (can i just mention that i just watched this show with him in new york learning to make pop-up books… and boy, is he talented…. *makes incoherent sound*)

        this ouran business is returning me to my high school days of jdorama spazzing…. seriously.. i’ve been trying to keep up with zenkai girl and don quixote too and is it just me or is this season’s jdorama’s totally awesomesauce…. are u by any chance keeping up with any other jdoramas this season as well?

      • Zenkai Girl is…….#^$%$#$%@#^$^ So. Good.

        It’s re-activating my dormant Ryo love.

        Will start Don Quixote soon. Totally agree that this seasons doramas are shockingly awesomesauce. Well, except for HanaKimi2011 and Ikemen desu Ne. But I heard great things about IS as well.

        Plus the fall brings the annual KimuTaku dorama~ With dogs! In Antarctica!

      • oh with regards to ‘dormant ryo love’ you have noooo idea… i’ve been keeping an eye out for his projects after 1 liter of tears and i’ve yet to find one in which i liked the story/character as much as zenkai girl… that drama… hits all the right spots… while ouran is spazzy fun, zenkai girl is just….. i can’t even begin to describe my love for that drama…
        jdoramas have been spotty for me this couple of years and i’ve turned to kdramas to fill that void… but i’ve never quite loved a kdrama as much as i’ve loved a well-done jdorama.. so imagine my delight at this season’s offerings… gahhHHH spoilt for choice (and time)
        i was wondering if you’d ever come up with a list of your drama favourites for jdoramas like you’ve done for kdramas….. one of the reasons i love your blog is that you cover korean, japanese and taiwanese dramas and that is just so rare in this k-pop dominated world today…. as much as i love kdramas, there’s a certain quality about jdoramas that’s just so unique- they do the wacky anime comedy so well.. and on the other side of the coin, there’s the slice of life quality which i ADORE when done well. kdramas are fun for the roller coaster ride of angst and all… but ahhhHH i miss the good ol’ days when j-pop ruled the world…. maybe it’s just nostalgia speaking.. hmm.. but anw! thanks for all the ouran recaps and i’m on your side of the haruhi-kyouya ship *waves flag*

  16. She was just the awesome-ness of awesome as Rinka in Yankee-kun.

    I hadn’t realized he was Shun’s younger brother in HanaKimi. Well, then – as much as I love the doofy Tamaki, I’m on this ship as well!

  17. kinda familiar with Haruna and just realized that she was playing as Oguri Shun little sister’s in TOKYO DOGS!!! she was guesting at VS Arashi with Tokyo Dogs team as well…
    LOL seriously,Shun..your “brother and sister” are all grown up!!! KyoHaru meant to be each other hahahaha

  18. I was so surprised to see the drama setting up Kyouya as the “other guy”. Because the manga hinted very very very slightly at it, and it was enough for me to jump to the KyouHa ship too! I mean, I’m more attracted to Kyouya than Tamaki (though I like him too) so when there was a hint of them possibly being together, I couldn’t help but ship them. (Kyouya’s dad(/grandad?) wanted Haruhi as his son’s fiancee or something, can’t remember it it’s in the anime or manga, or both)…

  19. But Koala, the drama seems to be putting his as second guy but isn’t… what happened last episode also happened on the manga and anime… the manga too give hopes for this ship but later on totally forgot about it….

    Hope the dorama changes thing, But I don’t think so. Until know the dorama is 100% true to the manga and anime.

  20. Well, I always shipped Mori with Haruhi *blushes* XD I know, I know, totally unrealistic and stuff, but…I just found them cute together in the manga. I always hoped she wouldn’t end up with Tamaki, because their relationship just didn’t really feel romantic to me! But the manga faithfully followed the shoujo-trajectory. Maybe the drama will change things!!! ^^

  21. Awwww… Shunsuke kun, he’s a young hottie! So good to see him featured.
    I originally stated watching this just for Yusuke kun. Soon enough I noticed this hottie I’ve seen around but couldn’t name the name guy. It seems like he’s been always cast as a supporting cast, the last one from “Tumbling” with Yusukekun. So I got curious and googled. He has his own blog site where he posts (usually with a photo or two) pretty much everyday.

    I might watch Taiga next year just for him ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks Mrs. Koala as always.

  22. So it’s not just me, right? There is something more to Kyouya in the drama. In the manga and anime he wasn’t like this. I mean I really liked him in the manga, but I LOVE him in the drama. I’ve been trying to figure out if it’s Daito or just the script or something. I’ve never shipped any one but Tama and Haru-chan, but Daito’s Kyouya is making me rethink things. What am I going to do?! Don’t make me think strange things Daito!!! Oh and he’s such a hottie. Love him in glasses!

  23. I just can’t get over this girl as Rinka and now Haruhi…she has range. The girl playing Megane chan was awesome enough that I watched a few other of her dramas too.

    BUT…about the drama that Kyouya was a yankee in…is that Yusuke with the red hair? That’s Tumbling? I thought it was about getting close to a girl via rhythmic gymnastics…*adds to jdrama list*

    • Tumbling is about getting close to a girl via rhythmic gymnastics. But more importantly than that, its a drama about the power of friendship, growth and the pursuit of your dreams. Its SUCH a great drama and the bromance is just so awesome to watch.

      How much do I love that you’re going to dedicate a picspam post to Daito Shunsuke? SO.VERY.VERY.VERY.VERY.MUCH *squeals in anticipation*
      He’s such a versatile actor and sexy to boot!! He plays Kyouya perfectly to a T.

  24. i did make a have a second lead syndrome in japanese or taiwainese drama but never in kdrama but maybe nxt time but this is so cute have lot of chemistry ,

  25. agreed so much about kyouya/haruhi in the drama. when i saw that scene in episode 5 i was totally hyperventilating! ♥

    can’t wait for your daito shunsuke picspam. ((:

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