Hit Romance J-dorama Silent with Kawaguchi Haruna and Meguro Ren Spawns Tourist Visits to Key Filming Spots

So my wee bae Kawaguchi Haruna is all grown up and in her own renai renzoku dorama this fall season called Silent with idol turned actor Meguro Ren. I’ve heard it’s a classic slow burn tearjerker type but Meguro Ren’s acting in prior doramas has been wildly bad so I was afraid to jump in but the dorama is going well in ratings and has solid buzz so far. It’s popular enough that key filming spots have turned into tourist sites with locals hitting it up to take pictures and partake of the sadness of a love that cannot be. The dorama is about a pair of high school lovers who abruptly break up when he calls it quits, only for her to find out years later that he was losing his hearing and didn’t want to burden hear. Sounds like a recipe for fun times lol, not this is exactly the kind of noble idiocy I haven’t seen in Asian dramas in awhile so it may feel like a walk down nostalgia lane when I find time to check it out.

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First Impressions: Ouran High School Host Club

J-doramas have officially gone off the cross-dressing end this Summer, with not one, not two, but THREE girl-crossing-dressing-with-a-bunch-of-guys dramas out at the exact same time. And two are remakes to boot. Where’s the originality Japan? I checked out all three … Continue reading