The Cast of Ouran High School Host Club Promote the Movie

The drama adaptation of Ouran High School Host Club is still one of my most unexpected and inexplicably satisfying dramas ever. The drama concluded without any final resolution, but the cast had already been signed up to do the movie version, which will hopefully wrap up where the manga ended. I say this only because I like things ending when it’s still loved rather than dragging it out until everyone loses patience. I’ve heard the movie has very little Kyoya-Haruhi, clearly so the chemistry between Daito Shunsuke and Kawaguchi Haruna doesn’t steal the show once again. I don’t mind more Haruhi-Tamaki, since the OTP of Ouran does make a whole lotta sense and Yamamoto Yusuke nails the role of Tamaki to the T. Read on for stills from the movie plus the cast doing the promotional circuit. The movie, which was released on March 17th, looks adorable and lots of fun just like the drama.  Continue reading

First Look at the Taiga for 2012 Taira no Kiyomori Starring Matsuyama Kenichi and Tamaki Hiroshi

Just two months out from it’s premiere date of January 8, the upcoming NHK Taiga for 2012 started filming last month and the first stills have started to trickle out. Starring Matsuyama Kenichi, Tamaki Hiroshi, Fujiki Naohito, Matsuda Shota, Daito … Continue reading

A Look at the Leading Actors of Japanese Entertainment

A couple of months ago I did a write up on TW-actors and TW-actresses, which was relatively easy to do since there just aren’t that many of them occupying the perch as certifiable leads. The same isn’t true elsewhere, which … Continue reading

A Star Studded Cast Gears Up for the 2012 Taiga Taira no Kiyomori

Who has watched a Taiga in your lifetime? Any Taiga will do. My last one was 2010’s Ryomaden due to my Fukuyama Masaharu bias, but I mostly skip all the ones in in the last decade or so. This year’s … Continue reading

First Impressions: Ouran High School Host Club

J-doramas have officially gone off the cross-dressing end this Summer, with not one, not two, but THREE girl-crossing-dressing-with-a-bunch-of-guys dramas out at the exact same time. And two are remakes to boot. Where’s the originality Japan? I checked out all three … Continue reading