Thousand Day Promise Releases Second More Heated Teaser Trailer

That be some serious shirt ripping going on in this drama. O__O Was not expecting that at all. The second teaser has dropped for the upcoming SBS drama Thousand Day Promise, starring Su Ae and Kim Rae Won. The first half has the same mood as the first teaser, all melancholy and moody longing. But the second half of the teaser suddenly went makjang on me, with the music switching into high gear and some major action going in, what with the yelling, the shirt ripping, all the cracky stuff that makes K-dramas highly dramatized yet ridiculously addictive. Now I’m seriously wondering what we’re in store for with respect to this drama, which premieres next week. All I can say is: bring it on, baby!

2nd Teaser for Thousand Day Promise:


Thousand Day Promise Releases Second More Heated Teaser Trailer — 16 Comments

    • And I’m also just going to say that any time the teaser likens love to a scream, you’re not in for a happy ride.

      (For those interested, the exact phrasing was 비명같은 사랑 – “love like a scream” — though I suppose they could be using the other meaning of 비명 (bi-myung) , which isn’t any better: unnatural death.)

  1. I hope the scene where the shirt is ripped is from episode 1, that would be a nice birthday gift to me, my KRW oppa back on screem, hot as ever and having a hot scene where his fresh army abs appear LOL~

  2. I was in as soon as I heard KRW was the lead. It’s a terrific bonus to have Su Ae staring with him. CAN’T WAIT!!

    Great teaser! Thx, Koala! 🙂

  3. did i just saw someone ripping each others shirt?? or am i crazy? thank goodness Kim Rae Won is back!, can’t get enough of this guy, the man can act.

  4. Woah, Mozart! XD Awesome ^^ One of the few famous Austrians XD Though lots of people still think we’re Australia ^^’
    Sorry! Anyway, woah, that sudden change really surprised me! It looks like they have great chemistry. I still don’t think I’m going to watch it, but that was quite impressive.

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