Six-minute Preview for Me Too, Flower Shows the Entire Cast and Story

Okay, I take back what I said (somewhat) about the first trailer for Me Too, Flower making the drama seem like a potential big ole mess. The six-minute trailer is out and the drama no longer seems wack-a-doodle and random. I like what I see of Yoon Si Yoon, genuinely like his character and performance from the trailers alone. He appears to be an adorable man-child that is mature and interesting. Most of the other leads are not looking bad either, and I’m especially loving Han Go Eun as the powerful female CEO.

What is destroying any desire I have to watch this drama is Lee Ji Ah, her character and performance. I think between the two I loathe her screechy, annoying, and abrasive character more than I dislike her affected and hammy acting portraying said character. Can exchange the heroine and have her played by a different leading lady? Sigh. Y’all watch for yourself. Oh, and the official posters for this drama are still so insanely silly it’s actually turned into charming in it’s earnest doofiness for me.

Six-minute preview for Me Too, Flower:


Six-minute Preview for Me Too, Flower Shows the Entire Cast and Story — 32 Comments

  1. ugh can’t stand Lee Ji Ah either. did she go for plastic surgery again? (sorry can’t help noticing that her nose bridge seems to look a lot lower than during Athena – only cos it looks so fake before).

    LJA and YSW look like a noona-dongsaeng to me. Not feelin’ it.

  2. I like YSY!!!!! Cute! May just watch because of him. Dun know who LJA is so not going to affect me much (I hope). But koala, you dun like Jung Il Woo?? No news on the ramyun shop?

    • Yeah I’m Also waiting for ramyun shop news…. hehehe!!! please koala!!!

      Me too like YSY… but how much I like him… I can’t stand watching LJA… So it will be 50/50 to watch this drama!!!

  3. Love YSY, love Seo Hyo Rim, love the soundtrack, definitely do NOT love Lee Jia. Ummm, she looks way to old to be flailing around screeching like she does. Not a comment on her looks, but she’s thirty-plus, and finding a character like that acting like a twenty-year-old is not amusing. Still, I hope the rest of the drama makes up for it.

  4. Looks okay to me though I’m not too interested in the premise. anyway, I just notice how you always say..”not feeling the chemistry”, “not feeling the story” about every drama or pairing there is except kang ji-hwan and yoon eun-hye and their totally crappy drama. Don’t me get wrong, I totally love yoon eun-hye with all my heart and kang ji-hwan too…but whatever. What I’m saying is..hold off for a while before you give a verdict or something. Why don’t you give it time or perhaps watch the actual episodes first. That way, you don’t have to choke on everything you said when a drama actually turned out good.

    oh’s not my blog anyways.

    • Have you NOT read all the recaps and reviews where she loves the OTP to bits because of the chemistry? The list is too long. One big CLUE would be the multiple posts on BBJX. Duh?

      Sorry Ms Koala. You wanted to know why I comment on drama discussion? This is one of the reasons. I go to blogs and read. If I agree I squeal with delight. If my opinion defers- I think about why it was so and agree to disagree amicably. In the midst of all these we have the irrational love for certain pairings or dramas. Personal choices are not always objective.

      However general sweeping statements (especially unsubstantiated) are one of my pet peeves. That’s why I am de lurking. Besides if we’re all adults we are mature enough to change our opinions on a drama-nothing stays static from episode to episode. There is no need to be all dramatic and say choke on your opinion.

      Back to my little reader corner 🙂

      • @ck10z, obviously MEI-MEI is not familiar with the playground and Captain Ockoala at all.

        anyway let’s just ignore that post and move on.

        sorry Captain!

    • I agree it looks okay to me…poor LJA, I think there’s so much backlash against her bc of her secret marriage and not so secret divorce. I liked her in Athena and we’ll see if her acting can pull this off.

  5. Seriously, I don’t know why they are casting her as lead again after so much controversy. Fans don’t really have a good image of her anymore.

    Besides from that, her acting has not improve much at all. I’ll pass. I’ll just looks at pics of Yoon Shi Yoon. hahah

  6. I was never interested in this drama, mostly due to the casting of Lee Jia. And now with the preview, everyone seems likeable and the drama light and funny with Lee Jia as the eyesore. I just don’t like these roles for her. She’s better suited for her previous tough girl roles, like Legend and Athena. I’m not a fan (by any means), but her portrayal truly brings down the entire feel of the project, then to think her character is 1/2 of the OTP?! Kabhie ne! It’s hurtful. The drama could be cute but it’s disheartening to know that LJA will get so much screen time. From what I see, she isn’t a character to care about or root for… 🙁

    I am, however, glad to see SYR and HGE, both women I love. I’m glad to see the quirky SYR and HGE is always elegant and powerful to me. Is it too much to ask that all these women get equal screen exposure?

  7. Yup, if it weren’t for Lee Ji Ah and her screechy performance, I would watch this in an heartbeat. Although this type of character may work for other actresses, it certainly doesn’t make her appealing. Also, the hairstyle is really unattractive for her.

  8. OMG HOW CUTE. I didn’t realizee that Yoon Shi Yoon and Lee Ki Kwang were costarring. Heh, they were best friends in high kick 🙂

  9. Am not gonna lie: I’m not interested in this drama. I’m just tired of the faces having gone under the knife too many times. From the preview, almost the whole cast isn’t “natural” anymore and I can’t relate that much to the characters that way. For instance, I liked both LJA and YSY’s faces better in their respective previous dramas. Plus I’m not buying that OTP at all either, and the whole plot is meh to me.

    Btw methinks that her “scandal” with Seo Taiji and the consequences on her relationship with JWS have somehow influenced opinions on her acting. Too bad. Because she did a pretty good job opposite Kang Ji Hwan in “Body, mind and soul”, including maintaining a poker face while he was obviously ad-libbing scenes and lines to the script. I would have cracked up so much, but sure, I ain’t no actress. ^^

  10. [apologies for being unrelated, i just didn’t know where to post this]

    i don’t often comment even though i visit this site every day but i felt so compelled to bring this up: Tablo

    if it wasn’t for your past post, i would have never known his history. but now i can watch his comeback with a knowingness and thereby appreciation, awe and joy for what it means for him to return to the industry and public eye that slaughtered him.
    he’s a lyrical genius, but more than that, deepest respect to him as a man.

    that’s what your blog does, it connects with us. bits of information, news and recaps that resonate long after they’ve been read.

    will miss the frequency of your posts but all the best in your new job! (and congratulations)

  11. You know what I’ve thought before? That the heroines of this writer need to be in the hands of a good actress. Kim Sun Ah was pitch perfect as Sam Soon, but I remember distinctly thinking that had she not been played with such honesty, abrasiveness, warmth and crudeness in equal measures she’d would’ve just been crude and unfunny and confused woman. At the very least, I wouldn’t have been so moved.

    I’m worried about Lee Ji Ah too.

    • Ditto.

      Actually watching this preview brings in a new perspective for me to appreciate KSA’s acting in MNIKSS… so in a way, I need to thank LJA =P

  12. Why does Lee Ji Ah still have a career in kdramaland? I don’t care about her secret marriage, but I had hoped that the ensuing scandal would have eliminated her forever from silver or the small screen. I like all of the cast, save LJA. Her acting is so god awful and her plastic face so distracting that I’ll be passing on this. The only thing that got me through Beethoven Virus was KMM, and there ain’t no KMM in this drama.

    As for her screechiness, her performance made me wonder if she was attempting Kim Ha Neul, who pulls off such screams so endearingly.

  13. What is everybody talking about?
    Lee Ji Ah’s acting is not great, but it’s not that bad either. It’s okay, meh.
    I like the cast. Gonna watch it if I have time.

    • Totally agree with you.

      Bashing her seems popular now. I still can remember her as Sujini who everyone was loving. Sure there are few actresses who are better but I think she is like most of them who are only okay. And playing awkward isn’t just the actors fault, you know? The director has a big part in it. I have seen real good actors in movies who played like bloody beginners because the director sucked.

      I will check it out. Her heroine seems to be a character with etches. I like that. There are so many now who are likeable princesses that I’m fed up.

      • Usi, this is true. But I think for me, I dislike her presence on screen more than her mediocre acting. She distracts from the viewing experience. I do think a lot of actors get the short end of the stick when there is bad directing and production. (PT…guh…)

  14. I agree, I think this drama would have been watchable if LJA wasn’t the lead. (Lack of) Acting skills aside, I just don’t think the two of them together work. Maybe it’s the age difference, or maybe their past but it’s just a NO for me.

    Which is too bad because I actually like everyone else. Especially SYR and her love line! YEY! She’s not a snobby bitch anymore! YEEEEY!! Can’t we just make her (and her storyline) the lead? :DD

  15. well..i think i will let go tis drama…dunno y i just not so keen in the drama by LJA…but will read ur recap if u r going to do on tis drama…keep up the good job…n do ignore those silly n unreasonable comment yah…AJA!!!

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