Movie Version of Ouran High School Host Club Releases First Teaser Trailer

Wow, this movie must’ve been filmed in 10 days or something, because it felt like the cast of Ouran High School Host Club just wrapped it’s drama and started filming the movie, and already we have a first teaser trailer dropped. The movie is coming out in March of 2012, and looks to continue the wacky and good-hearted Ouran hijinks on an even bigger scale. My only complaint is a lack of my Kyoya in the teaser, but other than that, watching the teaser feels like sitting down with an old friend.

Joining the original television cast for the Ouran movie will be AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko (playing a interloping love interest for Tamaki) and 2PM’s Nichkhun, playing a business man older brother of Mariko’s character. I’m dying for the pirate-themed cosplay, because I wonder what they will dress Kyoya up as? Tamaki looks fabulous, but I totally wanted him to play Jack Sparrow, complete with dreads and gold teeth. But seeing Tamaki dressed like a cross between Napoleon and Horatio Hornblower and prancing down the hallways of Ouran High is pretty much priceless.

Teaser preview for the Ouran High School Host Club movie:

If you can’t watch it on Youtube because it’s blocked in your country, click here for the Tudou version.


Movie Version of Ouran High School Host Club Releases First Teaser Trailer — 16 Comments

    • Haha, it’s causing embed problems only, but if you go to the lower right hand corner of the YT video, and click on the Youtube icon (where it’ll say “watch on Youtube”), it’ll open a new window in Youtube with this video and you can watch it.

  1. I wonder how Nichkhun is suppose to be an older brother when the ‘sister” looks a lot older than he. In fact he looks younger than most of the rest of the cast. I guess good make up can cover all problems…ya think?

  2. Eeee! *Runs screaming in circles*

    Seriously, though, why no Kyouya? I wants. I hope the movie version can keep the tension up for 2 hours – it’s a big difference from the 20 minute format of the drama. I never thought I’d say this, but seeing Tamaki prancing around like a pirate makes me sigh in relief. At least that never changed.

  3. Squuueeeee!!!! can’t wait… hope they release this in my country… I think I saw Kyouya at 11sec, behind Haruhi with the plummed hat but only 1sec… huhuhu!

  4. I too was lamenting the lack of Kyouya in the teaser – although from what little I see he of the hotness and plumed hat, Kyouya’s looking very 3 musketeerish hahaha..gawd i’ve missed Ouran so much!!! Love Tamaki’s psycho-ness amped up and multiplied hahahaha

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