Kang Ji Hwan Holds Fan Meeting in Japan

Kang Ji Hwan has been busy filming the upcoming movie Detective Cha with Sung Yuri, but this week he took time off to fly to Japan for his long-schedule fan meetings. He’s been laying low since finishing Lie to Me in early July, so I’m always happy to see new pictures of him. For his fan meeting, Ji Hwan prepared two mini-films he shot in advance, one is called “I Am Jo Tae Kyu” which is his real name, and the other is called “Kang Ji Hwan”. Hopefully these mini shorts will be available soon so I can enjoy them as well. I’m laughing at and adoring his fried orange hair, because it’s just so silly, but kinda fun in a hammy way. I’m sure his Japanese fans were just thrilled to see him put on a show.

One of the cutest convergences of actors I love also happened when Ji Hwan was in Japan for his fan meeting, as he managed to sneak incognito to Jang Geun Seok‘s Cri Show at the Tokyo Dome. They are friends from way back, when they did Hong Gil Dong together, which was a very long and grueling drama shoot that went close to 9 months in the Korean countryside. How does Ji Hwan ever think he won’t be recognized, since he’s probably taller than everyone attending that show.


Kang Ji Hwan Holds Fan Meeting in Japan — 22 Comments

  1. Good to see him back. As always, Ji Hwan is more of an actor than a celebrity and I like that he still keep in touch with his junior, Jang Geun Suk. Such a nice guy he is. Why YEH is no where in sighting???

  2. thanks Mrs. K for this news.

    Yeah, I also love that he can manage his time to go to JGS’s event.

    hahha…..yeah, he’s probably taller than everyone and even with the hat & sunglasses, he’s still recognizable.

  3. I haven’t heard news of Kang Ji Hwan after Lie to Me ended. Glad to know he’s enjoying himself.

    I swear, Jang Geun Suk knows everyone. He’s like the Hero Jaejoong of the drama world.

  4. The fanmeeting looks really fun! And I was so psyched when I saw pictures of him and Park Shin Hye at Jang Geun Seok’s Tokyo Dome show!!!

  5. Thanks for the update Ms K. Like you, I wanted to see FM video stills soon.
    And he had to wear Detective Cha jacket by DCkiss to see the Cri show….whats the point of being low key….
    Why JSK’s show is called CRI?

    • Cri-J is the name of Seok’s fanclub. Cri is short for “critical” in K-slang of English words, and Seok rather uses it completely incorrectly when he loves using cri to emphasize something positive. It’s now his little wink-wink with his fans.

      • Thanks Ms K for the explanation! Now I finally understand it~ hehe, he is so cute by using “critical” incorrectly ! 😉

  6. thank u madam K for all these goodies… i miss this cutie soooo much… oh my ji hwan…to me u are so beautiful…so yummy…. sooo….delicious…hmmmmm

  7. hey koala, I know this has nothing related to kang ji hwan, but i don’t know where else to post this. have you watched flower boy ramyun shop? you mentioned it a few months back, and since then no news. what did you make of it??

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