Inborn Pair with Chris Wang and Annie Chen Release Cute Teasers for a Mid-December Premiere

Initially I was just keeping an eye on the currently filming TW-drama Inborn Pair (Chinese title 真愛找麻煩 which means either “true love looks for trouble” for “loves looking for trouble”) with Chris Wang and Annie Chen, because the premise of a couple betrothed in the womb was curiously old-fashioned plus I liked the fresh pairing of Chris and Annie. The first teasers are out already since the drama premieres on December 13th (making it shortly on a live-shoot schedule), so I took a peek and really dug what I saw. It’s rather quaint and cute, and I’m liking how the leads look in the drama, apart and together. Lead couple chemistry is really crucial since most TW-dramas are plot-flimsy. The tag line for this drama is also charming in that punny way: Men say that woman love looking for trouble, yet men end up getting themselves into trouble.

Not much is known about the plot other than the betrothed at the womb bit, but some basic character descriptions are out. Chris Wang plays Ke Wei Xiang – 28 years old and the eldest son, president of the family enterprise which consists primarily of running resorts, with a life long dream to build the world’s best resort. Annie Chen plays Song Yi Jie – only child and the multitasking assistant at a law firm, with a stubborn but direct personality, a daring girl who doesn’t cower in the face of any situation. Second male lead Kun Da plays Ke Wei Cheng – younger brother to Wei Xiang and director in the sales department of the resort by day, by night a playboy frequenting all the night spots. That’s all we’ve got, and the kicker is that Inborn Pair will be a daily drama, airing for one hour every weeknight. Haven’t watched a daily in years, but am definitely checking this one out.

Teasers for Inborn Pair:

Wei Xiang and Yi Jie accompany their grandparent to the Buddhist temple so gramps can ask the Gods for help in finding their long-lost betrothed. Both of them end up selecting a fortune telling stick which foretells impending marital felicitations.

The title cards read: Men say that woman love looking for trouble, yet men end up getting themselves into trouble.

Grandma wonders if her past love remembered their promise twenty years ago to betroth their grandkids. Grandpa says there was no way he would forget it. Then you hear grandma yelling – we got them here already, let’s just marry them on the spot!


Inborn Pair with Chris Wang and Annie Chen Release Cute Teasers for a Mid-December Premiere — 10 Comments

  1. “we got them here already, let’s just marry them on the spot!” This just gets me! It reminds me of another Taiwanese drama, Fated to Love You and the hasty marriage on the island when they found out the female lead was pregnant! HAHAHA!

  2. The drama seems cute but that TITLE! The word “inborn” just doesn’t sit right with me. Every time I see it I think disease or infestation. Oh well, I be checking it out anyway.
    Oh and is live shoot fairly common for Taiwanese/Chinese dramas?

    • Oh, I’m so glad that it’s not only me… everything about this looks brilliant… except that everytime I hear Inborn Pair, my mind first associates it with “ingrown toenail” and second with “0.o is this some kind of fauxcest?” ( I have no clue how my brain makes those connections myself >.<;;)

      With that said, I'm seriously looking forward to this drama, especially since it starts right on the first day of my winter break ^u^

  3. What is with TW dramas and pitting brothers against each other???

    Barney Stinson would be so ashamed of them XD

    Violation of the Bro Code. XD

  4. I have no experience with a daily show. How long do they run? Weeks, months? Are they 30 minutes long? Longer? Help!

    It looks really cute. But I’m guessing it won’t be subbed if it’s a daily… 🙁

  5. This looks really cute. I hope it’s not too goofy. That’s the grandmother from Fated To Love You, right? She’s cornered the market on the adorable grandmother roles!

    I do have to complain about one thing — how come he’s the president of a company and she’s an assistant? I wish for once the leads would be more equal in terms of careers. Since the guy’s always the president of a company, I wish the girl could be a high-powered attorney, instead of an assistant in a law firm.

  6. What’s with TW drama these days? I can’t seem to get anything done coz I got hooked, first with Hayate, then DTLY and now, FTLY. Dang! I’ve been stuck in front of my computer for a while now watching TW dramas. :'( I can’t seem to do anything else.

    I hope this one’s as good as FTLY. I currently have nothing else to watch after I finish FTLY. Any recommendation?

  7. this drama what can i say?surely is highly recommended to the viewer 1million percent.please put english subtitle in each of episode lots of viewer are waiting.goodluck inborn pair (annie chen and chris wang)

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