The Xuan Yuan Jian Cast Visits Happy Camp and Tang Yan Outs ArGe from LoCH2008 Days

I think my motto now should be “ask and you shall receive”, or maybe “have faith”. I’m a huge ArGe shipper, and in the midst of promotions for the upcoming Tangren fantasy RPG wuxia drama Xuan Yuan Jian, the cast was on the variety show Happy Camp and a big bombshell was dropped that just made my year. Since Tang Yan is getting all sorts of attention for maybe dating Roy Qiu (she still denies it), when she was asked to play a game, she sold out Hu Ge to save her hide. And OMG was it a doozy, thank you Tang Tang! Hu Ge was asked if he ever had a real relationship with a co-star while filming and he admitted it but wouldn’t reveal who. Tang Tang, to avoid her punishment of calling a male friend to say “I love you”, chose to out that good friend Hu Ge and Ariel Lin was “reel acting, real feelings” when they made Legend of the Condor Heroes 2008. I KNEW IT! *does happy Koala dance*

Anyways, now this stupid drama XYZ actually is worth watching to support Tang Tang and Hu Ge for going on the promotional circuit and finally confirming for me I wasn’t seeing things. If anyone is interested in XYZ, the official MV has been released with a title song sung by Hu Ge. The only person who is actually acting like she cares in this drama is Tang Tang. Hu Ge looks like he’s mailing in it (I don’t blame him), Liu Shi Shi is barely there in terms of screen presence, Gu Li Ne Zha is gorgeous but screams “vase” all over, and Lin Geng Xin‘s get up makes me LOL forever. And I saved the best for last, the so-called lead Jiang Jing Fu is absolutely horrid in everything I’ve seen – stills, posters, and all the previews. He has one constipated look in everything. Probably a nice kid, but needs to pay his dues first.

Hu Ge is soooo cute in real life. When host Xie Na asked him why he didn’t attend her wedding last year, he joked that he was worried he might disrupt the ceremony if he attended. For those of you who watched LoCH2008, Xie Na played Princess Huazheng, who of course we all know was totally in lurve in Hu Ge’s Guo Jing throughout the drama.

I don’t know why Shi Shi is dressed like she’s visiting the Vatican. Her other two co-stars are glamming it up, and she’s dressed like a school marm.

The Happy Camp appearance looks AWESOME. You’ll even see a preview of Tang Tang outing ArGe. I love how cute all six of them are when interacting. The three guys are so dorky its not even funny, and yes, the hosts did make fun of Ling Geng Xin’s hideous tassel-ridden track suit. When Tang Tang was asked about which male character Roy was suitable to play in XYZ, she asked Shi Shi, who looked at her and said “You know better than me!” Ahahahaha, oh imma going to love this.

Preview of the XYZ cast on Happy Camp:

The official poster for Xuan Yuan Sword. When I say Jiang Jing Fu looks constipated, you can see for yourself. Imma watching this solely for Tang Tang and Hu Ge, because their characters also appear to have all the angst and not make me want to headdesk with stupidity.

Official MV for Xuen Yuen Sword:

And for my ArGe shippy heart, have a cute picture of them from way back when in 2007. Could they be anymore perfect? The answer is “impossible.”


The Xuan Yuan Jian Cast Visits Happy Camp and Tang Yan Outs ArGe from LoCH2008 Days — 37 Comments

  1. OMG SHE OUTED ARGE!!!!!!!!

    Wait…but that means it’s over. *cries*

    I have always shipped them because of their dramas…I wanted a modern sequel of The Little Fairy so I could see what happens after they see each other…to know it began and ended before I even knew is so…

    Hu Ge is producing that drama though…so I’m not sure he would mail it in…the fact that it’s changed a bit from the video game is interesting

    • I am still cross for the modern sequel of Little Fairy since I ship the ArGe pair so much ever since Little Fairy …

      But hearing Tang Tang outed ArGe, OMG my heart jump and dancing in joy … now can only wish for this to be true!!!

      Another drama with our ArGe couple please!!!

  2. wowza. I always felt Ariel had great chemistry with Hu Ge and Joe. Joe always seems to come off as “could be a friend”. Darn that means they are over.

  3. I always visit your playground and this post just made my day. I totally love ArGe and I’m now joining your “happy dance”.

  4. Hehe… I love it “reel meets real” 🙂 Although I only really love it when it works out in the end. I did really like ArGe. I’m really not a HG fan either… but I did really like him when he was opposite Ariel. 🙂 HG was ok with being outed? cuteness.

  5. Wait is the the episode out ? If it is on sugoideas can someone tell me which episode please? I am so going to watch the whole thing.Thank you.

  6. not to mention just yesterday HG posted a weibo after his cat fell down from the 17th floor [O______O] saying “17楼高空坠落 奇迹生还 我家猫仔一定有仙女姐姐保护啊” (“Falling from the 17th story, miraculously staying alive, my cat surely has a fairy jiejie’s protection”) and attached it with a photo of digua so obviously the “fairy jiejie” is his xiaoqi. <3 ahhh my gechen heart!!!

    though i read somewhere on the gechen baidu bar that fans overheard him talking to xie na during rest time saying that he was worried that some stuff said was a bit overboard and they think he's referring to how it might affect ariel. Which is true because now the rumours are all starting up again. haha.

    • ArGe shippers are very down to earth and quiet folks. I don’t think rumors ever stopped (or hopes, I shall say). I don’t think it’s possible TBH, but I’m glad it was true at least back then. Even if it was all one-sided on Hu Ge’s part, which I doubt, but at least their undeniable onscreen chemistry was in fact more than just acting, which was clear to everyone with eyes. I wouldn’t worry about the rumors affecting Ariel. She’s dealt with worse (ArJoe shippers never leave her alone).

      • i think its because there are more ArJoe fans than ArGe, so the chance of having out of control fans are higher on the former.

  7. Seen pics of LSS in that outfit floating around. It made me go wth for a sec

    Ariel+HuGe is seriously cutest thing ever now i have no regrets hehe

  8. True, I have a WTF moment everytime I see LSS outfit – that and the one in pre-taping. What is with that fake collar/necklace ? It truly fugly!

    I have to say I blame the Tangren’s stylist for all their fashion mishaps. Look at the lovely Guli Nazhe. How boring can a dress look and to top off the boringness, that ridiculous platform wedge. I have no words to describe LGX’s outfit.

    Why blame the stylist ? If he had anything to do with their clothing, he should be shot. If he had nothing to do with their clothing and he allowed them to go out in public looking like that, he should also be shot for not doing his job. Either way, he’s dead man.

    I see, so that outing was all pre-planned. I thought so as I wouldn’t expect anyone to spill their friend’s secret. Anyway, altho I would love Hu Ge and Ariel to be true as I workship them together to death, I don’t think it is true. Esp since Hu Ge had just recovered from his accident and was looked after by his “secret” actress girlfriend for over a year. Read that she put her career on the backburner to take care of him. I believe Hu Ge truly admires Ariel for her talent and work-attitude. If there was any romance, he would not raise her name as often as he does – they do like to keep their relationship quiet until they are ready to go public. As for his confession that he did have an affair with a co-star, wouldn’t that be his secret actress girlfriend whom he met on set ?

    • Your description of this secret actress girlfriend sounds exactly like YH. Not all rumours should be taken so seriously.

    • i remember i did saw pictures of them together way back before. the girl secretly came to Hengdian to visit Hu Ge while filming LOCH at that time and he was discreetly sneeking in and out of the hotel were the girl stayed. i forgot the name of the girl but she’s a C-actress.

      not sure if they are still together but if i was Hu Ge i would have married her by now

      • The ‘secret gf’ is Xue Jia Ning, an actress 5yrs Hu Ge’s senior (1977). She’s been in quite a few Yu Zheng dramas as well. There was rumour that they broke up before Legend of the Condor Heroes 08 started filming, and then came back together during his recuperation period. The latest rumour is that they split again during Christmas 2010.

        Hu Ge stated late last year that he was still single, so I do think that they’re not together anymore (at least for now).

      • she’s the one.

        i checked her bio, she was born in 1978 and they are both graduates of Shanghai Theatre Academy.

        nothing about artists keeping their private life private but they should know that once they joined showbiz, they become a public figure and whether they like it or not they have given the people access to their personal life. if they are dating then be truthful about it and stop beating around the bush because people will eventually know in the end.

      • Many people would like to romantisize that it was YH but the fact of the matter is, neither YH nor LSS put their career on hold while waiting for his recovery. They basically had nothing to do as they were/are contracted to Tangren and Tangren had no project for them.

        This Xue Jia Ning has been with HG for a few years before LOCH. I guess they had broken up and gotten back together a few times (at least twice, I’ve read) but yes, I definately remember reading about her taking care of him – something like he moved into her place or something like that. However, that was years, ago, the details are not clear now. I only recall I was glad he had someone to love and take care of him.

      • I did see news that the media snapped pics of Xue Jia Ning staying vigil at hospital along with his other close friends and colleagues, including Karen Tsoi, YH, LGL. I’m not sure about him moving into Xue Jia Ning’s place – I mean, surely he has his own home with his parents to recuperate in? *confused* And wasn’t she filming “Jia”?

        But if he really did move into her place so that she can take care of him, then I must say she’s a really sweet girl. Then why should he want to hurt her by revealing he was going out with Ariel at that time? I mean, won’t that make him a two-timer? Even as an ex, I’d be pretty pissed if I learned my ex-bf was two-timing me with someone else during our relationship.

      • because he never went out with Ariel and that whole “outed” part of the program is pre-planned like the poster above said.

        or maybe Hu Ge is probably a two-timer, who knows?

      • I don’t see the contradiction here. HG dates XJN, HG breaks up with XJN, HG films LOCH, HG has a thing for Ariel, the accident happens and XJN visits HG like every other person who cares about him, they get back together a while later.

  9. i endured ugly subtitles watching their first drama together. haven’t watched LoCH yet but i know nonetheless that their chemistry was undeniable. i would like to think that of all ariel lin dramas i’ve watched, theirs was the most amazing chemistry. this coming from someone who loved ariel and joe in iswak and ariel and bolin chen. 😀

  10. Hu Ge and Tang Yan actually look kinda cute together. They were hilarious in the preview. But I still ship ariel and hu Ge more XD. But if he’s actually letting is go on air, doesn’t it mean their relationship is over? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I need another drama with them NOW

  11. sorry Mrs Koala, i think you’re wrong? i think the official shipping name is GeChen, because ArGe is a combination of a chinese name and an english name. sorry!

  12. I luvvvvvvv ArGe!! Perfect match!! I wish to see them collaborate again or even better yet, they being together off screen! Since ‘Fairy from Wonderland’, I got the feeling that Hu Ge has special feelings for Ariel! Hopefully, not just one sided love, they’ve amazing chemistry!

  13. It would really be so amazing if Hu Ge & Ariel can be together in real life. I love Ariel with Joe & Bo-lin as well, she has fantastic chemistry with both of them. But with Hu Ge, their chemistry on and off-screen is just undeniable. Both are still single & the impossible can still happen! Hopefully… 🙂

  14. *dies* They are soo incredibly adorable, and they totally melted my heart in LOCH days (well, and TWFX days, too). I’m a little sad that if it’s true that there was a relationship, it’s already over, but they’re still adorable as friends.

  15. OMG you made my day! I don’t watch those clips and rarely visit any forums now, so glad I follow your blog! I ship them so much even more so than Ariel with Joe. Still happy about this even though it’s a thing of the past.

    In Xuan Yuan Jian, Hu Ge and Tang Yan will totally steal the show! I’m all smiling with pity when I watch Jiang Jing Fu, it’s just so sad. Everyone’s screen presence is so big, even Lin Gen Xin compared to him. It’s ok in scenes where he’s alone, but once other’s come on, even Shi Shi whose suppose to be his match, it looks strange.

    I haven’t really watched the entire trailer, it’s to spoiling. I’m a sucker for Xian Xia, and I think I will love Tang Yan and Hu Ge’s characters.

  16. I love Liu Shi Shi’s dress. She stood out so much with her classic and “quirky” hairstyle as well. I think other actresses dress a bit too common. Please tell me where did she buy it? Thank you. 🙂

  17. OMG, finally, it is true.
    I just re-watched LOCH2008 which is my favorite version of LOCH because of ArGe chemistry. As ArGe shipper, I really enjoy watching this episode of Happy camp.
    However, I think Tang Yan shouldn’t sell Hu Ge to save herself. If Hu Ge dare enough to reveal this secret to her, she should do what a good friend do in return (keeping secret).

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