A Bevy of Actors Send in Greetings for 100th Issue of Mens Uno Magazine

The Chinese men’s magazine Men’s Uno celebrated its 100th issue recently by publishing a collection of photo shoot pictures from many of the famous male entertainers who have graced its covers in recent years, all with personalized messages and their autographs. It really is a who’s who of the current crop of hot Chinese and Taiwanese actors, but for the fact that Kim Bum is the only Korean actor to join these group hence I gave Bummie the post topping spot since he’s the outlier (also cuz he’s so gorgeous in that shot above).

All of these pictures have shown up in previous issues of Men’s Uno before, but its nice to see it collected together, and to read the personalized messages from each entertainer. I always love checking out star’s handwriting, which doesn’t always match up to their image. A very manly actor can have very neat and dainty handwriting, for example, and that is a nice reminder that there is a real person with a unique personality inside. My favorite wishes from the group are from Alec Su and Chen Kun (both the writing and the message), but the rest of the gang are also very sweet. Check out the tags below to see if your favorite C or TW actor sent in a greeting.

Huang Xiaoming

Joe Cheng

Deng Chao

Hu Ge

Alec Su

Lin Geng Xin

Eddie Peng

Wu Zun

Peter Ho

Feng Shao Feng

Chen Kun

Godfry Gao

Han Geng

That was a nice who’s who of hot Taiwanese and Chinese actors, yes? Of course it’s nowhere near complete. Some notables not present are Mike He, Wallace Huo, Blue Lan, Vic Zhou, Wallace Chung, Hawick Lau, Roy Qiu, and I can go on and on. It’s nice to see the acting stable is pretty deep. Now all I need is more decent scripts please.

[Credit: Men’s Uno]


A Bevy of Actors Send in Greetings for 100th Issue of Mens Uno Magazine — 14 Comments

  1. Too much pretty.
    But there’s way too much going on on Kim Bum’s pants.

    Godfrey, you still rock–even though your character in SOP Queen is an A*hole.

    In other news, Eddie Peng writes in block letters. Who knew?

  2. Had to put glasses on, Mrs.K this is one FINEEEE group.

    Glad Bum made his Boom in China and Taiwan.., looking forward to see him back on my lappy screen.
    Role with Ariel will be WOW.

  3. *Creepy Ahjumma Alert*

    *SIGH* Good heavens there is just too much pretty here. Why? Why? Why am I so old? 😉

    *Creepy Ahjumma Alert Over*

  4. Taiwan’s Wang Yang Ming is THE HOT right now for my viewing eyes out of all Chinese actors. For K-actors, there a lot more … 🙂

  5. where’s my roy??? awesome feature, thanks for sharing this with all of us. i now have to wipe the drool off my keyboard.

  6. oh HELL YAH!! All the hot looking asian actors in one issue.. now I want this magazine! Where may I get my copy??? 😀 Thank you for posting this lovely news! 🙂

  7. At first glance I thought it was Ray Lui’s pic, not Alec Su’s!! He looks sooo different..

    All look good, but my fav are Hu Ge & Joe Cheng’s pics .. 😉

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