Oguri Shun is a Tang Dynasty Prince in C-movie Yang Gui Fei

Oguri Shun has been a busy busy boy in 2012. First he gets married to long time lady love Yamada Yu, then he decides to return to his romantic leading man roots in Rich Man, Poor Woman. I have no complaints that one of the original pretty boys of J-ent decided to capitalize on his good looks for once, but paired with his amazingly acting skills. I had forgotten that Yamada Yu held their marriage announcement press conference alone because Shun was overseas making a C-movie, but all that came rushing back when I saw the official released stills of the upcoming Chinese-Japanese collaboration period movie Yang Gui Fei (Consort Yang), about the famed life of one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China (the other three being Xi Shi, Wang Zhao Jun, and Diao Chan). The movie stars Fan Bing Bing as the titular Yang Gui Fei, with a cast of male leads consisting of Leehom Wang, Nie Yuan, and the seemingly really randomly placed Oguri Shun.ย He plays the Prince of Shou of the Tang Dynasty, a man by the name of Li Mao, who was Yang Gui Fei’s first husband. They apparently were very compatible and in love, but when the Prince’s dad the Emperor lost his favorite wife, turns out his daughter-in-law bore a resemblance to that favorite wife so the Emperor stole Yang Gui Fei from his own son and made her his wife.

Yeah, that’s about asย messed up as it gets. Family dinners were probably nearly as awkward as Jason dining with Medea. The story gets even funnier with how the Emperor did the stealing – he was afraid of public censure, so he first decreed that Yang Gui Fei had to become a nun, and after a few years at the nunnery, he then allowed her to leave and made her his wife. LOL, I’m sure that made his son feel so much better about it. Looks like movie will turn out to be all flash and sizzle and no substance, especially since Fan Bing Bing about as resembles the real Yang Gui Fei as if casting a giant to play Napoleon (she’s lithe and slender, the real Yang Gui Fei was apparently extremely chubby but her chubbiness are prized as beautiful back in the days when only poor peasants without enough food to eat were skinny). This movie has been plagued with behind-the-scenes shake ups, with the original director being the Korean PD of the movie My Sassy Girlfriend quitting midway with rumors of discord with his leading lady. The Yang Gui Fei story never interested me in the least, but I will be sure to watch this for the hotness that is Oguri Shun as a Tang Dynasty warrior prince. Rawr!


Oguri Shun is a Tang Dynasty Prince in C-movie Yang Gui Fei — 19 Comments

  1. I like Shun and all, but I’m puzzled as to why a Chinese actor wasn’t cast for this role. Morever, in some versions of the story, Yang Guifei escapes to Japan and marries a Japanese man.

    • I’ve found that the Chinese media industry is somewhat like the American Hollywood one, where they’ll take actors from Australia or Britain and make then American ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Wow, a Japanese in a Chinese film?
    By all means I am not discriminating. But this movie is bound to be insulted and bashed on weibo. I’ve been really annoyed with news of these c-netizens complaining and bashing artists for the TINIEST of matters on weibo. Suddenly, every c-netizen is a conservative of sort.
    I imagine this is like the perfect movie for them to have “fun” wreaking havoc.

    • Right? I still remember the backlash when Ken Watanabe was going to play Cao Cao in ROTK. Li Mao is a pretty minor character, though, so it might go unnoticed.

  3. I know I am getting right to the point, but why did she held their ‘marriage announcement press conference’ alone? If that was so important to THEM, couldn’t she wait or held it in China with him?

    • In Japan you only need to hand in the marriage registration form and then your married and I guess Yu wanted to announce it to everyone that Shun is hers (especially after all the rumors of Shun’s infidelity)
      And I guess he was busy and was on a tight schedule, they got married he headed to China to film and she broke the news.

      • Thank you for enlightening me, I didn’t know about the rumors, but it’s just make it worse, feel sorry for her.

      • @Jenny, Shun’s infidelity rumors are still ongoing (I think). Last June, I read something about him going to these group dates, one of which involved Yamapi and MatsuJun, and supposedly Yu got wind of it and he’s now on constant watch. Which will probably explain why she was also seen hanging out at the RMPW set. Tsk, tsk.

        Anyways, whether these rumors are true or not, it still doesn’t change the fact that he’s hotter than hot AND he’s a great actor.

  4. He is more than handsome, somehow.
    What is someone who gets you going by the way he moves? Who’s looks are enhanced by other senses?
    Of course, I have only heard him…so far…am willing to touch and taste him. IN THE MOST CHASTE WAY, YU, really.

    As good as he looks, stills don’t do him justice.

    • I’m with you on this! He looks way hotter in motion. Pictures of him are only good if you’ve already seen him in action. What is this phenomena? It sounds like the reverse of being photogenic.

      • beauty at times do not physically translate as photogenic and such.

        we find people attractive (flaws and all) because we actually love them; and that they offer and exude aura that are beyond tangible ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lol in the most chaste way. LIES!!! Kekeke

      I think RMPW flipped the switch and made everyone an Oguri Shun fan girl. ๐Ÿ˜€ He’s so pretty. Sigh I wanna ride off into the sunset with him too!!!

      I’m currently watching all of his dramas and movies, well the popular ones haha. I guess i’ll be watching this movie too. Gahh he’s so pretty lol. I think the only drama that didnt capitalize on his prettiness is stand up ? He looks like a monkey in there lol. He reminds me of Johnny Depp in terms of the penchant for choosing quirky movies and the way he dresses too. Lol I guess I have to thank Koala-San and RMPW for introducing me to the sexy Oguri Shun!!! Arigato kekeke

  5. They should have done Diao Chan! Her story with Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo is really interesting. But also messed up. But this sounds really squicky. Ew. But she looks beautiful. Don’t think I’ll watch this, though.

  6. oguri shun fan, but not a yang bing bing fan… if this does come out.. i’ll be doing lots of fast forwarding to certain scenes.. Love the pictures though.. Thanks!

  7. that’s funny. ive seen those same fan bing bing’s pics years ago…were they leaked that early? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ or was production planned many years ago?

  8. Just how many movies is Leehom going to be in this year… Up until now the count is three. I hope he releases an album soon because I would love new music more but I shall patiently wait >.<

  9. Fan Bing Bing’s first time playing Yang Gui Fei was in a drama in 2004. I’ve always thought she was very elegant and pretty, but never truly liked her. Out of the 4 beauties I like Yang Gui Fei the least.

    Oguri Shun actually doesn’t look out of place. In terms of foreign actors inside ancient Chinese films, I actually find the physiques of a Japanese actor more fitting than a Korean. But right now is really a interesting time to cast a Japanese actor with the current situation of the islands. I wonder if there are boycotts. Citizens did go to the extent of heavily damaging some poor Japanese Cars.

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