Arang and the Magistrate Episode 8 Recap

This might be my last recap for Arang and the Magistrate, depending on how next week’s episodes go and whether Nice Guy completely owns me from the get go. I hate dropping recapping projects, but sometimes it has to be done if my heart isn’t in it anymore. I still enjoy watching Arang, but my enthusiasm doesn’t rise to the need to recap it nor do I find myself with lots to say. I’m coming away with the feeling that I would have probably liked this particular drama a whole lot more had it been a completed drama that I could marathon. The mood is wonderfully built up, but with the story progressing at a generally plodding pace, the week-to-week wait causes the heady atmosphere to dissipate and leaves me rather unengaged from the narrative during the interim.

While the story is primarily a supernatural detective mystery with the two leads each having their own mystery to unravel which appears more and more like it dovetails at the same point, I feel like the story spends way too much time with Arang looking for Eun Oh, or Eun Oh looking for Arang, rinse and repeat. It would be great if all the time looking for each other led to more character development, but sadly I see none of it. It’s almost like the writer is prolonging scenes to that it can pepper little clues along the way, as opposed to dropping chunks of new reveals and then having more substantive character interactions in between. Eight episodes in, I’m ready for Eun Oh and Arang to stop their passive-aggressive bickering and backhanded convos and start communicating more directly. Then maybe the story will rev into drive gear.

Episode 8 recap:

Dol Swe frets over Eun Oh, but the first thing Eun Oh asks about is Arang when he regains consciousness. Dol Swe points out that she couldn’t possibly be alive after that fall and he’s sent magisterial guards to search for her body already.

Eun Oh ignores Dol Swe’s pleads for him to rest and changes his clothes before getting on a horse to find Arang. Poor Dol Swe runs after Eun Oh as he rides off. Either Eun Oh has magical regenerative abilities, or else this drama is really stretching the credulity by the boatload here.

Bang Wool sits in town and eats pickled vegetables and wonders when her life might get better. Dol Swe runs past and Bang Wool holds her vegetable over her face and pauses because she’s so distracted. Dol Swe stops running and heads back to talk with this female charlatan, but then he gets distracted by the pickled vegetable juice on the side of her lips and reaches over to wipe it. Both of them snap out of it and Dol Swe takes off, later trying to pull his own thumb off because it has a mind of its own.

Eun Oh rides to the river bank where Arang’s body could have washed up. Magisterial officers are combing the area for Arang but no one finds anything there, because we all know Arang has been carted off by Joo Wal. We see Joo Wal riding back to the Choi residence with Arang still asleep in his arms. Ugh, he skeeves me out so big time.

Eun Oh stands by the banks of the river and wonders if Arang resurrected herself and then went somewhere? Dol Swe finds Eun Oh and brings him back to the magistrate’s residence.

Eun Oh meets up with the Three Bangs and he notices that all the effects that were unearthed from the mass grave remain sitting in the courtyard and no one from the town has come to claim it. The Three Bangs claim the effects do not belong to anyone in this own but Eun Oh scoffs at that excuse. He tells them to pack it away for now.

After Eun Oh leaves, the Three Bangs breathe a sign of relief and wonder how to make this go away. They know that the townspeople are frightened of incurring the wrath of Lord Choi hence no one has come to claim the effects or identify the remains.

Dol Swe helps Eun On back to his room and the two of them sit on the stoop outside to talk. He assures Eun Oh that when Arang’s body is found, they can have a proper burial for her. Eun Oh mentions how the townspeople won’t come to identify or collect the effects due to fearing Lord Choi.

It’s nighttime already and Eun Oh paces around the courtyard. Eun Oh thinks back to his conversation with Arang about how she can resurrect herself so there is nothing to fear in dying, but Arang tells him that dying is a frightening and painful experience nevertheless. Eun Oh wonders about the circumstances of her death and how it is compelling her to seek out the truth despite enduring such a painful ordeal. Elsewhere, Joo Wal sits besides a sleeping Arang, staring at her and wondering who/what she is and how come she can’t die?

Lady Seo is down in her dungeon of evil and performing a spell. She cuts her palm and squeezes out blood onto a black cloth with the talisman symbol on it. She then takes out two swords and places the talisman clothes on the sword handles. She smiles and hands the two swords to her two Soul Reaper minions.

Its nighttime and a man with a knife is pursuing a woman and her daughter. The woman tries to fight back and both the man and woman end up dead. A Soul Reaper arrives to take the two souls away, when suddenly Lady Seo’s two Soul Reaper minions show up. One of them slashes the Soul Reaper and he disappears in a puff.

Lady Seo’s two evil minions are powerful and about to take the two souls away when more legit Soul Reapers arrive and the two sides battle. The good Soul Reapers are about to be overwhelmed when kick ass Moo Young arrives and strikes one evil minion down. The other evil minion manages to grab the male soul and run off with him.

The Soul Reaper minion who got away with the male ghost returns to Lady Seo’s lair. The male ghost pleads for leniency but Lady Seo just smiles her creepy smile and puts her hand on the ghost’s face. The ghost is then sucked into one of ceramic urns.

Moo Young reports back to Heaven and the King of Hell is furious that his Soul Reapers have been killed. Moo Young reports that the sword used to strike down the Soul Reapers had a spell cast on it. The Jade Emperor realizes that the person now possessed such powers, and must be truly anxious in order to resort to such tactics.

The King of Hell is so angry that he storms off. He returns to his own hellish domain and screams loudly in rage. The Jade Emperor is amused to see how angry the King of Hell is since it’s been a long time since he’s lost his temper like this. Moo Young asks the Jade Emperor if he knows the identity of the person wreaking havoc on earth, but the Jade Emperor brushes his question aside and says the identity of the person isn’t important. Moo Young wonders if Arang is involved in what is happening?

Dol Swe finds a crowd of townspeople outside the magistrate’s residence, all asking to speak personally with the new magistrate. Eun Oh goes looking for Arang again, riding his horse back to the river banks.

Arang wakes up and walks out of the room to look around for Joo Wal. She wonders where she is but wants to find Joo Wal to thank him before leaving. Arang looks around and finds no one around, which seems strange to her, especially since there are also no ghosts around. She sees an area off to the side and heads in that direction which is filled with bamboo trees.

Lord Choi goes to see Lady Seo and confirms that he’s gotten all better. He assures her that he will handle the situation with the mass grave, and asks if she still wants the new magistrate offed? Lady Seo is annoyed by his prattling and tells him to be quiet.

Lord Choi leaves his meeting with Lady Seo upset, calling her an evil witch. If he wasn’t afflicted by a mystical disease, he would never bow his head to her. Dude, you can’t sell your soul to the devil and then expect the devil to dance to your tune. Doesn’t work that way.

Arang walks through the bamboo forest still looking for someone. She spots a talisman symbol carved into a tree. When she touches it, the talisman glows red. Lord Choi sees her and demands to know who she is and why she’s here? Joo Wal arrives and claims that Arang is his guest. Lord Choi says that it doesn’t matter who she is, if she’s been here then she can’t leave. Joo Wal reminds Lord Choi that now is not the time to discuss this. Doesn’t he remember what happened the last time the person came here?

Lady Seo walks out from her residence which is at the end of the bamboo forest. She touches the talisman tree that Arang touched earlier. Whatever she senses makes her eyes widen.

After Arang and Joo Wal walk away, she apologizes for causing trouble, explaining she was looking for him to thank him. Joo Wal lies that his dad is in a bad mood because he’s not feeling well. Lord Choi is pissed as Joo Wal, but he also has this weird feeling that Arang looks familiar somehow.

Joo Wal introduces himself as Choi Joo Wal and Arang reveals that her name is Arang. She asks if he’s seen her before, and Joo Wal says of course he has since he lent her his back to escape once. Arang is disappointed hoping he would remember her as Lee Seo Rim. They discuss their meeting at Lee Seo Rim’s funeral. Arang feels her heart beat faster around Joo Wal. Arang wonders why he doesn’t remember her and she runs off.

Eun Oh returns to the forest with the mass grave and sees that all the evidence has been covered up and traces removed. He can tell its fresh dirt used to fill in the hole. Lord Choi gets a report that everything pertaining to the mass grave has been disposed off and the townspeople will not breathe a word of it.

Joo Wal finds Arang at the bank of the river and Arang starts to cry, asking how he knew to find her here. Joo Wal said he tracked her here from earlier after helping her escape since he was worried about her.

Joo Wal thinks to himself that he needs to stay near Arang until he finds out what her goal is? Arang tells Joo Wal that she’s almost home and he can leave but he insists on walking her back. Conversation moves to the new magistrate and Joo Wal says he met Eun Oh when Lee Seo Rim’s body was discovered. Arang is shocked that Eun Oh knew Joo Wal’s identity from before.

Eun Oh spots Arang and Joo Wal outside the magistrate’s residence and the three of them have a round of stare downs. Joo Wal apologizes for bringing Arang back so late and leaves. Arang glares at Eun Oh before going inside without speaking a word to him. Lady, I don’t think you have time to waste on hissy fits.

The Three Bangs want to blame the disappearance of all the evidence from the mass graves on a burglar. They spot Arang coming back and freak out, wondering if she’s a human or a ghost?

Arang storms off and Eun Oh calls out for her to stop. They start arguing, with Eun Oh asking if she knew how long he’s been searching for her, while Arang demands to know why he didn’t tell her that he met Joo Wal already and he didn’t remember Lee Seo Rim. Was Eun Oh waiting to see her make a fool of herself? Arang is pissed and asks if he’s just waiting for her to regain her memory to find his mother? She calls him fake and says her memory will never return for a fake guy like him to use.

Eun Oh confronts the Three Bangs on how the mass grave evidence has been disposed of. The Three Bangs claim they are acting on order of Lord Choi, and Lord Choi is the final authority in Miryang. Eun Oh demands that Lord Choi come to the magistrate’s residence to meet with him.

Eun Oh thinks to himself that no matter how much he can endure things that are unjust, this is too much. Lord Choi has awakened a sleeping tiger now.

Dol Swe has seen a hale and hearty Arang return and he wonders what the hell creature she is? He asks himself if she’s maybe a gumiho (Ahahahahaha, this is so funny!). If not a gumiho then she’s a ghost?

Moo Young thinks to himself about what the Jade Emperor said, that the identity of that person is not important. He hopes that its not Moo Yeon. The Jade Emperor wonders if the King of Hell is still in a snit, and hopes he won’t take out his frustrations on innocent people. The Jade Emperor is confident he won’t, since the King of Hell will never do anything to break protocol. The Jade Emperor offers Moo Young a tea and explains he’s trying to brew a tea that will allow a person to drink what they are feelings. But sadly he hasn’t succeeded yet.

Arang sees Eun Oh pacing the courtyard at night but she’s not in the mood to talk with him. Eun Oh looks at his mother’s hair pin and sighs.

Joo Wal returns to Lady Seo who asks what took so long. She wonders if he doesn’t trust her yet, otherwise why not bring her Arang. Joo Wal apologizes and explains he hasn’t discovered her motive yet. Lady Seo decides to come clean and tells Joo Wal that she wants Arang because Arang’s physical form cannot ever die. Arang will be able to resurrect herself each time she dies. If Lady Seo had Arang’s body, then she can live forever. That is why she wants Arang. Lady Seo needs Joo Wal to bring her Arang, and if he does so, he will no longer need to find her innocent girls every 15th of a Leap Month.

Lady Seo tells Joo Wal that he is her most precious son and she will never abandon him even if he doesn’t need to bring her victims anymore. He asks if he needs to physically abduct Arang and bring her here, but Lady Seo says that Arang will come by herself. She wants Joo Wal to win her heart, but he needs to leave his heart to her.

Lord Choi’s minion urges him not to go meet with Eun Oh just because he was summoned but Lord Choi doesn’t mind. Joo Wal also arrives at the magistrate’s residence just as Eun Oh, wearing his magistrate’s office, is getting ready to meet with Lord Choi. Eun Oh wonders what the heck Joo Wal is going here? Joo Wal gives him a curt nod head before walking inside.

Arang wonders why she doesn’t even have a change of clothes around here. He asks Arang if she has time to talk with him. There is a place he wants to take her and would she be willing to do him a favor like she said she would repay him for helping her before. Arang agrees and goes to get ready.

Eun Oh watches and mutters that living so long one can see something as insane as a ghost in love with a human, and happening on his magisterial territory no less.

Lord Choi arrives and the Three Bangs go to slavishly welcome him. Eun Oh walks out to welcome him and the two men sit down for a chat. Lord Choi asks the new magistrate Eun Oh to tell him if he needs anything, clearing indicating that he runs the joint around here. Eun Oh says this is his magistrate’s office and he can take care of matters.

Lord Choi asks what favor Eun Oh wants from him in asking for this meeting? Eun Oh pointedly says he’s not asking for a favor.

Thoughts of Mine:

I’m getting slightly annoyed with Arang’s attitude. She’s always been impetuous and prone to jump to conclusions, but she fully got on my nerve in this episode with her attitude towards Eun Oh when she learned that he kept his earlier encounter with Joo Wal from her. So what? Isn’t this the guy who has demonstrated by action that he cares about her, and repeatedly saved her hide time and again, whether from ghosts or other dangers? I would like to see some character maturity from her but so far I see none. She’s just a corporeal form of the same ghostly brat from episode 1. Whereas Eun Oh has been maturing through his encounter with Arang, and his decision to investigate the mass grave deaths because of the injustice and cover up was really a great moment for us to see that he’s gone from dispassionate emo young man to someone willing to do something for a greater cause.

Arang is scheduled to be a 20-episode drama and I appreciate that the story has time to present its narrative. But part of what I’m seeing feels like there might not be enough material for the length and the writer is thus forced to drag things out to fill the time. It would be fine if the ancillary details are interesting, but so far I’m neither engaged or amused by most of the side stories. Bang Wool and Dol Swe have the potential to be cute but so far it feels random and forced. The Three Bangs annoy me with their craven and selfish nefariousness. And Lord Choi and Joo Wal are great as plot devices but mindbogglingly paper thin as villains. Finally, I’m ready for the Heavenly trio to start talking in ways that involve more than hints at what is happening down on earth.

I think what I’m wanting from Arang is more pathos. The story has so much angst to mine, and for whatever reason I feel like so far it merely glosses over it. Arang’s death, Eun Oh’s mommy issues, Joo Wal’s turn to the dark side, all of that just simmers right before the surface and never fully gets fleshed out onscreen. I’m told about it, but it doesn’t resonate with me, probably because the drama spends most of its time doling out mysterious tidbits of information like cookie crumbs. I think the acting of the cast is solid and the leads are more than capable of bringing more out of their characters, but that hasn’t happened yet. Right now Arang’s bratty side makes me care more about Eun Oh’s struggles to balance his desire to find his mom, his growing concern for Arang, and his decision to assume the mantle of magistrate in earnest. I hope he lays a smackdown on Lord Choi and the Three Bangs soon, and then move his target to Lady Seo aka Bad mommy.


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  1. Love your recaps but side with you about Arang becoming more annoying with her bratty and selfish ways. Hope you keep up the recaps for my sake but totally understand your reason to stop. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Seriously. I was okay with her brattyness before but now it’s just unfounded. Sigh. I liked her do much in the first few episodes too..

  2. oh no pls dont ms. koala! this is the only site i’m checking on for the recaps. i’m always waiting for it even at the early dawn. PLS!

    • I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this, but Dramabeans(.)com is recapping this drama as well. I actually prefer recaps that actually draws the audience, not push them away. Tip for Koala: you focus too much on the bad and not enough on the good, that I find your recent recaps to be blehh. Sorry if I sound really rude and disrespectful right now. This meant to be a constructive criticism! I think one of your best recaps was 49 Days. I didn’t even know that you never wanted to continue recapping it till the very end. Thanks for your endless efforts!

      • I agree with Anna, just lately all your recaps have been just been negative from overthinking, I also prefer recaps which comment and draw in more audience rather than just commenting on how bad it is cause Arang isn’t that terrible of a show! However, Ms koala I understand this is from your point of view and I still find you amazing for all your efforts in recapping everything so far 🙂

      • Do agree with Anna..too much rant/ focus on the bad.. However, at the same time, i do get that you have the right to rant and voice your thoughts (positive/negative) because it’s your blog.. I blog too and you have no idea I love to rant – it’s a great way to release stress, but that chased my friends away from my blog because they already heard from me face to face. Let’s face it, most bloggers wants comments. I want some comments from my dear friends even I ranted twice to them verbally and in writing. If I blog to my heart desire or to myself, I would DISABLE the comments..

        So, at the end of the day, what is it that you desire from blogging/recapping etc.. Do you like to hear interesting comments that drive discussion from different opinions OR do you like to hear positive comments only that is always in agreement with yours?

        I don’t need to know or want to know your answers.. but for one thing, I do like your blog and some of your recaps. One major thing about your blog that is better than dramabeans is that your blog offers VARIETY.. Plus, your writing has so much potential to take Koala playground to the next higher level…

        Lastly, sorry for long comment with my poor english

        A fan who wants the best for Koala Playground…

      • I agree with you…
        I am just gonna say this because i am actually surprised..its funny how the good dramas are dropped and the crappy ones get recapped till the end…but i guess its your choice and your blog..
        DB are doing a wonderful recap of guys can continue reading the recaps there^^

  3. oh this is bad Lady Seo want Joo Wal to win arang heart. she want him to marry arang so she can take her body and make Joo Wal replace his father ‘from son to became husbend” she say that before to the old man that Joo Wal has grown and can take his place ,and i think that was her goal even when she make Joo Wal be Lee Seo Rim fiancee but now she has a better choice a girl that escap death . and for the jade emp’ i think he really cure he choice arang from start making her escap and suffer for 3 years and i even think he the reason for forget her memory , he want to use her he even back her to life as person that dont dies just to be the victem that will make lady Seo do anything to get her so he dont care about what happen to arang and if she end in the hell by the way if i think about its now lee Seo Rim was going to heaven ,she a girl that didnt leave her room and didnt do anything wrong in her life she was innocet and pure that make him so cure to use her like that and i hope he have a better end for her.

  4. i appreciate your recaps all this far, thank you heheh. It’s all up to you, just hoping that next week would be better and pick your interest again (: However, nice guy looks promising too, lets just wait and see

  5. I say enjoyment is number one. Definitely drop the recaps if you aren’t enjoying it that much as is, capt k!! We support you. I personally still love it despite its flaws but I will see if that continues to be the case.

  6. Its impossible unless one recaps to know how much time and effort goes into recapping each episode. Literally hours and hours. I watch each episode 3(!) times when I recap. Once when it airs as a viewer, once to take screencaps, and once to recap which involves pausing and writing. I also recap for myself, not to write for anyone’s enjoyment, hence the writing is an expression of my thoughts, however positive or negative. I’ve been accused of gushing too many positive thoughts in certain drama recaps, and giving too many negative thoughts in other drama recaps. I’ve long since accepted I’ll never please everyone, and why bother when I aim to please myself. Writing ought to be pleasurable otherwise I have better things to do. 🙂

    • And this is why i’m very thankful for all your recaps. I’m sooo glad you recapped Big!!! (can’t believe I forgot about that show) You saw the good, that only a few saw and I commend you for talking about the bad and the good. 😀 I’m so excited for nice guy as well!!!

    • woohooo,
      i comment this post very late already,,
      it has been a while since my last time watching Arang,
      and I’d prefer finding and reading out the recaps to downloading and watching it marathonly,
      and I found this post,
      dear admin, honestly I love ur recaps and this blog very much,
      I like the way u write them, and furthermore, I like how u choose which drama to recaps,
      U like some dramas then u watch and write a recap of them, but if u don’t like some other dramas why bother to watch and recaps them,
      may be sometimes it depends to ur personal preference,but I agree with u,
      cz, I love to watch Kdramas, but I didn’t watch every Kdramas off course,
      sometimes I feel like attached to a drama by super glue. But sometimes watching couple scene of a drama, succesfully shoo me away from it,
      I have my own preference, so do u,
      and I respect ur preference,
      it’s very human to have our own preference,

      that’s why I love ur recaps,,
      u really write the recaps drama (which u love) by heart, not only by intention to supply recaps of every drama exist,
      good job,

  7. Koala, i always love reading your recaps and of course i’m disappointed if i can’t read your thoughts on Arang, but i also support your dropping it when it doesn’t captivate your attention anymore. There’s always other goodies to read on your site =)

  8. Wow! someone else who totally feels Arang is just way too bratty. I understand that they try for pluckiness but there’s a thin line between plucky girl who wants to live and self-involved. And I definitely agree with you about Eun Oh. He’s being more introspective and more heroic. I can’t say the drama leaves me cold, though. I really like it. But maybe I’m just really easy to please, i dunno. I often read your posts as well as dramabeans. I like both sites and accept personalities the way I find them. So do your thang, honey! -C

  9. we enjoy your recap cause you really enjoy doing that ,so you right you have to write just what you really enjoy and love ,and i know the next think you will write will be good and worth to read and that what i like on your recap cause you write what really worth and not anything by the way the first thing that really make me interstent on your site is when i saw ” i will talk about drama if i want to” that when i thought “ah this not just news and place for the high rating drama this place were i will read what someone really enjoy ” so thank for all your hard work and write what you like if its about the bad side or the good side cause this what you really see and feel on the drama so you dont have to be with everyone side .

  10. Your efforts are truly appreciated. I have not watched this episode yet, waiting on subs, but NG has me wound up so that I cannot wait for its rising……

    I still love AATM for what it delivers on the supernatural/mystery levels.

  11. I’m enjoying Arang a lot. But even I don’t think I could watch it 3x.

    Hm.. Does that mean you actually have to watch Big thrice? /respect

  12. I must say I agree about AATM, there is something missing for me that prevents me from being totally invested in the story. I think that you should recap shows that you really like and want to continue seeing and find interesting. Ms. Koala your recaps are wonderful and all your hard work is greatly appreciate it.

  13. I always appreciate your recaps and look forward to them. You should always enjoy what you are doing. Your work and perspective is always appreciated.

  14. I feel you Miss K!!

    I love–or loved–or used to love–I really don’t know yet–Arang, and the tune-us-next-week killing me not so softly! *heavy sighs* And sometimes, I have to re-watch the previous episodes to remember what the heck happened…That happens to me, every time I watch an “airing” drama. It sucks big time!! Definitely, this is one of those who get in the category of –watch in marathon mode–because you can get easily bored or LOST….and that series I drop it!! LOL

    I know!! that wench sucks! I mean, can Arang be less annoying, she was amazing and kick butt on the first episodes what the heck happened??!! She is so *itchy, so bratty, so stupid, always nagging or scolding, and most of all, jumping to conclusions, without knowing the truth or the facts for that matter….*sighs* She is getting on my nerves, my brain and I just want to slap her big time!! and what the hell is that all lovely-dovey with Joo Wal –a man that was her fiance–and didn’t even remember or know her face?? Can she be more oblivious? I hope not… I don’t want to drop it! Gotta be honest, last week, I made the executive decision to get off of the bus and leave this sucker to dry in the sun alone… but after I watch Ep 7 and I change my mind.

    I know that Magi(Eun Oh) only thinks on her well being, but he had to stop pushing her about mommy mommy, because truth to be told, he kind of annoys me with that! She doesn’t remembers, so give her a break!! Cut her some slack!! About the change of heart that he is having, from not care of anything to I-the-hero, want to slay the Evil Fake Dad scheme is AWESOME!! At least someone is different from point A!! Heck yeah, I’m talking to you Arang!! *Looking at Arang with red beam eyes, a la terminator*

    Evil Fake Dad, Evil Fake Son, Evil Mommy from hell, I think they are awesome, as premium jerks! Specially Mommy from hell, who scare the life out of me…Seriously, that woman is scary!!!! And the freaking music…I feel like I’m watching a Japanese horror film…the only thing that this show needs is a ring, (wait they have that), a pale woman who want revenge…(wait they have a woman with a grudge), an abandoned son (wait they have two) and an evil old man who wants everything…Eh they have that too!! So in scary tactics, this show is delivering!!!

    You know, I can’t take this anymore!! I just want that Jade Hottie(Jade Emperor), Dr. Doom (Hell King), stop using every one as a freaking minion in a chess game, including Sad Reaper (Moo Young), and get their sleeves rolled up and their hands dirty for once, and come clear of what the heck is happening!! Who the heck, and what the heck is evil mommy!!? How she got that way? What is the roll of Arang in all that? Where and what happened to Sad Reaper’s sister? It has being 400 years, so how in heaven and hell, that “thing” still roaming free? And why, Jade Hottie and Dr. Doom, decide to act now? Why now? What is sooooooo freaking special about Arang, that they decide to make her that way? And why in heaven she can’t die? And why every one call her “that child”? She got a name you know, Arang!!! Can someone explain to me, how is that earth is in a goat’s back? Please?? Like I’m a 5 year old, with croqui, gps and all!! PLEASE!!

    As for Dol Sae and Miss Charlatan, they are cute and lovely, but they don’t get to much screen time, to “develop feelings nor a relationship”…or at least that they are gonna fall-in-love-at-first-bicker!! Oh drama land, can you be less corny? Where is your fantabulous awesomeness?

    You know, I was committed to watch this one(A&M) to the very end, and decided to NOT watch Faith…but, in a some lame joke of drama land, I’m surprisingly enjoying Faith, and a lot I may add… even with the tune-us-next-week and this one is just falling behind… and that is very weird!!!

    Miss K, if you drop or not, you have your reasons and I respect that. I will always be here, besides, there are other dramas/movies/books to gossip about!! And taking your words “you recap because you want to please your self, and you talk about dramas, because you WANT TO”!! Boyah!!!

    • Same thing is happening to me…I’m finding that I’m enjoying Faith a lot more than Arang. Of course each of us have our own preferences and tastes and luckily there is a lot to choose from.

      • Same as you,iam enjoying faith more tha arang too,I even just watch epi 1 of arang,after that I’m stop same as big,just watch epi 1,if epi 1 not get my interest then I just drop it out.
        Koala,it is up to u to cont recap arang or not,but iam very happy you will recap nice guy :D.

      • Me too. For some weird reasons i enjoy Faith more that Arang n the Magistrate at the moment, though in the 1st place i’m totally into Arang. I think it probably has to do with what Miss K pointed out. The drama concentrate on detective ghost story but lack of depth on each character, especially Arang and Eun Oh.

    • After re watching the episode, I conclude that:

      Arang still as *itchy, bratty and stupid as she can be…but that is not entirely her fault! I mean Magi, never told her, that IN FACT, he worries about her. That is why, Arang believes that Magi, is only using her to get info about mommy!

      So who is wrong here?

      The stupid Magi, who never tell her she is wrong assuming that he is using her? Or the girl who is so dense, thick headed and obtuse that doesn’t realize, the lengths of Magi’s feelings and actions? For crying out loud, he fought with a ghost street gang just to defend her, give her new clothes when she said that hers were horrible, when she wanted to see her fiance, even when the stupid fiance doesn’t see her at all, Magi didn’t tell her about the FACT, that her fiance didn’t remember her (I know, you know that he did it to protect her) how the hell she doesn’t know? She can’t be that stupid…right?

      How you solve that lack of communication? TALK people, that is why God give us 1 mouth and 2 ears, JUST FREAKING LISTEN!!!!!

      As for waking the tiger, and the symbolic gesture, to finally putting on his Magistrate clothes (uniform), because is about time he stop being a mama’s boy and become a MAN. And from a man who in the first episode says that when you see an injustice, just walk away, to the man in the 8 episode who says that, he CAN’T just walk away and left things like that… that is a lot of change!!!

      An I just found it as fascinating as the Mini King (King Gongmin) in Faith, taking off the Yuan clothes and putting on the Goryeo ones. Like saying, “here I am B*tches, I’m here to stay, deal with that”!!! So as I see it, the real drama just begun, the first 8 episodes, were a mere introduction of the characters, the situations and how they end up entangled in the mess they are in!!!

  15. However, i think your opinios based on our preference when i watch this drama i watch it for the drama itself, im usually very hard to please and have been in years never finished a drama but this one is a gem. i mena, if we view it for our usual perfective (romance/character) cliche, then we might not invested but as many mentioned the character in this drama is complex. i hope less bickering and they can just stop it too BUT the character of Arang is NOT selfish, she how she handle Eun-Oh in the cave. The cave moments is very important scenes to convey how the two of them really see each other and unselfishly put themselve behind. A big step for the previous epi when the two of them is selfish -kind of- on the own level.

    She is a very complex character, not knowing herself, how she live, how people live is one confusiing to die multiple times, not knowing why she die etc.

    I hope better interaction for them and more intesen and romance of course.

  16. Something like this happened when I watch The King 2 Hearts. I give up exactly at episode eight. They get bored over the time. By the way, thank you Miss Koala for recaping Arang and the Magistrate. You are the fastest and the best that I know. It doesnt really matter if you stop it here. I’m looking forward for your Nice Guy recap..

  17. I guess what’s missing is that the depth of each character and director is lacking of scenes where they can grow feeling instead of pity. I reckon since next week is half way, we should get our grown affection between them and eunoh realisation *fingercross..

  18. I am sorry to hear that you’re going to stop recapping this drama, because of Nice guy. I won’t be watching Nice guy, but I love Arang and the Magistrate, it’s starting to become one of my favorite. I know it’s getting slow, but I am still happy to see something different and fresh.

  19. Oh, and I want a little bamboo forest!!!! 🙂

    Seriously, I know it grows very fast, but what does it look like after a while? Those bamboos looked young. What kind of bamboos were they? Is here any bamboo experts? 😛

    • not a panda so definitely not an expert but im curious, why would you want a bamboo forest? cos from watching all those movies & dramas, nothing good ever happen. Ummm, good for leaping practice, you know ala crouching tiger hidden dragon..

      • HA-HA-HA!!! You’re probably right, but I guess I wouldn’t mind having a fight with Kim Min Joon or Yun-Fat Chow in my little bamboo forest! 😉

        I have a big garden, I have place for planting more tree(small forest), and I always liked bamboo forests(not just in dramas, I love plants 😉 ), so every time I see one, I think “I must do it!”. Unfortunately, we don’t have many experts here(neither bamboo forests), and I am a bit afraid of it.

  20. For me, AATM gives the same intriguing vibes as Lost (the US series). It may be unfriendly for Korean viewers who crave for romance or dreamy melo stuff. But I think it’s unique from typical K soaps. If they keep the production quality and don’t mess up with the plot (like the last few seasons of Lost), they can sell big in global market.

    • Yeah, what you said is true, AATM is intriguing, like US style. But, that is why you watch and crazy about Korean drama. Korean dramas make you invested in the drama. But US drama….. it is intriguing, suspense, etc…. but you soon forget about it after you finish watching it (i don’t know about other people… but i do, sorry…) and you are not addicted to it. The unique thing about Korean dramas, you just can’t stop wanting to watch it and you have these withdrawal symptoms after the drama ends. Of course, if the dramas have some romance in it, many would love it more.

      • @rafflesia

        IKR? The effects are creepy!! That is why I’m addicted to this suckers!! I mean, they are taking the life out of me!!! But I’m on that bus, for life!! So dramas and Drama Land, BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!! And taking my own words “here I am *itches, I’m here to stay” Mhahahahhah

  21. truly said…from major recapping blog i have saw..All of them right now focus to recap NG..So,after seeing your though about to stop Arang and want to recap NG,i not shock at all..It just a little sad for someone who watch Arang until now even i also agree it a little bored now..Futhermore…The HEAT about upcoming drama NG also was incredible..So.,,it’ll be great to see all blog will recap Nice Guy.heheh

  22. Thanks for the recap! How did you get it done so quickly?

    Let’s see…Creepy Mom is Sauron and she is building a ghoul army. If souls have been disappearing for 400 years, that’s a BIG army. We are headed for an epic battle of bad soul stealers vs good soul reapers. Does she really want to take over heaven and earth?

    Arang is the ONE RING to outlive them all. The rules are not fully explained, but I am guessing that it isn’t enough for her to possess just the body. Bodies don’t live forever unless some sort of supernatural life force, the soul, inhabits it. Creepy Mom has to keep Arang’s soul and co-habitate in the body, right?

    Heebie jeebies continue every time Creepy Mom talks to JW. Especially since we get the image of her living in Arang’s body, and JW calling her “Omani” Ew! Ew! Ew!

    To this point, ES has been working at an earthly, corporal
    level. He hasn’t figured out how Arang’s supernatural stuff coincides with his missing mother. The mysteries, therefore, the couple’s story are parallel currently. When in the next few episodes, everything intersects, I think we’ll see a rapprochement between them.
    It doesn’t have to be an open declaration of love, but enough to keep Arang out of JW’s spell. Once that demon boy sets his powers on her, she will fall; she already thinks her heart beats faster because of lurve, not horror.

    I agree that the secondary and tertiary characters are stock, and therefore easily skipped over.There just isn’t enough for them to do in the story. You wonder why they don’t team with writers who can fill in the side characters’ back story, give them specific quirks so we can tell them apart. Have some university intern give them depth. Hell, I’ll do it for free.

    I know it isn’t the same genre, but I always liked Pirates of the Caribbean because they made the bumbling pirate pair and the bumbling Navy pair interesting and funny by themselves. Throwing in Johnny Depp to play with them was heaven.

    I wonder if next week will be interesting enough for you to continue. One hurdle I see for you is the JW character. If he skeeves you out that much, you will NOT like seeing Arang fall for him. I know my love for the actor nudges me towards him. He was cute in OB, but he was all kinds of adorable, loveable, sweet, vulnerable and CUTE in the short film Just Friends. I will love him forever for doing that film which must have been a huge risk for him and Lee Je Hoon.

    • I always love your posts and your points of view!

      And you are right an intern will write some deep for free!

      So, mommy dearest(no mo’ wired hangers) now become “if I got Arang (no mo’ inocent girls)?? That is a no no in my book! But that is a “yes master” in JW’s, who is …how can I say it, craving so much love and attention, that is willing to kill and condemn poor girls souls to eternal suffering just to call a twisted, evil wench mom? Are you freaking kidding me? How much that “thing” hurt JW to make him like that? I know you can’t talk about suffering, if you haven’t experienced, but common! That is twisted and macabre…and definitely we are masochist who watch it…

      So, now JW will see Arang as his escape from the horror of mommy’s evil claws? He will see Arang as his savior? I got a question, he love her as a mother right? But he knows what exactly “love” is? He will experience what love is?

      I really hope that Arang doesn’t fall in JW attempt to woo her, coz, if she does, she is doom…

      And if mommy is Sauron, and Arang is the ring to rule them all…then Magi is Aragon, who swore to protect the ring with his life? Then who is Legolas? Mhahahahaha

  23. Koala,

    I totally understand your point of view. I lost the patience to watch this drama, it seems to go nowhere and it has become boring. I love the actors and I know they are very capable, but something is missing in the plot. The excitement is gone. This is not the first time I find a drama very appealing at the beginning but then soon after a couple of episodes I completely lose interest because the story is just not interesting anymore. Why is it that so many KDRAMAS start off so well and then lose themselves in the middle? Lately, I’m having more fun watching dramas that are remakes and, therefore, I know how they’ll end like “To the beautiful you” than trying to figure out why Arang has such a slow narrative. Anyway, I’ve dropped watching Arang but I still read your recap to check if something changes. 😀

  24. I felt that I had to say something in case readers of the comments above that “the drama is boring and goes nowhere”, are given the wrong (imo) impression of this drama and decide not to watch it.

    Imo, this drama is not boring. It’s just that the plot and the characters are very complex, complicated and layered. Layers are being peeled off the characters gradually and in Episodes 9 and 10, you finally get to see the true inside workings of Arang’s and Eun Oh’s minds and get in touch with their feelings and emotions. Pathos we wanted and pathos we got. Teared up every time I think about the ending of Episode 10 which was so beautiful and bittersweet at the same time.

    Our OTP are so aware that they have NO future together, as Arang has only 2 more moons to remain in this world, and they are forced to restrain their feelings for each other. Yet it is clear to the audience how much they care for each other.

    Arang is not so bratty, was never selfish and is a very brave girl. She has always been willing to sacrifice her life for Eun Oh, for instance by jumping off the cliff – it’s not 100% certain that she will resurrect and she did say dying was really painful and scary. She is now defending him in public, inviting him for moonlight dates to cheer him up, and the two of them are finally sharing their past history and thoughts about their future, just like any other couple, their envisaged future being Eun Oh with his mom and Arang in hell or heaven. (Cries). Arang is very aware that they have no future together, thus she tells him “Do not like me”. However, he is always on her mind.

    Eun Oh is so wonderful and caring towards Arang and it shows in his words and actions ~
    “Don’t make me worry for you, don’t me look for you”
    “I’ll be the one sending you to heaven”.
    And trying to let her have some good and beautiful memories of her short time here in this world.

    On the mystery front, more awesome stuff are being revealed including Eun Oh’s unimaginable skills, the evil demon’s identity, the demon’s awareness of the trap set for her, Lord Choi’s growing dissatisfaction with the demon, JW’s possibility of turning against the demon…There are so may ways this intriguing story could go!

    With Arang’s and Eun Oh’s knowledge and acceptance of their feelings, mutual goals and the limited time remaining, we are all set to embark on the next phase of this great adventure.

    And finally, just wanted to say with the greatest glee, Eun Oh is not a momma’s boy!

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