Newest Stills From Nice Guy Show Eun Gi and Maru Falling in Love

Okay, I can probably die happy now if a giant meteor slammed into Earth tomorrow morning and we are all toast. I’m sure that’s a gross exaggeration, but I’m nowhere near capturing the happiness of seeing the latest official stills and more from Nice Guy episode 12, which is clearly a flashback to the missing period during the time jump from when Maru took Eun Gi away to when they returned to Tae San and gave Jae Hee the proverbial giant middle finger. What’s amazing about the NG directorial flourish of using the unfinished narrative is that we’re almost always guaranteed more goodness after the fact. There are always scenes we don’t see and are shown later, so I never feel like the transitions between scenes are awkward or something is left unfinished. I’m almost certain that the location where Maru stashed Eun Gi to help her recovery is Anmyungdo (site of one of my biggest heartaches courtesy of The King 2 Hearts), the place where I bitched to no end where Jae Gil took Choco to keep her from seeing how badly Maru was beat up by Jae Hee’s goons. I still think overall Jae Gil and Choco are pretty superfluous to the plot, and that interlude is hella random, but at least there is some narrative consistency if that is where Eun Gi ends up convalescing with Maru by his side. What’s so sweet is thinking of the four of them as some sort of happy broken family, rather like what Maru had dreamed about with Jae Hee, but the person to make it happen is Eun Gi. The accompanying news article writes that the location of their beach and countryside dates shows the start of Maru and Eun Gi’s love story.


Newest Stills From Nice Guy Show Eun Gi and Maru Falling in Love — 27 Comments

  1. all i can say is DAEBAK! tonight’s episode was like going on a diet just so i can savour the one dessert at the end of the tunnel ((guess i could say more hehe). Great recap, and thank you, thank you, thank you for the stills, can’t wait for tmmr.

  2. GOOOODDDDDD!!!! i really can’t wait that episode to be airing!!! why their chemistry like the real one for me??!! i really hope the ending will be happy for those two person >.<

  3. What’s up with the preview for ep 12 it seems Maru was asking for half of the Tae San wealth…gahhh this drama is driving us nuts,when it would seem that there would be a step forward for our OTP the writer’s throw out this? Can’t wait for the next episode to get the full context (*.*)

    • My guess is that his comment has to do with the engagement. As in, he’ll protect EG by marrying her, and getting 50% of Tae San. At least, that is my delusional hope, haha. We’ll find out soon enough!

  4. Thank You Thank You for the stills and your wonderful recap. These two are adorable together and their chemistry is so HOT!!!!!!!!!

  5. Maru smiling openly?!? Without any ulterior motives? I can’t stop smiling after seeing these. They look SO good together!! I trust NG team to show them falling in love instead of just showing us flashbacks..

  6. ooohhkayyY!! kill Jae Hee and Lawyer Ahn off .. The END! and they happily ever after! <3 <3 <3 *moe moe moe* lol
    staring at those two very happy.. it feels so real! 🙂

  7. i am with @_@!!! lets just do away with JH and her vile attorney….and just focus on the happy couple. Love these two……the pics are perfect, can hardly wait for Thursday

  8. i am smiling from ear-to-ear !! The happy romantic pictures !!
    Never mind how it will end for now … enjoy the moment ….
    Please nobody dies ……… pleaazzee….

  9. This is really a wonderful drama although I think some people seem to over think the whole drama and look for faults and flaws … the only thing that I am really sad about is the fact that Kang Maru asked for half of the company … it implies that he has not fully put his past behind him and is clinging to the old Maru .. in my eyes he could only redeem himself if he is willing to walk away with nothing but his love for Eun Gi …

  10. after the whole amnesia/cognitive missing mania happened, it is only then that i realized Jae Gil’s purpose— Eun Gi’s tutor for business related stuff.. cuz before i kept thinking why does Maru has a chaebol living with him? like what’s his purpose?… good one writer-nim..

  11. God this is so good you know it’s gonna hurt like hell later.

    I am sensing happy interlude here, calm before the storm, the light for the shadow to follow…YIKES! Let’s soak in the breezy happy of the harmonica while we can.

    I hope we fear he has ulterior motives all through this part. I like to be kept off balenace by Maru, never really knowing what he thinks. SJK does that so well.

  12. Ack. I’m at work and catch watch this for hours yet. And I’m bracing myself — having them be happy now means the drama is going to end with everyone going up in flames. ~sigh~ I’m preparing myself for it now, so that when the inevitable comes I will have these happy memories to sustain me.

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