First Look at the Cast Filming for Cheongdamdong Alice

Can I have a minute here to compose myself? I am seriously verklempt with emotion looking at the first official stills from the set of Cheongdamdong Alice with my darling Moon Geun Young making adorable faces for the cameras early in the morning during filming. She is seriously like the cheerleading energizer bunny on any of her drama or film sets. With the drama set in trendy and rich Cheongdamdong, plus the fashion industry setting, I’m expecting intense fashion porn on all the leads. So far the first look at Moon Geun Young’s character of Han Se Kyung does not disappoint – her hair is beyond fabulous (love the chic bangs and the simple long locks with subtle framing layers) and her clothes are simple and elegant and her boots are to-die-for. With this being the beginning of November already, the first thing that popped into my mind was that we’re less than a month away from the premiere of CA! I’ve got my celebratory champagne on ice already because this drama looks and sounds just up my alley. The script actually gives off the vibe of Ji Eun’s arc in I Live in Cheongdamdong, and I’m hoping CA deals with the aspirations of a young girl to marry up into a Cheongdamdong family with the same deft humor and sincerity as ILICDD did. Apparently heroine Se Kyung isn’t a real Candy character but a social-climbing girl pretending to be a Candy type to hook herself a rich husband. I cannot wait to see her scheming and then learning her lesson and finding true love along the way. Check out more BTS pictures below!

Too bad Nam Goong Min is just cameoing as the ex-boyfriend. With that said, I’ll take what little I get of him and let out a preemptive squee for his involvement in CA.

So Yi Hyun plays the frenemy of Moon Geun Young’s character and here she is filming a flashback portion where she wears a high school uniform.

Check out the cool script for CA. I love how the neighborhood layout of Cheongdamdong is printed on the cover. Neato.

Here’s the first ever peek at leading man Park Shi Hoo filming bright and early on the set of CA. It was a 6 am call and here he is ready for when the cameras roll but still rubbing his bleary eyes.


First Look at the Cast Filming for Cheongdamdong Alice — 36 Comments

  1. aww so cute! Was just gonna say where is the main lead! But there he is at the end! Cant wait for this drama, mainly for Park Shi Hoo who ive loved for ages since PP, TPM, FH, etc…Moon Geun-young havent really seen anything for her except ‘My Little Bride’ but hopefully this will be good!
    Nam Goong Min – when is he gonna get his own lead role? Its really overdue since he’s such a good actor and really handsome. But i’ll take what i get 🙂

    • This show has amazing stenciled on it. Of course, I felt the same way when CU and M3 was cast……and look what crazy drama writing doth wreak. I’ll beat up CA if it turns out to be crap, but until then, I love what I see. So cute!

  2. OMG, I love that they twist the “candy character” and turn it on it’s head. Now I’m super excited for CA. Love both PSH and MGY.

  3. I love Moon’s style for this drama…much much better than Cinderella Sister (especially after they cut her beautiful long locks) and MSOAN (I can’t even express my horror at her outfits there

    • She was so sullen in CU, and the short bob made her face look like a moon pie. Not flattering. M3 – I’m totally in the minority but I loved her cat lady hobo style there. It suited the winter setting with all the layers and the bohemian vibe. But I wouldn’t wear any of her outfits unless it was the only thing left in my closet. Her hair was a mess, it looked like Cousin It crawled on her head.

      She is going to look glorious in CA. How can she expect to land a Cheongdamdong man unless she looks the part.

  4. I can’t wait for this!! 🙂 thanks capt k!! What a lovely bday gift – mgy and psh pics 🙂 I am currently in hurricane aftermath suckdom, no power, no heat, but I do have water back. My limited cell service is keeping me connect for just a few minutes here and there. I am glad this doesn’t start yet.

    Really hope the script is good. How could this not be the OTP to love for the year? 🙂 hope we can see them in action together soon!

  5. this must be a good drama to follow, truly watch this, good line up of actors, my favorite of course from Princess Man to Cinderella. Watch this! Thanks for keeping us posted. Regards!

  6. I like Moon Geun Young as an artist, she acts well but, she lacks something for me that will make me go gaga over her. As what my name indicates I am beginning to dislike you Koala. You are so biased in your posts. I know this is your domain as you own this blog, but, as you might as well know, some readers are easily affected or dissuaded by what they read. Especially if they had been an avid fan of yours. They will form opinions based on what you are feeding them and their own mind gets clouded.Thus, some netizen war takes place because of differing and clouded opinions.

    You have been vocal that you like certain artists but you oh so gladly distorts that artist’s project even before that project airs. Just like what you are doing with YEH’s recent project, you kept ranting against it and affecting the judgement of your readers. It still has not aired but most of what you’ve posted are negatives. This goes not only for YEH but for all artists that you’ve so far made into a laughingstock.

    And here comes MGY’s drama and your all sugarcoated with it, way before it will start. Heck! Daebak Koala! I’m starting to dislike you and will steer away from this site just like what I did with dramabeans…… totally disappointed.

    • Uhm… okay. Be my guest. Have your own opinion about me just like I have my own opinion about anything I feel like. Not sure who I’ve made a laughingstock of (can’t recollect anyone or any project) but I’m hardly going to be bothered to defend my body of work. It speaks for itself.

      Just for the record, I love MGY as much as I love YEH. Both sets of fans ought to know that. If I criticize one’s work, it isn’t personal, its simply project specific. You also might want to lighten up. This is a blog about dramas. And about me watching dramas. I’m hardly influencing world opinion and altering voting patterns.

      • Well, I have to agree with @startingtodislikeyou, this blog has been a source of too many crap already. Why judge a drama with all the stills and previews only? Why not wait for it to air 2-4 episodes to the least (sometimes it’s not even enough a time)and reserve your judgement then; whether it is or not to your liking? You have been between two poles already with CA and MY. All praises with CA and all condescending with MY, when both has still to air? Who knows both might be good or both might be not worthy of the viewers’ time?

        Of course, you have your legion of readers already so there are some who will come to your defense.Admittedly you are witty with your writing but,objectivity wise you are so wrapped in your own judgement and with what outcome you wish each drama/movie will come out. It influenced your readers so much,some will base their judgement with yours Why not give a leeway for a drama to air first then do the ranting and raving later?

    • @ startingtodislikeyou.

      Just my two cents worth of opinion. A saying goes ‘One Man’s meat is another man’s posion’. As this blog belongs to Captain K, she is entitled to write freely – be it subjective or objective. As readers, we decide whether we want to read it or not. As guests of Captain K’s blog, we have to refrain from being stepping outside our boundaries.

      Having read your rantings, I am wondering who is trying to influence who. So far, I enjoyed reading Captain K’s updates and her style of writing especially her adoration of MGY. I am so tickled when she goes ga ga especialy when new updates on MGY comes out. Also I am thankful to her for keeping us updated on the dramas and favourite artistes (some of which I share with her).

      To conclude. May peace prevail whether you go.

    • I honestly think that anything that has been released onto the public domain is subject to criticism, even if a drama is not released in full yet you can’t stop people from making comments. It’s same as how Koala can not stop how we all comment on her blog. It’s not Koala’s responsibility to make sure that her reader’s head isn’t swayed by her writing. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our mind is clear while we are reading what others are saying. We all have the ability to comprehend and have our own beliefs and mindsets just has Koala does. If we don’t like what she’s saying and think she’s trying to brainwash or influence our ways of thinking than just don’t come here anymore.

  7. Park Shi Hoo needs to have a serious make out session with me before he continue on with his life. Especially before he finds a wife. I’d love to marry him, but netizens be cray cray and I wont want to live in Korea, and gah…its just way too complicated. Yes, yes i actually had this thought out.

  8. your blog,whatever opinion you have its yours Ockoala and I respect you for it…I love whatever you write because you give me different perspective. eg: when one decide to stop writing recap about LTM, you con’t and the outcome, I end up watching the whole episode and loving it at last.You writing is witty and gives me a happy mood everyday,even I am not watching the drama..I am reading your recap for NG because I couldn’t stand JH and the depressing mood they are in with Maru and till I am prepared to watch I will be content with your recaps…Thanks again for your wonderful blog and now in fb..I have constant update…

  9. I admire you and dramabeans very much. It is not easy to have a blog let alone have a blog followed by many. Writing is a talent and not everyone can do it. You and dramabeans… I LOVE!

  10. OMG… wake me up when november ends…PSH is a hottie hottie hottie and im loving his pairing with MGY..He said somewhere that MGY calls him oppa but he cant call her geun young-ssi at the moment and calls her moon geun young-ssi but he will try harder to be friendlier with her!!.. HOW FREAKIN CUTE IS THAT?? I need them to have a serious makeout session in CA or else im gonna kick someone’s ass…. By the way Koala, u r awesome..Your blogs about Full House take 2 made me laugh till i peed myself..
    P.S i wonder where koala is from???

  11. Hi Captain K
    Have been your faithful follower since M3. you are totally entitled to your opinions, yes, me respect what you do and ‘cos of that we are entertained. me still following you till whenever!! Much appreciate your update and yes, it takes talent to write this good stuff. hwaiting!

    sincere ahjumma

  12. Love your banner Captain…keep it up dont mind the spoiler^^eventhough i post seldom here ive been a silent lurker here Captain…always love your analysis to everything especially to my lovely Moon Geun Young^_^

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