Miss Rose Episode 14 Recap

After a long busy week, settling in with my comfort drama of Miss Rose is like kicking off my pumps and snuggling into bed. MR is reliable and always satisfying, which does mean I’m starting to take it for granted. Now that Cheng Kuan and Si Yi finally break through the barrier of Vivian and her domineering father, does this mean the drama will be chock full of OTP happy times for the rest of its run? I doubt it, and not because I think MR is going to manufacture angst. I really worry that Vivian has some really potent plan in place to win Cheng Kuan back, and that Yi Chun isn’t about to walk away from Si Yi even if he will respect her current choise and merely remain on the side lines waiting for his chance. I love how this drama has all the parents chiming in their opinions and their hopes, but in the end the younger generation has been allowed to make their own decisions. If Si Yi told her parents she didn’t like Cheng Kuan and wanted to get back together with Yi Chun, everyone would be unhappy but they would respect her wishes. I’m also happy that Cheng Kuan’s mom has the same mentality and was pleased that she backed up Cheng Kuan in front of President Jiang.

I don’t fault the President for exerting so much pressure on Cheng Kuan, because in his mind he helped raise this young man, who is not only an irreplaceable asset for him but also the guy his daughter appears to love. He has no choice but to keep doing everything in his power to keep Cheng Kuan. The drama is obviously just giving us a taste of happiness by sending Cheng Kuan and Si Yi on their motorcycle countryside date, because when they return to Guang Qiang there will be landmines aplenty and still many more unresolved issues to tackle. Cheng Kuan still needs to get rid of the GM and Manager Kang, Ting Ai appears even more devious and cunning than I gave her credit for, and Vivian will try to play the considerate former girlfriend in hopes of getting Cheng Kuan to change his mind. I worry the drama will separate the OTP for whatever reason only to let them reunite again towards the end, and I really don’t want to waste my time seeing that. I’m not going to jump that far ahead at this time, but I do need Si Yi to regain some of her pep and energy in this drama because she’s starting to lull me to sleep in some of her scenes.

Screw 16 – Kiss One Side, Change to the Other:

Momma Luo blames Dad’s bad temper on him not being happy his daughter is being picked on. When Si Yi admits she doesn’t dare like Cheng Kuan, Mom encourages her beloved Si Yi to go for it with Cheng Kuan. It’s been too many years until Si Yi met another man she’s willing to open her heart to. Mom knows Si Yi is afraid of being hurt and Si Yi nods her head. She’s afraid of being hurt and afraid of hurting others. Mom grouses that all this fear, she might as well be a bubble girl. She can’t live life in fear. She can lock herself up in a castle safe from intruders, but she’ll never be able to go find that treasure outside. Si Yi understands. Mom tells her daughter to stop furrowing her brows.

Momma Gao dines with President Jiang and they discuss Cheng Kuan. The President continues being very nice and sweet to Mom. She has called Cheng Kuan out to dinner and when he arrives, he’s surprised by the presence of President Jiang.

Mom pours him a glass of wine that is 16 years old, reminding him that it’s the same amount of time as the President has raised Cheng Kuan like his own son. Mom wants him to apologize and not give up something halfway. Cheng Kuan reluctantly apologizes and the President claims he doesn’t need an apology. He admires Mom for having such a filial son. Mom says Vivian is also a filial daughter, and the President hopes their two filial kids can be together, wouldn’t that be great! What part of NOT GOING TO HAPPEN don’t you get, Mr. President Jiang?

Momma Gao then pulls an about face asks the President to let the two children work out their issues themselves. Mom trusts that the two kids are all grown now and can deal with their own emotions. She asks the President to adopt a thankful attitude and wish the kids well with whatever they decide. Both are very smart and she trusts Cheng Kuan will make the right decision. The President reluctantly agrees to respect whatever decision they reach.

As Cheng Kuan drives his mom home, he tells her that it’s not happening with him and Vivian. Mom reminds him that his decision is really hurtful towards the President. Even though Mom supported him back there and spoke up for him in front of the President, she still thinks he’s really hurt Vivian’s feelings. Cheng Kuan admits it but he rather hurt Vivian now rather than have her be unhappy for a lifetime.

Mom asks him if he really doesn’t like Vivian? Cheng Kuan comes out and announces that he has fallen in love with Luo Si Yi. Mom nods, admitting Si Yi is a very nice girl, but then asks again if he really can’t like Vivian? Cheng Kuan says she is just too different from him. Mom sighs and just wishes for Cheng Kuan to live an easier life going forward. She doesn’t have the heart to watch him have to struggle through life. Being with Vivian is a much easier path. Cheng Kuan sighs and says easier doesn’t equal happiness. Even if he has to work hard, he will be happier.

Mom suggests that if he tries hard to like Vivian, he can have both happiness and success. She asks Cheng Kuan to reconsider and perhaps he’ll change his mind further down the road. As Mom gets out of the car, she tells Cheng Kuan that whatever he decides, she will support him in that decision. After Mom leaves, Cheng Kuan smiles briefly and then takes a deep breath.

Sheng Jun is crashing at Cheng Kuan’s pad since his apartment lost water. Riiiiight. Sheng Jun gets out of the shower and Cheng Kuan bitches at him for shaving his legs and using his face towel to wipe. OCD Cheng Kuan chases Sheng Jun around the house trying to whack him with the towel. The two guys sit down for breakfast and Cheng Kuan notices that Sheng Jun is borrowing his limited edition t-shirt. Sheng Jun volunteers the info that he’s also wearing Cheng Kuan’s underwear, and if Cheng Kuan has issues with it, he’ll go commando. Okay, is there some alternate universe version of MR where Cheng Kuan and Sheng Jun are the OTP that I’m not aware of. Because I need to watch that.

Cheng Kuan mentions that he’s headed to a job interview and one of his requirements is that the new company will hire Sheng Jun as well. He also plans on taking Si Yi with him. First he’ll get everything set up and then he’ll come back for her. Cheng Kuan drinks his milk and toasts Sheng Jun. OMG, they are adorable.

President Jiang calls Yi Chun out for a talk. Yi Chun has heard that Cheng Kuan is leaving Guang Qiang but the President says that’s not final yet. The President asks Yi Chun to sign a long term contract with Guang Qiang. Yi Chun agrees in exchange for the company keeping Si Yi onboard. He then asks that Si Yi be made his own personal secretary, revealing that she’s very important to him.

Si Yi is at work and finds out that there is an appeals process with the government bid so not all is lost. She’s hopeful that Cheng Kuan won’t have to resign anymore.

Cheng Kuan arrives at his interview and is stunned to see President Jiang sit down. The President asks if his wings are hard now so he wants to fly away? A company’s main asset is its talent, so the President won’t just sit back and watch his prime talent fly away just like that. Cheng Kuan claims he’s taking responsibility for the failed bid, which the President calls bullshit because the bid can be appealed. The President once again brings up all he’s done for Cheng Kuan and now Cheng Kuan needs to stay and help him. Cheng Kuan thanks him but asks the President to respect his career decision. The President knows its because of Luo Si Yi, because Cheng Kuan doesn’t want to marry Vivian. The President asks Cheng Kuan to think carefully before throwing a career away for love.

The President was young once and in love before. He’s been there, done that. People in love make rash decisions that they later come to regret. Cheng Kuan says his decision came after much deliberation. The President asks if Cheng Kuan really has no feelings for Vivian since they grew up together. She might be spoiled but this time she’s willing to change for him. Cheng Kuan says in shock that he doesn’t think Vivian likes him. The President counters that he knows his own daughter and Vivian really likes Cheng Kuan. Si Yi is someone’s daughter, just like Vivian is his daughter. He doesn’t want to see her cry and unhappy.

The President just wants him to give Vivian one more chance, to date for a period of time. If Vivian doesn’t change and Cheng Kuan wants out, then the President will respect that decision. Cheng Kuan thinks Vivian changing is a good thing, but he really doesn’t love her. The President changes tacks and asks just that Cheng Kuan stay and help him at work. He wants Cheng Kuan to think about this for a bit more time, during which he have a serious conversation with Vivian first, before making his decision. The President says this is his plea to Cheng Kuan and to please do it.

Ting Ai counsels Vivian on how to keep Cheng Kuan, suggesting that taking a step back is her only chance to go forward. Vivian needs to attack Cheng Kuan’s weakness, which is that he’s cold on the outside but a softy inside. Vivian needs to act like a victim, like a poor wounded hurt girl, and he’ll feel bad and come back to her. If she keeps pushing him, he’ll keep turning towards Luo Si Yi. Ting Ai reminds her that love is like a show that requires great acting.

Vivian informs her dad that she’s agreeing to end the engagement with Cheng Kuan. Her dad is worried about this decision but she’s sure it’s her only way. She wants to use her own ability to win back Cheng Kuan’s heart. Her dad is shocked at how much she appears to love Cheng Kuan. Vivian says this engagement doesn’t mean anything to him, so ending it will win his trust first. Her dad doesn’t agree since it’s too risky but Vivian insists. She vows that she will get Cheng Kuan to willingly come back to her side.

Vivian calls Cheng Kuan out and apologizes for all her bad behavior towards him all these years. She knows he’s probably so cooped up he can’t breath. That is why with someone like Luo Si Yi, who always does what he wants, he likes that kind of woman. Vivian says it’s all her fault but Cheng Kuan tells her its not her fault. They are just too different and she doesn’t need to change for him. Vivian didn’t realize how much he meant to her until he was willing to throw it all away for Luo Si Yi, that is when she realized how much she liked him. She then uses the guilt trip and tells him to stay at the company and keep assisting her dad.

Cheng Kuan points out that feelings cannot be forced. Vivian cries pretty tears and says she still has feelings for Cheng Kuan. Vivian tells him that he’s free now, he won’t need to marry her anymore. Cheng Kuan stares at Vivian and looks really torn, telling her with all sincerity that had they communicated like this from the very beginning, then things wouldn’t have gotten to this point.

Cheng Kuan walks close to Vivian and tells her that she will meet someone more suited for her. Vivian grabs his hand and cries but he pulls her hand away. He walks away and Vivian stands there sobbing. She smiles and promises to change herself so that he will fall in love with her.

Si Yi and Sheng Jun are at Xiao Ke’s coffee shop, and Sheng Jun teases that he’ll be out of a job soon and Xiao Ke offers him a job at her café. Cheng Kuan arrives and informs everyone that he’s a free man, Vivian agreed to end their engagement. Everyone congratulates Cheng Kuan on finally being free.

Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke walk away and head outside. Sheng Jun can tell Xiao Ke is very swamped at work and he offers to come tomorrow and help her out as well. She smiles and nods.

Cheng Kuan turns to Si Yi and asks what her answer to his earlier hypothetical would be now that it’s not a hypothetical anymore? Cheng Kuan says if they are headed towards one direction, shouldn’t they start with dating? Si Yi confirms it’s a date with just the two of them, and then she smiles and nods.

Cheng Kuan walks Si Yi home and runs into Daddy Luo outside. He warns Cheng Kuan to stay away from Si Yi so Cheng Kuan quickly explains that he’s not committed to another girl anymore and is a free man. Cheng Kuan hesitantly asks Dad’s permission to take Si Yi out on a date tomorrow.

Daddy Luo drags Cheng Kuan out to drink and grill him. Cheng Kuan asks permission from Daddy Luo to date Si Yi, promising to take good care of her. Dad likes Cheng Kuan’s gutsiness and approves. He hilariously insists that Cheng Kuan resembles a younger version of him.

Daddy Luo gets drunk and Cheng Kuan piggybacks him home, smiling along the way.

The next morning, Si Qi and Momma Luo wake Si Yi up to dress her for her date with Cheng Kuan. Si Yi is freaked out (her scream of abject horror was priceless) when she sees what crazy outfits they have in mind, including one where she is dressed like Sailor Moon.

Cheng Kuan arrives riding a motorcycle and everyone walks out to greet him and coo over his cool ride. Si Yi walks out wearing a pretty dress but it’s completely ill-suited to ride a motorcycle. She goes back to change and comes out in matching leather jacket, shorts, and cute riding boots.

She gets on the back of the motorcycle and Cheng Kuan pulls her arms tighter around his waist. Mom and Si Qi approve of this skinship.

Cheng Kuan takes Si Yi out to the countryside and they stop by the side of a remote road where a bunch of other bikers ride up. Everyone greets Cheng Kuan warmly.

A biker asks Cheng Kuan for a rematch and he agrees, which ends up being a race riding tiny bikes. During the race, the other guy’s sexy girlfriend cheers her guy on, and Si Yi undoes her leather jacket and tries to sex herself up before cheering on Cheng Kuan loudly. Finally! Show some spirit for your man! Cheng Kuan wins and the other couple insist that Si Yi has to kiss him because its tradition.

Si Yi kisses Cheng Kuan’s cheek and the other couple chants for her to kiss the other cheek. Si Yi kisses his other cheek which is when Cheng Kuan turns his head at the last moment and steals a lip kiss from her. Woo hoot! After the kiss ends Cheng Kuan lets out a whoop at getting his way.

The date moves to town with Si Yi and Cheng Kuan browsing the stores. Si Yi asks about the kissing tradition and Cheng Kuan reluctantly confesses that it wasn’t a tradition until now, and will become a tradition henceforth. Si Yi chases after him to bonk him on the head for taking advantage of her. They take a leisurely bike ride around the rice fields and end up watching the gorgeous afternoon sun. Cheng Kuan confesses that he’s never enjoyed such a relaxed time off before and appreciated the view.

Si Yi encourages Cheng Kuan to start now and enjoy life more. Cheng Kuan turns around and tells Si Yi that she’s the most beautiful scenery he’s ever seen. Awwwwww.


Miss Rose Episode 14 Recap — 14 Comments

  1. Thank you Miss Okoala , I’ve been waiting for this recap seems for ever 🙁
    Checking everyday if it’s been sub!? And everyday ….:(
    So your recaps are long waited and well received 🙂
    Thank you again

  2. Yeah, agree with you Ms. Koalas, the drama will separate the OTP for whatever reason. I have a gut feeling that It’s most likely to have SY sacrifices. She would be the one to initiate the separation for CK’s happiness. So I guess enjoy what we have seen right now as within the next few weeks maybe sad times of the OTP. :o)

  3. Yes, I agree. Miss Rose is like comfort food—that go to dish that isn’t fancy but always makes you feel warm on the inside and better about life. Thanks for the recap, Madame Koala. It looks like it may be awhile for me to get the subbed version of this because dramafever has been affected by the disaster that Hurricane turned out to be on the east coast of the U.S., and I am not complaining because so many people are suffering so much. Still, your recap was like a breath of fresh air and good news in light of all the tragedy and the strife that comes with the final days of a presidential campaign.
    Finally, some screen time for Sheng Jun and Xiao Ke! And that alternative universe where Sheng Jun and Chen Kuan are the OTP?!?! I would definitely watch that. I am not surprised at how smart Ting Ai is because all the while she was stealing Xiao Ke’s man, her comments to SI Yi about butting out were spot on. She could knew that Si Yi really could not say anything to her about her relationship when it was so clear that Chen Kuan was turning to Si Yi and choosing her over Vivian. She is absolutely correct that Vivian’s temper tantrums are exactly the WRONG way to get Chen Kuan back. When I read the whole scene with her tears, I felt a weight in my stomach. Vivian is also not dumb, she is not letting go of this dream of hers that Chen Kuan will always be by her side. Before, I think it was all about pride; now I am wondering if she really realizes what she has lost. I hope we get some more happy before the angst. I also hope that they keep the OTP together to fight together as opposed to fighting separately only to have them come together in the last five minutes of the last episode. I so hate that.

    • Yeah, it would be nice if they have the OTP together fighting for any obstacles to come. Let hope for the best and I do too want to see more happiness before the angst.

  4. Great recap! I can’t wait to watch this episode! Si Yi and Cheng Kuan are just so adorable. Plus, we get a teensy bit more of Xiao Ke and Sheng Jun. Next episode better move them forward a bit. Or else.

  5. Thank you Koala. I have been checking your website for recap everyday (actually a few times per day)and dramafever for the subbed episode as well. Love Miss Rose.

  6. Oh the angst! reminds me of my high school years studying German. “Ich habe, du haßt, er/sie/es hat Angst…” Indeed, I am afraid of what’s coming next. u.u

  7. Gosh was wondering when the recap would come. Thank you so much. I remember watching in on Monday and gushing all over the place. It was embarrassing. But how cute was the dad and basically need to stop saying ” how cute, how cute!!!”

  8. Thanks for the recap.
    I finally saw this subbed today, and I giggled and smiled and LOL’d (at everything Sheng Jun said and did)
    Love the SY’s father and mother with CK the most.
    Don’t HATE V’s dad yet, but really, when will the man learn to cut his losses? If he will let CK work for him without V, that would be fine, right? Just let the engagement go already!!!

    Vivian? I guess I feel something like sorry for her, but it only lasts a millesecond…Find another man. I would suggest YC, but he is too nice for her.

  9. Roy’s mom really frustrates me when she said, “I don’t think the two conflict with one another. You can nurture love. If you can try to fall for Vivian, you can have both success and happiness.”
    Roy and that rich girl were together since they were children and both studied in America. It’s obvious that Roy has to break this relationship, because it won’t go any further. Moreover, he wouldn’t be able to achieve success either, because everything has been given to him. Yeah he’s intelligent and smart, but it was the CEO that supported and protected him. I bet he didn’t experience any difficult obstacles, just the rich girl’s tantrums. lol
    (sorry for my babbling. I just really wanna share my thoughts as I watch…)

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