The Cast of IRIS 2 Attend Movie Premiere to Support Cast Member

I’m still interested in IRIS 2 because of the cast and the entire production history. Despite not feeling the love or IRIS, it was indeed an impressive production and the cast had great chemistry. It was the twists and turns and made it too convoluted for me, and without much logical foundation. To date the cast of Athena: Goddess of War is one of my most favorite casts ever assembled but sadly that inversely meant they got the stupidest story on the planet. In episode 2 when Jung Woo Sung and Su Ae was in Italy and had that 30 minute kick ass action sequence, only to have it turn out to be a dream, I almost spit up blood and started hurling invectives at the screen. Is it really that hard to write an action drama? Perhaps in the K-drama world it’s hard because of the need to also throw in a K-drama type of love story as well as some sad sack backstory for the characters. That just weighs down the action and creates baggage for the characters to lug around when really we just want them to blow things up and then kiss prettily against a glorious backdrop. Here’s to hoping we get lots of that in IRIS 2. The cast finished up filming in Prague and has moved to Cambodia now. In between they were back in Korea and attended a movie premiere to support their fellow IRIS 2 cast member Yoon Doo Joon. They look like they’ve really bonding having filmed abroad and that bodes really well for onscreen chemistry. Everyone looks great but I don’t know why Lee Bum Soo is wearing a blanket as a coat. He’s not exactly the tallest actor around, though his onscreen presence PWNS guys a foot taller who can’t act, but he needs to wear clothes that are cut better for his body type. I still want Jang Hyuk to grow out his hair, maybe his character will get abducted by bad guys for a few months to grow out his hair. The drama also revealed its first official poster and its decently arranged to artfully present its sprawling cast.


The Cast of IRIS 2 Attend Movie Premiere to Support Cast Member — 7 Comments

  1. Why do I get the feeling Korea is getting really materialistic and shallow. The Korean celebrities must be the most overdressed ones in the whole world. I don’t even see Hollywood stars dress like mannequins selling designer wear.

    • yeah, i totally agree with you. Even when you watch korean dramas, most of the stories evolve around marrying into a family with money. Alice in Chumdaengdong really shows the materialistic side of korea (im not saying that this is true to all) but if writers wrote this kind of drama, there must me some truth to it.
      -Im not hatin, im just pointing out what I observed.

      • Koreans are at the top of their game when it comes to making dramas and films but I have been getting more and more turned off by how shallow it’s all become. I am turning to Mainland Chinese dramas and TW dramas …They don’t seem so looks and clothes obsessed.

  2. I thought it was already winter in Korea, why are the ladies dressed like that? Don’t they feel cold or is it the ‘freeze and shine’ mindset.

    • At least their legs are covered with tights, and OMG one is actually wearing jeans! You usually see them bare-legged with short skirts.

  3. Oh LDH looks more natural in these pictures thank god, I think the botox effect that made her face look creepy during her TW drama finished… soo much better.

    or maybe she understood that smiling too much makes her look creepy with all the botox she put on her face.

    She looks pretty here 😉

  4. An overcoat is supposed to be below the knee so Lee Bum Soo wears it well and Jang Hyuk looks like he’s a giant wearing small clothes.

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