Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 Imploding as Ling Geng Xin is Also Out

This isn’t just a potential train wreck, the pre-filming histrionics is approaching flaming wreckage strewn everywhere levels of destruction for the upcoming Bu Bu Jing Xin 2. Somewhere Yu Zheng must be cackling like a madman, likely getting kicks out of watching his rival Tangren‘s ladyboss Karen Tsai literally turn into a vengeful beyotch and melting down in public. January 2013 came confirmation that Tangren had a script and submitted it for SARFT approval on a modern so-called sequel to BBJX, this one called Startling Love with Each Step. Ladyboss claimed for months that the entire cast was onboard but her assertions started getting chipped away little by little. First came Kevin Cheng (8th Prince) and Yuan Hong (13th Prince) getting cast in the period fantasy drama adaptation of Hua Xu Yin, which started filming and would conflict with BBJX 2’s supposed mid-February filming start date. But ladyboss managed to get Nicky Wu (4th Prince) to say on record that he got a script and was considering it, and Liu Shi Shi also said the same thing (which isn’t surprising since Tangren is her agency), so at least this sucker wasn’t fully derailed yet. This week comes the utter collapse of civility – Lin Geng Xin (14th Prince), who has been putzing around Shanghai not working on any project (lending credence to rumors Tangren is icing him for wanting out of his contract), told reporters at a Guess endorsement event that he hasn’t been invited to join BBJX 2 nor seen a script. Look at him at the event, doesn’t he look absolutely godawful, tired and sad? Poor baby. Ladyboss then went NUCLEAR on his ass, posting via weixin a beyond virtriolic rebuke of his pretty innocuous statements, which then got leaked and posted all over the weibo. This smells and feels like the mudslinging ladyboss did to Yang Mi four years ago when she was trying to land Yang Mi to her agency and work on more of her projects and Yang Mi wasn’t interested. Shortly after ladyboss posted her takedown of Lin Geng Xin, he went on record as saying he was definitely not doing BBJX 2 because he wanted to try out different characters.

The rumors that Ling Geng Xin was being frozen by his agency started late last year . The agency held its end of the year party and even other entertainers from other agencies attended but Lin Geng Xin was conspicuously missing. He was also missing from the official agency picture posted online of all the entertainers as the Drama Awards. Ladyboss frequently chats online with her stars on weibo but recently has not had any interaction with Ling Geng Xin. Word on the street is that he’s frustrated that ladyboss is throwing all her effort and resources into promoting Liu Shi Shi to top star at the detriment of focusing on her other entertainers. So true. He wants out and even has a supposed next agency lined up, Huayi Brothers. What set off this firestorm is a weixin post from ladyboss to only her close friends group on that network bashing Ling Geng Xin’s statements to pieces. She claims in October she sat down with him for coffee and invited him to join BBJX 2. He expressed no interest. He then asked out of his contract, and said he was willing to do BBJX 2 on condition that he was let out of his contract afterwards. Ladyboss claims she has been enduring his lies but if he continues to go down this disloyal and ruthless route he’ll just be digging how own grave. W.O.W. I cannot believe she wrote that in a forum where it could easily be leaked. Obviously ladyboss didn’t agree to his request, but the timing totally fits when she started icing him.

I think its safe to say that BBJX 2 with even a majority of the same cast is definitely not happening. Both Han Dong (9th Prince) and Ye Zhu Xin (10th) are also doing very well in their careers now and I don’t see the need for them to join this project purely to fanservice the viewers. Ladyboss’ approach is also shooting herself in the foot – the BBJX actors are very chummy and close to this day and after her mudslinging of Ling Geng Xin I can’t imagine anyone being happy to work with her again. And for the record, I love Liu Shi Shi but Tangren definitely devotes all their time to her and that’s a fact. Ling Geng Xin was apparently getting interesting projects that ladyboss turned down because she was too busy with other matters (such as producing her now-mostly-crappy dramas) to focus on growing this talented young man’s career. I can’t believe what a circus BBJX 2 is turning into and the cameras haven’t even begun to roll. Take a look at the princely brothers above, that is forever and always the only time these 6 guys will be together.


Bu Bu Jing Xin 2 Imploding as Ling Geng Xin is Also Out — 30 Comments

  1. First (day before): I haven’t received any offers, nor have I seen the script. (Sounds rather hopeless)
    Then (day after): I would definitely not be participating because I want to try something else. (Sounds rather like his own decision)

    ^This sounds contradicting.
    I really do want to believe Xiao Xin, but now he is starting to sound fishy as well. And we all know what kind of bitch Karen is.. so I’m iffy about both sides..

    All I know is that Yumama must be jumping out of her seat right now.

    • Yes, on weixin, then leaked all over weibo. Btw ——–> your comment that Yumama is a “her” made me fall off my chair laughing. I know it was a typo but holy is that some subliminal hilarity!

  2. Oh btw.. didn’t she text her friend through Weixin? So does that count as private or public ranting? I don’t use Weixin, so I don’t know how private the system is..

    • She sent it to a pretty broad group of friends on weixin. I use LINE and my group line chat is pretty public enough. Anyone can leak it. She’s airing dirty laundry for the world to see. Sadly its smearing herself even more in my eyes.

    • Weixin also has this thing called Weixin Social which is similar to Facebook where you can post status and pictures only your weixin friends can see (its more private than Facebook). I am wondering if she posted on weixin social. The screencap above doesn’t look much like it came from a group chat.

  3. Omg. this is ridiculous and I feel bad for Lin Geng Xin.
    Recently I have been watching Bu Bu Jing Xin. I think they should just keep it short and simple. A sequel is unnecessary…seriously

  4. Awww I feel bad for him! As much as I love BBJX maybe the project will fall apart since the majority of the cast won’t be in it… say nicky decline also. Hehehehe

  5. No, I too don’t think that they should even call it a sequel much less produce one with most of the other princes missing. It’s such a great disappointment after all this waiting. What a let down.

  6. What is with this lady and company that they need to be so vengeful against kids? Bully much?
    So let the kid go — are they afraid he’s gonna take down Tangren singlehandedly? It’s almost like the fall out from a one-sided crush.

    Meanwhile, doesn’t she have a company to run?

    I always say the same thing to stars who are getting bad treatment – Come to the States, we will love you forever!!!

    • It’s called a contract. I think in her position, I wld also be furious with him. I know my company’s bosses would do the same as her as they have done with some of my unfaithfull colleagues – frozen out of everything. Boss always say “Give me time and once I am done with this, I will focus on you.” They have to strike it while LSS is hot – she is not all that acting-wise and an actress shelf-life is shorter than an actor. Truth is LSS would soon be left cold as younger and more plastic and similar looking babes take over. Really appareciate LSS becos she is still a sweet and natural looking girl like LYF. Lately, all these actresses with the same type of eyes, nose and chin on chinese dramas are starting to freak me out.

  7. I support Lin Geng Xin. The guy wants to spread his wings and just let him go. Ladyboss wants to control everything. Actors in Asia don’t have much control of their careers, unlike their Hollywood counterparts.

  8. At this point, I really do not want Bu Bu 2 to happen. Just let the story end at the museum and we can each weave our own Bu Bu 2 fantasy. It is okay to make a love drama with Nicky and Shi Shi, but don’t call it Bu Bu 2. I hope Nicky is only considering, and not committed, to the project which looks like a train wreck. He has better things to do. Love all the princes and so happy they are all doing well with their career.

    • No clue. SARFT has refused to grant permission. Tangren needs to fold and change the ending is my opinion, before it will get permission to air.

  9. I might still give the drama a try, only for the reason of seeing LSS and Nicky pair up again.
    I wish they quit calling it BBJX2 when the majority of the original cast is not going to feature in it.

  10. I’ve been following the news about Lin Geng Xin for some time and reading your blog, Ms. Koala, is always a marvel. Creme a la creme!
    This is so out of any sense that LGX is “frozen” with projects and I really wish he could get out of this wistful ladyboss, no matter he or she this creature is. Since I’m a hater of public laundry, it’s already NOT good to see those statements of her to leak out. Pretty on purpose.
    Still I do hope the boy will hit the floor not once. I saw his work in Moscow in May 2010. He came with theater company of young actors from Shanghai. They performed a Chinese play in a quite distinguishing way. Alas, I never knew that time, who LGX was. Yet I took a note of him to myself.

  11. The only reason I wanted this to be a thing was because I really wanted the entire cast back together! Even if it wasn’t any good I would have still watched the hell out of it.

    Can they just all do another drama where they are together and everything is pink and happy?

  12. Although i harbor intense hate towards da B and know for a fact she’s pulling shit out of her behind all the time, LGX is part to blame as well, just because he has one hit role doesn’t cancel the fact he’s a newbie in the industry and you do not bite the hand that feeds you. He is the one signing the 10 year contract in 2010 and this is just a bit more than 2 years, I’m not saying it’s wrong to look for higher grounds but without however little help TR dished out, he would still be an unknown. It is not his place to whine if TR decides to allocate all its resources towards Shishi, she’s their only leading lady, and an even bigger breakout fr BuBu. When did guys start competing for roles with ladies now?! Compared to the treatment of Loverboy, LGX has endorsements with Guess, Converse, IT…and terrific outside projects like DramaGoGoGo and a side character in the upcoming freaken big deal Tsui Hark Det. Dee movie sequel. Even if ink is already dried with his possible next management HuaYi, if anything LB said has an ounce of truth, what does he think he is demanding to get out of the remaining, most possibly very ludicrous contract on TR’s standpoint with the bargain of him being at most a guy2 in this charade? IF they have Nicky and SS on board, he would be a nice addition, but in no way fans of the original who still has any interest in this would not be entertained enough with the original OTP. I sincerely hope Nicky will get the heck out of it while he still can and lets all forget about it and the already big shitstorm of a mess attached.

    I’m taken aback when he replied to fantweets on weibo blatantly calling names such as ‘the dog specie’, or literally namecalling certain someone as dog/bitch. He is still under their management until this is resolved and no boss can tolerate such low tactless blows.

    • I agree with you. I think LGX’s ego went way over his head. If to compare with YH, LGX pretty much had it made with TR. YH been with the company for more then 7 years and didn’t even get as far as LGX. Whereas LGX should be thankful he got where he’s at in sch a short period of time. ShiShi’s also been with the company for many years, and STARTED to get promoted after ONLY after the success of BBJX.

      • And to add, LGX LIED that he was never invited. Ladyboss asked him in October, but he said he wasn’t interested and wanted to terminate his contract.

      • MTE. Both LB and LGX are no innocents. I do think he has guts and drive, he may get far in this industry, but I have no sympathy for him in this fiasco, he did whatever he deemed necessary to get where he want to, but stop preaching being victimized. I think this is the case where LB gets a real match in playing nasty. Look at what LB did to YH, just because he is not keen on RENEWING his contract, with open talks to LB prior, he’s bumped from the lead role Prince4 to 13, ie a role that is at the exact level of the absolute newbie then LGX as 14.

        I’m pretty sure that ‘sequel’ has no cohesive script still, just on the fact of LB claimed so. If we are counting blatant silliest shrillest lies, no one holds a candle to her. YH said he has not received a script and offer to consider in the first place a while back but LB did not jump and lash at him like she did here. Most probably, LB gave LGX an outline and he played it ambiguous just to buy time for his next management deal to take shape.

      • I completely agree with you. I forgot all about these issues, lmao, was definitely siding with ling gen xin until I saw your statement.

  13. I think LGX need to take a lesson or two from his 4th brother (Nicky) on being humble and taking one step at a time. He has the potential and his time will come.

  14. educate me if you have the time please, but im not very familiar with c-ent. why is karen being devoted of lss affect lin gen xin. is karen the only one doing any work at that company? dont they have others to work there, like management teams? if lin gen xi have interesting projects, he can work on it, why is karen’s time or attention is needed? thanks for the lesson

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