Kang Ji Hwan and Insanely Cute Dog Hang Out After Wrapping Incarnation of Money

I think it’s clear by now that while I have favorite actors and actresses (and have MINED an entire male harem in the process), I really am a drama koala by heart. I follow projects and not people. Even my most beloved actors or actresses can’t get me to watch their dramas or movies if it sucks. I was bored out of my mind with cop dorama MONSTERS so dropped it despite Yamapi’s return to adorkable form, Love Actually was so stupid I felt my brain cells dying so dropped it despite Li Yi Feng looking so illegally cute, the less that is said about my beloved Yoo Seung Ho and Yoon Eun Hye in Missing You the better, and most recently there is not enough time in the world for me to waste on the idiotic Gu Family Book despite my unhealthy levels of love for Lee Seung Gi. Just…..no. Same thing is true for Kang Ji Hwan’s recent Incarnation of Money. I loathed the first two episodes, it was really really bad. It was so bad I didn’t have patience to try out any more. I’ve heard that it gets better, and the second half is really when it gets good. But that is a fallacy to me, to ask a viewer to have so much patience to slog through crap before the good stuff arrives. I am happy he did the drama because with the dispute with his last agency I worried he would be blacklisted for the time being. Since wrapping the drama with good reviews on his performance, started dropping pictures of him with his dog Luxury last week with lots of beyond cute pictures. I may not have loved IoM, but I still love Kang Ji Hwan and now also love his precious dog. That tiny thing is too cute to be real.

Can someone help me here. I remember Kang Ji Hwan’s dog being a Shih-tzu by the name of Yi Nok and was a gift for his birthday from Sung Yuri after they did Hong Gil Dong together. But this here dog is most assuredly not a Shih-tzu. Did he get a new dog? Where is Yi Nok?


Kang Ji Hwan and Insanely Cute Dog Hang Out After Wrapping Incarnation of Money — 17 Comments

    • i agree, Ms. Koala. it may have started a little slow but it really does get better. and being a KJH fan, its an awful shame for you to miss his performance on this one. And i don’t think you have to wait until the 2nd half before it gets good — maybe just a couple of episodes.

      Slight spoiler though — whats-her-name leading lady (not a slight on the actress, just really can’t remember her name) can get slightly annoying at times. But watching it was a treat for me. There was a lot of episodes that was just packed with so much stuff, i find myself catching my breath by the end of it.

  1. I can’t decide what’s funnier, that he dresses up his dog in cutesy stuff like a little girl would or that he calls her Luxury…just imagine giving him/her commands…stay luxury!, catch luxury!, come luxury!

  2. Ms. Koala – have you been watching Global We Got Married? Am curious to hear your witty comments on the show….

    • Right! How come I haven’t seen anyone commenting on that? Maybe it’s obscure but wow, I watched Ep 6 last night and there was so much cute that I thought my TV would explode. 🙂 They paird these couples well. It really got good at ep 5&6. They all got so shy when having to get closer for their photoshoots. It was very sweet.

  3. Ms. Koala, I couldn’t watch IofM either because it looked dry and my beloved KJH had such bad hair! Heeheehee. I was so excited to look forward to another of his projects but I had to skip it. It wasn’t really the hair – I do believe he’s talented and can handle a melo drama, but I can’t watch him without his sillyness and playful side. Sooo sad to miss endless hours of JiHwan. 🙁

    • Girl, you have to give IoM a second chance!!! It’s actually one of his best projects so far, in my opinion. He gets silly in it too, don’t worry! Just slog through the first couple of episodes. It’s slow because it’s about the back story. Once you’re back in the present time with the grown up characters, it’s smooth sailing and a fantastic roller coaster ride. This drama was better than all of his previous dramas besides Be Strong, Geum Soon. That’s how highly I’d rate it. The screenwriting is top-notch, as is his co-star. And I actually think his co-star in IoM is the best match he’s ever met in any of his dramas or films. She’s the only one so far who has the comedic chops and acting ability to match his. They have really great chemistry in this drama. So please give it a second chance! I’ve found that his co-stars were always less interesting and had less acting ability than he, even including Lie To Me. If you don’t watch it, you’ll miss a ton of great scenes of them together, and he has some hilarious moments too, some that will go in the hall of Great Comic Moments in Drama History 🙂

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