Miss Korea with Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Seon Kyun Releases Gorgeous First Teaser Preview

As if making up for a lackluster Fall K-drama season, this week has been a veritable buffet of great upcoming drama promotional materials. Leading the pack is Prime Minister and I airing on Mon-Tues on KBS which released a long preview that put a turbo boost on excitement and got everyone doing happy feet dances of anticipation. This might be a one-two punch of shitty drama-followed by-awesome drama in more than just Prime Minister and I following Marry Him If You Dare, over at MBC Wed-Thurs the upcoming period beauty pageant drama Miss Korea released its first teaser trailer and I was bowled over. Holy sheez does this look good. It’s just filmed so wonderfully that if the drama itself even has an ounce of this flair then I’m so onboard. This drama follows the anemic Medical Top Team which is why I said there might be more than one redemption in the works. Starring Lee Seon Kyun, Lee Yeon Hee, Lee Sung Min, Lee Ki Woo, and Lee Mi Sook, the drama is set in 1997 and revolves around a bunch of guys in a failing cosmetic business who try to transform their former high school queen bee into the next Miss Korea. The teaser shows the drop-dead gorgeous Lee Yeon Hee being driven to the pageant, and as she gets out of the car the camera follows her with everyone she encounters in the drama and then freeze-frames for a moment on that other character. When she enters the pageant Lee Seon Kyun immediately grabs her hand and off they go. They pass Lee Sung Min fighting with another dude, her no-nonsense handler, then another beauty pageant contestant following by queen maker Lee Mi Sook, then she’s stopped by Lee Ki Woo, before finally Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Seon Kyun take a deep breath and then walk through the door into the world of this drama. I’m so in love with the color tones of this preview and coming from the Pasta team I have high hopes that Lee Yeon Hee can rise up to the challenge of what looks like a fresh and intriguing story.

First teaser for Miss Korea:

[youtube id=”PTBO-oOcK9w” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Miss Korea with Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Seon Kyun Releases Gorgeous First Teaser Preview — 18 Comments

  1. Finally….a Mr Voice production that i could dig my nails into after Paju. I had to skip his last drama cause i had an aversion to Hwang Jung Eum. :S

  2. Nice first teaser. The plot seems refreshing. The color of the drama looks good too.. LOL. Lee Yeon hee dress is gorgeous

    I can’t believe I’m anticipating Yeon hee’s and Yoon’s dramas. No offense to both actresses but they are not my favorites. Anyway, the two dramas seems to be a good choice in kdrama land atm

    • SM is trying to show they can actually make high quality dramas, so they pair their IT actresses (Yoona and Lee Yeon Hee) with great older actors (Lee Beom Soo and Lee Seon Kyun)so in case they underperform their partners can cover for them . It`s a good idea but based on the previews it lokks like Yoona and Lee Yeon Hee won`t need it.

  3. This looks so damn good! LYH looks stunning, even if I’m not a fan of her acting. Super excited for this. There’s no competition in the wed-thu slot too, and I think this could be another unexpected success like Secret. Or maybe not… but I’m really looking forward to it either way.

    • There is huge competition in the Wed-Thurs slot actually. You From Another Star with Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun over at SBS.

      • Oh yea… But that one premieres a week after this (although I did hear they may move it to 18). If that doesn’t push though, MK gets a head start just like secret did against heirs and MTT. But you’re right; if it doesn’t grab the audience initially, then it would be a two-way competition. Pretty man is going nowhere in ratings – that’s for sure.

  4. The trailer it’s cool, kinda reminds me of Cinderella. The godmother, the helpers, from elevator girl to Beauty Queen, in the middle of the night, running up the stairs.
    I don’t know if I’m right but the trailer meant for me the Journey she has to get through to become Miss Korea. Maybe in the end she won’t win. But all the things she had to pass and the transition she made will be the Grand Prize.

    Oh! And Lee Mi Seok, when I grow up I wanna be a sexy ahjumma just like her.

  5. Lee Mi Sook’s talent was so wasted in her previous role. Blame it on the family genre with all its usual tropes including hateful mother figures, when this actress oozes with charisma and strength. A villain character is okay as long as the story and its arc are consistent, which was definitely not so in You’re the best Lee Soon-Shin. Just failing logic.

    Btw, Mrs Koala and on a complete sidenote, have you by chance checked Lee Ji-Ah in her ongoing drama? The story looks too far-fetched to my liking but she seems convincing in her role though having little chemistry with her male leads, from the stills alone.

  6. Nice trailer.. both Wed-Thurs dramas (this one and YFAS) looks awesome. At least I have these two to look forward to in the new season, currently I’m following only one that’s ending this year.

  7. Yess I love it! Saw it a few days ago, I was actually kinda surprised it wasn’t getting much attention in the Kdrama blogsphere.

    I know a lot of people found it boring but I LOVED Pasta. One of the few dramas I’ve watched a second time. And I love me some Lee Seon-kyun! I’m just really existed for this heh ^^ I just hope Lee Yeon-hee finally proves us wrong

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