Miss Korea Drops Eye-catching Drama Poster and More Interesting Stills

I continue to love the drama work product out of the upcoming MBC Wed-Thurs drama Miss Korea. To be honest, months earlier when I heard this drama was being prepped I was already inclined towards it. As a kid I enjoyed watching beauty pageants because it was always a spectacle and a family watching event. Nowadays its more a side show and has-been what with all the other entertainment available, but in the 80’s and 90’s these things were big. And beauty pageants were taken seriously and there was less homogeneity or fear of being politically incorrectly when judging a contestant on her beauty. Oh the debates over whether Ms. ________ deserved the crown or Ms. ________ was totally robbed because she was so glorious she made the sun pale in comparison. Heh, something like that was amusing for a kid, who of course grew up to understand that beauty is within and pageants are the bad patriarchal institutions that need to be done away with. But for the sake of drama narrative, I think Miss Korea has all the ingredients to be fun and incisive, to tell this story as well as make a few insightful digs about beauty and fame and fortune along the way.

I loved the first teaser trailer and now the first official drama posted has been released and I’m just as impressed with how captivating it looks. None of that putting the four leads in one frame and have them look at the camera and then photo shop in a backdrop. In this poster, Lee Yeon Heeย is aspiring Miss Korea contestant Oh Ji Young who is dressed for the evening gown competition and already rocking a tiara. Lee Seon Kyunย is Kim Hyung Joon, the man responsible for the brilliant idea to turn their high school queen bee into Miss Korea, and in the poster he’s doing her nails with a paint brush. Lee Sung Min plays a gangster ahjusshi who joins forces with Team Miss Korea but he’s not exactly the smoothest guy around, so his idea of fixing Ji Young’s shoes is to use a welding torch. And finally Song Seong Mi plays a director at the failing cosmetics company owned by Hyung Joon and she’ll be the no-nonsense handler for Ji Young as she navigates the treacherous waters of the beauty contestant world. This poster is beautiful and tells the audience a bit about what to expect from the drama. Check out some more new stills below and we should be getting more previews soon since the drama premieres next week and goes head-to-head with You From Another Star with Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun.


Miss Korea Drops Eye-catching Drama Poster and More Interesting Stills — 19 Comments

  1. Wow, I love this. So tongue in cheek.

    Btw, are you still following Empress Ki? I thought it took a real downturn in the past few episodes.

    • OMG, my thoughts exactly about EK. The last 4 episodes were just mehhhhhh. Today’s picked up though but if I hear TH whining, bleeting like a sheep, and hollering for “Seung Nyang! Nyang-yi-ah!” one more time I…..*shakes fists*

      • TH is single-handedly ruining this drama intensity. Every time he shows up to whine and complain and moon over SN, I want want to smack him and tell him to grow the fuck up and go do something productive. Doesn’t he have a country to run and a father to avenge? Anything he can do with his time is better than moping over SN. THE WORST second male fixation EVER.

      • Th and Sn interactions make the show. Idk how the sn and wy shipper can even logically defend their ship. They barely had any interactions, so idk how sn can pine for him, almost zero love scenes but they are already acting like a tragic couple in a Shakespeare play. I think u all forgotten that th is really young, like in his late teens and early 20s. I would feel a little secure, if the only person who genuinely cared for me at a time may leave me. Th had no loyal support growing up, death was at every corner. Sn and wy had supporting people their entire life. Th is growing steadily, I like his growth. Wy is basically the same throughout the entire show, he had no personal growth. He was made to be almost perfect.

      • *sigh* My thought exactly. Those drama kings are sure living the life: they have a country to rule and common folk sufferings to worry about, but they spend their days pinning over a girl. You know, with that position comes high responsibilities, and if you can’t handle it like a true royal, I can’t root for you.
        I’m also looking at you King Hwon of Moon/Sun and Sukjong of Jang Ok Jung. One thing that also bugs my about these kings (Ta Hwan included) is how horribly they treat the other women in their lives. I know they don,t love their queens, but it’s not the girl’s fault if she was born as your enemy’s daughter. Grow some balls and fight your enemy instead of venting your anger on your queen (who has feelings too). Ok rant over

      • Feelings or not, im cant believe u are defending her. She has evil ambitions and was trying to kill Lady park baby. Its not th fault he was forced to marry her. You cant force love

      • @rina

        I think TH and SN are the OTP because of all the scenes that occurred. Most of them are what the OTP of the other dramas has gone through. I wouldn’t say that TH is forcing love down SN throat. He is interested and is wooing her but I wouldn’t say he is being conniving and using backhand tricks to try to win her affections. I think koala went a little overboard probably hit some nerves, including myself when she is stating that TH is “ruining this show intensity” and is “the worse second male fixation ever.” I and perhaps many other believe in the contrary. I think he is stealing this show. He is giving this show some unexplained energy and crack, something I haven’t witnessed in similar dramas like this. Sometimes I feel like WY is more of an appa rather than a oppa to SN. It is the same with Th and Sn(being omma) but I’m sure this show will change that relationship in time for Th and Sn since I believe that his character is the only one going through dramatic growth.

    • @ rina YES. i enjoyed empress ki while watching but ever since seung nyang entered the palace it’s sort of went downhill. I miss the badass arrow shooting fighting ninja that seung nyang was whenever she was out on her own. Now it’s sort of the same stuff over and over again with TH whining about SN. Granted, some of the interactions between seung nyang and TH are silly and cute, i’ll admit. And i’ll assume that SN/TH shippers are really enjoying the show still, but i’m still on the SN/WY. Limited screen time has nothing to do with why you do or don’t ship a couple — but it’s the foundation that they’ve built in their relationship. SN/TH are cute, but i could only ever see her baby sitting him the rest of her life. Maybe down the road he’d grow some balls because of her. But that’s why the more compelling pairing to me has always been the two that were on equal footing and transcends distance — that’s WY and SN.

  2. How can u not love th in ep 13 when th was helping sn cope with wy supposed death? He made her smile, got her to eat by making her his food taster, and he was super attentive to her. He is growing to care for people besides himself

    • I’m replying to your comment above. I’m not defending Tanashiri’s actions. It was inexcusable and nowhere did I said that it was acceptable. Yes, from the 3 queens, she is the most evil. I’m not denying that.
      What I said was a general statement about how those kings are venting their anger on the wrong target. Their marriage was a political one, but as a king it is the norm and not the exception. It’s normal to unhappy, but sometimes their coldness felt unjustified. This applies more to Hwon And Sukjong; I understand Ta Hwan’s anger toward Tanashiri. But if he treated her like with at least a bit more care in their daily interaction, maybe she would have been a bit less bitter about everything. I’m not saying that she won,t do any of the evil things she is doing, but her feeling of anger and hurt is understandable (her actions are not) given how her husband treats her.

      • What u are saying makes sense. If the kings would treat their women with respect and common sense courtesy perhaps their would be less evil deeds happening in the palace. Th neglected Ts but I dont think he was ever furious at her because she was his enemy daughter. her laugh at when she first met him turned him off haha

    • Me too. But I’ll check both. You never know ๐Ÿ˜‰
      One reason could be that I expected the same sizzling vibes from “The Thieves” in short trailers of YFAS, which I didn’t get (yet?)
      On-topic: I looooove the offical drama poster of Miss Korea. It’s so nice done. The picture is already starting to tell the story. Like a stage scenery filled with life and ready to be played.

  3. This is about Miss Korea, BUT, just find Empress Ki soooo entertaining, all the characters soooo intriguing, and all the actors soooo wonderful. It’s like Heirs, that’s entertainment…

    • It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Sorry, and it’s not meant to be mean or anything. But I don’t get it. Do you really compare Empress Ki with Heirs? At the same level? Really??? Why?
      I mean, sure, EK has still a long time ahead to fail, but Heirs for sure has! It never lived up to its expectations. The cast is pretty and enjoyable – that’s it! sadly…

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