I Need Romance 3 Holds Press Conference and Readies for Premiere Next Monday

Is the third time a charm for the I Need Romance franchise? I sure hope so and we’ll find out when I Need Romance 3 premieres next Monday on tvN. The cast attended a press conference today where I think leading lady Kim So Yeon‘s entire sartorial concept was “Go wow them!”. She showed up in a red off-the-shoulder Herve Leger that was bandaged around her exquisite figure, managing to look stunning without being slutty. The entire look would have been perfect had her hair not been so drably pulled back. Looking at her va-va-voom style, no one is going to wonder how an older woman like her character in the drama can attract the attention of a hot namja in the start of his prime like Sung Joon. I thought the entire cast was nicely decked out with personal style that was entertaining and attractive. Sung Joon can get away with his embroidered lapel suit because it fits his tall frame perfectly and he’s young enough to pull off those cute words. His curly hair is also kinda cute and I dig it. I’m getting from all the previews that this really isn’t a love triangle including Namgong Min who appears to just be the standard second male lead. I could be wrong, but for once in the INR franchise the younger newer guy might just be the lead and get the girl. The supporting cast in addition to the three leads includes Wang Ji Won, Park Hyo Joo, Yoon Seung Ah, and Park Yoo Hwan, with the latter three forming the central friendship circle with Kim So Yeon while Wang Ji Won plays her rival at work and love. This drama comes from the same PD-screenwriter duo that helmed the first two installments in the franchise so expect lots of snazzy visuals and hot making out scenes. Kim So Yeon revealed she already filmed a kiss scene with Sung Joon but not yet a bed scene though if and when it comes she promises to give it her all and make it sizzling. Amen to that! Check out the press conference stills as well as the latest two new trailers for the drama.

I Need Romance 3:

[youtube id=”q8w3SOo_B2w” w=”625″ h=”445″]

[youtube id=”OpIe7_MuO4c” w=”625″ h=”445″]


I Need Romance 3 Holds Press Conference and Readies for Premiere Next Monday — 14 Comments

  1. OMYGAH… That last pic!

    Why is my Sung Joon giggling like that?! Is it because of what Noona KSY said re: doing their best IF there’s a love scene?


    They’re so cute! I might be (finally) roped into watching INR because of them.

  2. Man, KSY is smokin’. ‘Nuff said.

    I’m also digging the grey dress on the lady (sorry don’t know her name), very assymetrical and reminiscent of Helmut Lang. I just wished she styled herself a lot better, though.

  3. Ok… so I don’t know what their names are but; the guy with checkered suit and the lady in black… HOMG fashion fail at its worst! They both look like complete hobos and its so bad… Back to drama – looking forward to this. I actually haven’t seen KSY in anything since Prosecutor so I’m excited. She look like she’s lost so much weight in these shots, and she was already so skinny to begin with. I hope this is good – the chemistry seems evident.

  4. I think they are all rocking their outfits… I can’t believe I am liking a curly hairstyle on a guy. Sung Joon is pulling it off really well.

  5. Seriously through, why dose Jung Sung always have to look odd wearing suits! Dude! Get a new stylist. I still can’t clear my head from the puzzle he wore during GFB press conference or the MAMA awards! This one is much better but what’s with the Love. punk! Chebal give the guy proper and classic suits to wear! I’m not a fan but I can’t tolerate the awful fashion sense!

    Okay I’m back to sleep! I think I’m having a nightmare now.

  6. Wow! I see tallness and hotness.

    In Gourmet, they dressed KSY in very tight and fashionable clothes, too. She had to play a sort of cold (to Kim Rae Won, anyway) beauty.
    Somehow despite her small stature, she conveys strength.

    I liked INR I, I loved INR II. I have hopes for the kisses, but worried about the forced separation of the OTP.

  7. Kim So Yeon looks so beautiful! I’m so excited to see her in this drama!

    I think she’d look even better with a loose and wavy hairstyle (NOT the dreaded PERM). The simple straight hair is a bit underwhelming.

    Usually in the “I Need Romance” dramas the heroine always ends up with the lead actor. Since Sung Joon is clearly the lead actor here I’m sure they’re endgame.

    Can’t wait for Monday!

  8. Sung Joon is HOTTY HOT HOT. Omo. I’m kinda dying for this lead pairing right now. I can already feel the chemistry and the show hasn’t even started yet.

  9. Namgoong Min must be amazingly short; he’s barely taller than the ladies and that is with some heavy-duty lifts in those boots.

  10. i saw the long preview and it was good..i just hope there are many kiss scene between kim so yeon and sung joon soon..they look good together!

  11. Another Noona and Donsaeng romance…I am in it! 🙂 I like the first “I Need Romance” instead of the second one. More hot and cute…at least in my opinion…hopefully the third one like the first….

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