Black & White Movie Sequel Holds Media Day Event and Releases Intriguing Stills

Time really does lessen the bite of resentment and I’m ready to move on since its been four years since Black & White the drama followed by the awards debacle ending in a movie version with the Black part of the police duo not involved. I was way more invested in the story of Pi Zi (Chen Zai Tian) played by Vic Zhou over the story of Yin Xiong played by Mark Chao. I loved both guys in the drama and their bromance was awesome, but in terms of more story to tell it was all about Pi Zi so with the first movie being a prequel and only Mark coming back I elected to pass on it. The second movie is now in the works and was always planned with Director Tsai saying he was doing a movie trilogy. The first B&W movie was a prequel from Yin Xiong’s early cop days before he was sent to the Southern District and later paired with the Northern District loser hotshot Pi Zi.┬áDrama leading lady Ivy Chen was supposed to have a cameo but her brief scene was cut from the movie to trim the running time while the leading lady is young and popular Angelababy. I doubt Yin Xiong tupped her against the wall the way he and Sonia Sui incinerated the small screen in B&W.

The second movie will follow a more bromance partners concept with Mark’s character now paired up his his real life good buddy Lin Geng Xin who plays a criminal mind specialist from the Eastern District. The movie will once again be filmed in the Southern port city of Kaohsiung which was a phenomenal backdrop to the drama and really a character in and of itself. The movie will wrap filming in the early part of 2014 and slated for a Summer release the same year. The cast attended a media event and opened the set up to reporters last week though Lin Geng Xin was in China and couldn’t attend. Present was Mark, returning drama cast members Janine Chang and Xiu Je Kai, and new fresh-faced addition of C-actress Gu Li Na Zha. I’m thrilled Janine and Xiu Je Kai are back since I loved their characters in the drama though it might be a little odd for exes Mark and Janine to film together again. But based on the media event interactions between them things are kosher and cool which is a relief. I’m actually looking forward to this second movie again especially to see what hilarity will ensue with hot-headed Yin Xiong paired with new bumbking sidekick Lin Geng Xin’s book-smart but street-stupid character.


Black & White Movie Sequel Holds Media Day Event and Releases Intriguing Stills — 9 Comments

  1. I watched the B&W movie. I don’t remember much but I did FF a lot.
    Lots of things blowing up?

    I liked the “Pirate” movie better – Detective Dee.

    I will watch this one because my boyfriends will want me to, MC and LGX, that is.

  2. Why do they keep changing the main? I didn’t get to watch the first movie though and was totally disappointed when they totally cut away Ivy’s fight scene which in my opinion was really cool! Li Gengxin is ok but I wished they were slightly more consistent.. and what a shock to see Christopher Lee here! Singapore <3 haha

  3. Why is LGX so cute? I’m just gonna watch this for Lin Geng Xin. I did felt resentment that Vic didn’t win the acting award but black&white is undeniably a good drama. I’ve no issue with Mark but I’m pretty indifferent and don’t really care much about him after the whole award fiasco. He’s still a pretty good actor though.

    I’ve watched the first movie and was pissed off that Ivy Chen got cut. But I still watch it for Huang bo (After watching his awesome MCing in golden awards and cute appearance on Kang Xi Lai Le) and thought it was alright, not as fantastic as the drama version.

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