Full Sun Holds Press Conference and Releases Long 6-minute Intense Trailer

I was a little disappointed that KBS decided to take a week off between Prime Minister and I ending and the premiere of Full Sun (Beyond the Clouds) since I was ready to roll right into another drama routine. Of course that’s assuming Full Sun is actually good or that I’ll like it, but I’m saying a itty bitty little prayer that the drama will both be good and I’ll like it. What I’m really hoping for is another Nice Guy (The Innocent Man) experience, a drama that really highlights the melodrama genre in a good way and my recaps bring great discussion among fans that love to dig into the weeds. I’ve been a Yoon Kye Sang fan since She is Nineteen (My Sister-in-law is 19) and it’s continued through Who Are You and into Best Love where I actually thought he had better chemistry with Gong Hye Jin than Cha Seung Won did. Psst, let’s all keep on forgetting Road No. 1 ever happened, m’kay? He’s one of the few K-actors that I find most suited for melos. Not makjang crazy stuff, but dark deep melos that destroy a person’s soul but then finds redemption afterwards. Full Sun seems like that kind of drama, taking his leading man from idealistic college student to jaded ex-convict and then throws in a painful romance with Han Ji Hye‘s leading lady.

The cast attended the press conference this week and it was a mixture of clothing to raise an eyebrow or two but nothing so absurd as to merit my usual sartorial sarcasm. I wish Yoon Kye Sang would look less dour and serious but Han Ji Hye is all smiles enough for the both of them. It’s funny how the actors and actresses in their 30s are all getting married or seriously dating, taking away the shipping potential but conversely allowing viewers to really focus on the characters rather than extrapolating into real life. Han Ji Hye keeps working with taken men and is herself married, her last co-stars from Yeon Jung Hoon, Kim Jae Won, and Jae Hee are all married men, and perhaps that’s a calculated move. The long 6-minute preview is out and I absolutely love it. Sadly the official drama posters are all sh*t, recycling the most obvious melo styling but in an awkward way. It’s no biggie other than I’ll be forced to stick ugly posters on my posts when I write about the drama. Check out the press conference pictures below, the long trailer, and for an added kick, I threw in one of my fave MVs from the cracktastic She is Nineteem featuring Yoon Kye Sang and the left us too early Jung Da Bin. That was the drama where I went in rooting for Kim Jae Won and came out head over heels in love with Yoon Kye Sang.

Long preview for Full Sun (Beyond the Clouds):

[tudou id=”Pq1iaFKzEok” w=”625″ h=”445″]


She is Nineteen OST “Half Love”:

[youtube id=”j1axpgXwo30″ w=”625″ h=”445″]



Full Sun Holds Press Conference and Releases Long 6-minute Intense Trailer — 5 Comments

  1. I’m waiting for its premiere….haven’t seen any melodrama since Nice Guy and this one looks perfect acting as well as quality wise. Plus, it does not have those elements of melos that I don’t like.

  2. Koala, it’s been awhile since I posted a comment. Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU for posting that MV of Half Love – still one of my favorite Kdrama songs, and that drama was indeed cracktastic, and also made me a fan of YKS!

  3. Koala, Have you ever seen YKS’s “Crazy For You” drama? I didn’t realize he was in “She Is Nineteen” when I watched that show but I sure noticed him in Crazy For You! He was superb and that was the one that made me a fan.

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