KBS Delays Big Man for Two Weeks and Gets Flack for Copying Hollywood Posters

Things are not looking promising for the KBS Mon-Tues drama Big Man, which can either mean expectations are dialed down so low it only has one way to go which is up, or the worst cast scenario is that it’s DOA on arrival. The currently airing drama in that time slot is Full Sun with Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye, a drama which I checked on and then promptly checked out of. It’s not terrible but for a melodrama it’s just overly scripted with the coincidences of bad happenstances plus I didn’t like the two lead characters. The acting was alright though and I might have stuck with it if there was nothing else around. Sadly its ratings are so bad even I’m shocked, lower than anything I’ve seen from a prime time major network offering. It even out-lows recent super lowed rated KBS dramas like Pretty Boy and Playful Kiss, neither of which were all that bad either and didn’t deserved such a spanking.

That only means Big Man has a heavy burden on its shoulders to rescue that time slot for KBS and it’s actually coming in with a decent chance to be an unexpected white knight. MBC‘s long running sageuk Empress Ki is finishing in three weeks while SBS isn’t doing gangbusters right now with God’s Gift: 14 Days and the followup Dr. Stranger arrives its two leads in Lee Jong Seok and Jin Se Yeon battling personal bad press. With that said, KBS is doing a reall shitty job of promoting Big Man – the first teaser looked dull as beans, the drama stills are nothing to write home about, and now Big Man is getting raked over in the media for releasing two drama posters that are exact knock-offs of Hollywood products. The close-up main cast poster above is identical to the poster for the movie Closer, while the other poster (below) is lifted directly from the television show House. I can’t say the production didn’t try because it has the good taste to copy Hollywood projects that are qualitatively good, but the blatant identical copying is so obvious that it’s awkward to look at and a painful reminder of the sheer lack of creativity in that production team.

KBS is also signaling its apprehension of Big Man’s competition by delaying its premiere for two whole weeks (airing drama specials instead) so as to avoid the end of Empress Ki and also arrive at the same time as Dr. Stranger. For the sake of my love for Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min, all I can say is “please don’t suck Big Man.” The four leads do look fantastic together though. Yay for the little positive wins?


KBS Delays Big Man for Two Weeks and Gets Flack for Copying Hollywood Posters — 23 Comments

  1. I really hope Kang Ji Hwan gets another jaw-dropping drama where he gets to show his full potential. I think he’s a really great actor that always chooses what are to me at best lackluster projects. I loved him so much in Hong Gil Dong and especially Capital Scandal, so I’ve always felt sad when I couldn’t enjoy any of his other dramas.

    On another note, what do you mean with Lee Jong Seok and Jin Se Yeon “battling personal bad press”? I haven’t checked the k-entertainment news recently so I have no idea if it’s old news, but could someone please explain?

    • I would also like to know, because if I am not mistaken for Lee Jong Seok it was regarding his fan. How he basically pushed her hand away when she was trying to give him a gift. On the other hand, Jin Se Yeon I am not sure?

      • LJS, I’m not sure which incident koala is specifically talking about it.

        With Jin Se Yeon, I’m assuming it’s the double-booking with Age of Feeling and Dr. Stranger.

      • Oh, yeah that is true regarding Jin Se Yeon. I read the production team was kind of mad at her as she had to film abroad and then comeback to finish Age of Feeling

      • Thanks for the replies! I googled it and really found those “scandals”.

        I don’t really know what to say about Lee Jong Seok’s “scandal”, I’m actually not surprised by anything anymore when it comes to Korean netizens.

        But I am surprised at Jin Se Yeon getting flak for supposedly being in two dramas at once. I mean, come on, it’s not even true because they are not at all overlapping so why make such a big deal out of nothing?

  2. Is it me or Kang Ji Hwan always ends up carrying the weight of every drama he’s in on his shoulders? I too have faith, he deserves nothing but success…writers don’t mess up!!

  3. I’m tried to locate the Lee Jong Seok bad press, and all I can find is Lee Jong Seok smoking–well I don’t smoke and don’t want to be around smokers but scandal. . . . ?.?. ?


    Lee Jong Seok apologizing for ignoring a fan. 🙁

    I can’t understand the indentured servitude that seems to be the nature of stardom in Asia. Personally I think actors owe their fanbase good work on stage and screen, nothing more. It seems that fans (in aggregate) in Asia are almost like Renaissance patron,only worse. Instead of have one prince or duke telling you what to do, how to live, whom to date, and demanding public shows of gratitude you now have hundred of thousands making those demands.

    Is Lee Se Yeon’s bad press because because she is working for two networks at the same time. Did she lie or hide information to get the jobs. ? ? ? Korea must be the happiest safest place in the world if any of is is newsworthy.

    • Well, if you say that then those actors don’t deserve the high pay CFs. Because honestly, who buys those things? Their fans do. If your fans recognize you in that respect then you ought to do it in return as an idol/celeb.

    • You know one of the reasons why stars like Lee Minho,Lee Seungi are still loved so much after these many years is due to their good behaviour towards fans. Fans are most important. Even if a celebrity is in bad mood, he should atleast pretend to care about them.

    • I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, and found it interesting that even some of the other replies to your post demonstrate that same concept of fans’ ownership of their idols. That word in itself is telling. Like a literal idol, you get treated as property and expected to do exactly what your worshippers demand at all times, or you’ll be destroyed.

    • Image is important in SK, and Lee Jong-seok being supposedly rude to a fan wasn’t good for his. He’s apologised, but let’s see if it does die down. And controversy over being rude to fans is not exclusive to Korea, if say Lady Gaga or any western pop star/celebrity was rude to fans, there would be criticism of them for that too.

      Jin Se-yeon, if I remember correctly, is being criticised for double-booking (the second time in her career now) as well as for taking extra days off without prior notice, to go film Dr Stranger when KBS had already allowed her four days off. And then her agency lied and said Doctor Stranger was a pre-existing commitment when everyone knows that JSY’s role was being offered around until right before they announced that she was cast, so I guess netizens didn’t buy it.

  4. I hope Big Man does not go too deep-shit-pit-dark or too makjang-dark melo on me like Full Sun… Just not my kind of drama no matter how good the actor is. Too angst-y and pansy for me to stomach.

    Fingers and toes crossed for Kang Ji Hwan!

  5. I laughing at their production team right now. Maybe the person responsible approving these posters didn’t get their raise.

  6. for the love of god jung so min please pick a project that i’m interested in. i adore you and i think you have the potential.

    • This. If anything, ‘Big Man’ used the POV from ‘House’, but changed a lot of things, the meaning included. The wine element makes it look more like a society of rich people dining at the expense of the victim. Hence the table not being a medical one And they also look at each other. It took an idea and gave it its own elements and own meaning. Inspired by, yes. But that’s about it.

      And compared to some dramas which can’t seem to decide on one concept, ‘Big Man’ uses the same blueish/cold tones and same overall visual design. Dramas do suffer from lack of creativity, but in ways far worse than posters. Whoever is giving it Hell for the posters should take a look at such links. Hollywood is THE king of recycling concepts and beating on dead horses. Popular Hollywood is no less repetitive and dull than popular dramas and sadly, dramas in general. For now.

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