Park Shin Hye Rumored to Join Lee Jun Ki in Joseon Gunman Along with Jeon Hye Bin and Han Joo Wan

I’ve heard the unconfirmed murmuring from KBS insiders since early March about Lee Jun Ki taking the titular role in Joseon Gunman, then the media picked it up around middle of March when both the network and the agency released the news. I’ve also heard about the rumored leading lady pairing up with Jun Ki on this project since the middle of March but it was such a major juicy costar I didn’t write about it since I was still trying to figure out whether I liked the pairing or not. Lee Jun Ki’s confirmation for Joseon Gunman came out this past weekend and the next day production members working on the drama posted on their personal SNS accounts that the drama is starting filming Monday. Excuse me but what? Without a leading lady confirmation yet? That usually means KBS has locked down its leading lady and the news out to be coming out shortly.

When a drama starts filming, it might not involve the leads right away and could have child actor portions (common for sageuks) or location shoots and other early stage filming needs so. I’m not surprised it’s starting this early since it follows Golden Cross on KBS Wed-Thurs and that drama premieres this week. That means Joseon Gunman premieres in June so a two month early head start is quite normal for sageuk productions. So I guess I’ve beaten around the bush enough since the title of this post already gives away the big shocker – the leading lady for Joseon Gunman is rumored to be Park Shin Hye. Along with second leads Jeon Hye Bin and Han Joo Wan, the cast is thereby rounded out in a very eclectic mix. I’m going to tentatively say this is a promising coupling if it does come true because I do love Shin Hye and have been wanting her to do a sageuk drama for ages, and Lee Jun Ki just shines like no other in sageuks. Hoping for a confirmation soon so I can start anticipating the drama.

Park Shin Hye has been filming the K-movie The Royal Tailor with Go SooYoo Yeon Seok, and Han Suk Kyu for the last three months so she could conceivably have wrapped her supporting role as the Queen and take on Joseon Gunman. Last year she flirted with doing a sageuk drama when she was mulling over doing The Blade and the Petal but ultimately passed to do Heirs instead, which probably was a great decision for her career since the former tanked in ratings while the latter was a ratings success. If she does pass on Joseon Gunman, I hope the leading lady is someone I love as well. Jun Ki totally deserves a leading lady as charismatic as him. This drama comes from the production team behind the KBS hit sageuk The Princess’s Man so I’m confident the quality will be there. As for Park Shin Hye in this drama – yay or nay for you?


Park Shin Hye Rumored to Join Lee Jun Ki in Joseon Gunman Along with Jeon Hye Bin and Han Joo Wan — 155 Comments

  1. Shin Hye in hanbok and saeguk speech? interesting… i think it’s about time, so yay.. especially sinve it’s JunKi.. man is hot wearing a gat. Will it be a straight saeguk or fusion/fantasy? I muvh prefer the latter

  2. Well she’ll look pretty and her non- existent kissing skills will actually fit the series. Not that there is any romance in thriller sagueks. So it might fit. After all she can’t be as bad as someone famous with her modern accent in a sageuk. She has been in the industry long enough.

    • Well so true she has no passion, good acting but no passion in her kissing scenes I felt sorry for Lee Min Ho in Heirs 🙁 I wish other actress will take this role with Lee Jun Ki …….

      • Because she cannot even do “that” realistically or convincingly when in character as an actress….

      • Well she is not interesting. She looks good and looks good in CF and photo shoots.

        But not her acting. Or her expressions. Or her kissing.

        So what is there to bring up? Her acting chops?

      • She is really pretty but after heirs..she is just really boring for me. Like I cannot stand another scene without screaming “boringgg”.. I don’t know why. I never felt like this with other bad actress. She is not bad..but just plain boring altho she really looks pretty in all her photo shoots

    • I’m excited too! I love LJK in Arang and the Magistrate and I just love PSH without questions asked. But I hope she finishes her studies first! Priorities!

  3. I’m not sure about this casting, i’d want an actress with more sageuk experience…she has definitely improved a lot when I saw her in Flower Boy next door and could definitely do with a change in genre even though I think comedy and romance are her strengths….I’m also not sure if she’d dive back into a drama so soon after Heirs, I wasn;t expecting to see her on TV again till the end of this year or maybe the beginning of nxt

  4. Definitely nay for me. Ugh.

    Casting of Lee Jun Ki, my all-time favorite Korean actor, on the other hand is the best news. But PSH could destroy the whole show for me.

    Not excited. 🙁

    • My sentiments exactly. PSH cancels my anticipation of LJK. Gosh, he needs a powerful female lead ’cause he’s off the charts when it comes to OTPairing, but she is like a wet fish. Why does she keep getting leading roles when her dramas fail miserably? Go figure!

  5. I am totally going to throw a Hail Mary and say I was hoping for Yang Jin Sung. I know I know. She is new, but she has that ” it ” factor and I think she would have chemistry with tree. And it would be really funny if she went from lee hong ki to lee jun ki.

    But it is a dream and my dreams never come true so that’s that.

    As for park shin hye, I really did love her, but than I realize she just plays the same character over and over and over again. And her inability to kiss has made me less of a fan. Since casting for these thing is about popularity more than talent I Mauser she is shoe in to be the female lead. Good luck to her.

  6. She looks great in hanbok, that’s for sure, and if it’s a non-romance thriller then her zero chemistry with male leads, at least in Heirs and FBND, won’t be a problem either. I was very impressed with her performance in FBND except when she had to act like she was attracted to or interested in YSY’s character, so if she has a strong role here that doesn’t include a love arc, I might check it out.

    • I agree. I don’t think she is good at romances at all, I think she would be better cast if they stopped seeing her as a pretty face, acknowledged the fact that she is horrible in the clinches, and gave her something meaty and distant. I think she would be better at stabbing someone than kissing them.

  7. I’m probably in the minority here but I just do not get the fascination with her and her acting especially. She is not the worst out there, but she’s nowhere on par or near the likes of others from her age range i.e. Moon Chae Won etc. I get it she’s an A-list now and thus gets all the great leading ladies roles, but ah every time I am potentially excited over an upcoming shows especially one that is potentially as epic as this – there she joins. Le sigh.

    • I feel the same. I still don’t understand her appeal and her legion of diehard fans. She’s always so lucky to be paired with hot young guys. She must have saved a few countries in her previous lives ! lolx

      I hope she won’t take it. There are certainly more suitable actresses than she. How I wish Shin Min Ah is his co star for this. Anyone is better than Park Shin Hye. Sigh!

      • Shin min ah and lee junki arang drama was a failure . So no shin minah please .

      • A failure?

        Because it didn’t score as high viewer numbers as, say, Heirs?

        I’m not sure how you measure success, but Arang was dozen times better than something like Heirs in my book, even if the latter had more viewers and made more money.

    • Same opinion regarding Park Shin Hye. She’s seems like a lovely girl but her acting has yet to impress me. She gives off a boring, bland vibe.

    • I’m with you.

      Her acting underwhelms me, I just kind of zone out because she just has no screen presence for me.

      No match for LJK, whose screen presence is magnetic…

  8. Well I have a soft spot for Park Shin Hye and I think it is high time for her to tackle a sageuk! What better chance than this promising drama? 😀 To be honest I have been less than thrilled with several casting confirmation of female leads in upcoming dramas, this is the first one I find exciting so far this year. So please let this be confirmed soon! *crosses fingers*

  9. Kind of bleh for me. Park Shin Hye is an actress that I want to like, but she always sucks the chemistry out of her castmates.

  10. 1st according to her schedeule she won’t enter any drama this year bcz she is back to school and preparing for graduation.

    2nd there are possiblity that shin hye will Travel to Brazil with Infinity challenge team to join and cheering team for south korean team in world club.
    3rd I think she is busy with her new historical movie Tailor 3months filming.
    So Her joining drama below 50 % .

    • Yeah, I thought it’s a done deal that she is joining the Infinity Challenge Cheerleading squad along with Jung Il Woo and Baro….but maybe not?
      They mention that it will be a two weeks trip to Brazil during the World Cup.

  11. Heck noo! A total nay for me! PSH is nice and all but oh god noo please don’t make it true! I’m hoping for someone with great acting like MCW or anyone even with good saguek sense! I’ll watch PSH in a nice light rom-com but I know I won’t stand her in such intense saguek!

    This is a shock to me just like when Suzy got GFB role! Please not the same nightmare again! Don’t ruin my excitement for a great project for LJK!

    People please don’t take throwing Suzy’s name here seriously! I ain’t comparing between the two!

    • Do u know how intensely ppl in korea were shocked at moon chae won when she first started seaguk ? She was higly critiscized for her pronuonciation and acting . But she overcame that and gained recognition .
      This will be park shinhye s first seaguk drama as an adult actress .But she has been around for a long time and i think she will be able to pull it off .also the movie in which she is working is a huge seaguk production with great actors so i think she ll learn a lot

      • Yeah,,, but as a fan of him I don’t wanna just try to give chance to someone who i don’t feel the excitement for. The thing is… LJk is one of my favourite actors of all time so I soo wish for him to get paired with someone I know will impress me with her performance.

        Tbh I’m shocked that ppl were against MCW doing TPM! I thought she did great playing Seung Mi in BL!

      • Actually it’s true that Moon Chae Won was criticized on her acting in the first ep’s of Princess Man but actually it was mainly coz’ of her speech and not really her acting but I guess speech is part of acting,isn’t it??But Moon Chae WOn is a risk taker,you know..She don’t have any challenging role yet before she took on the role in princess Man even though many people praised her on her acting especially in Brilliant Legacy..She took on the role Lee Se Ryung which is so challenging for an actress who has only numerous dramas under her belt and even for more experienced actress not to mention that she had to act alongside with those veteran actors and actresses..I cannot compare Moon Chae Won’s braveness to other actresses especially in her generation when choosing roles that will definitely challenge her..It will always be a success or failure for her every time she choose her project and you can see her big improvement in a short period of time.Moon Chae WOn’s eagerness to learn and passion for acting is very rare to find in actors and actresses in theirs 20’s.Among her peers I think Moon Chae Won is one of those few whose improvement in acting can greatly seen and coz’ of these qualities which I think is the very the same reason why she immediately overcame those criticisms on her speech..What i’m trying to point out here is, I don’t see Park Shin Hye has those qualities..I mean just like you said she’s been acting for a long time I could even consider her as the veteran actress in her generation in terms of years in acting but I never did see her challenge herself in acting. She’s always staying in her comfort zone and like others said about her,she’s plain boring and how much more on sageuk??Sometimes the measure of “if an actress or actor can portray such role is not how long they been acting but how much courage and passion they has for acting”..That’s I’m quite afraid for her to take this kind of role but since this drama is male centered drama I guess she will not portray a challenging role and I agree with you that Park Shin Hye must be given a chance.She’s not a bad actress after all..It’s also a great opportunity for her to show what she really got as an actress.

    • See the thing is u didnt find fault with her but at the beginning her acting was all over the placr and her pronounciation was bad for koreans. She impresses u know because she improved herself anf she was given a chance . I highly doubt shinhye will take thia drama due to her buzy schedule .but i hope u watch her movie with an unbiased view and see how well she would do in a seaguk . I hardly think mcw will be offered this but u start praying for a good actress cuz there arent many out there. If shinhye takes this it woulf not only help in ratings but also international recog. So that will help ljk too .

      • Thank god I’m not a fan of Park Shi hoo nor I was ever, because I’m sure I’ll have the same reaction,, having a bad actress to act with my bias isn’t cute at all for fangirl. And tbh between MCW prior to TBM and PSH nowadays there is a big difference. I’ve watched MCW before her breakout role in TPM and I’ve watched literally everything PSH did excluding Heries. I can say the former gives a great chemistry with her co-stars while the latter gives the cute and loveable chemistry with her male leads especially the young ones.

        Frankly speaking LJK doesn’t need help in international recognition. He has a huge international fanbase. I’m not sure if you are implying to TV ratings because tbh PSH isn’t exactly the ratings element.

        Totally agree about the lack of good actresses though.

      • your statement seems to imply that PSH is a rating winner and more popular than LJK. But beside Heirs, her dramas were flop and she is more popular to younger fans, and not drama watchers. LJK is huge in both China and Japan

    • I know lee junki doesnt need interational recog but as the saying goes it takes two to tango . I just think that lee junki and psh combined can make this drama huge internationaly . And believe me psh is a hot cake now a days in korea so i think she will b an element for ratings too. Every thing she does even a tweet hits no 1 in search rankings… but as i said there is v lil possiblity of her taking this drama

    • Geez. Can we please not mention MCW’s name on this when she is not even linked to with this drama? as one of her big fans, it is quite irritating when people bring her name and put down others.

  12. Im excited to hear this..really anticipating her new drama in different role..& its sageuk drama!! she’s got the chemistry with all her partner in drama..i would like to see her in villian role or sporty role because she really rock it!!

  13. I’d say yay to PSH for this ..because have you seen her in saguek …I did but she was so young then..if you don’t give her a chance how would you know she can act or not????? anyway I always wanted her with ultimate hero..those who is not keen on PSH its just i guess you are envious that she acted with all the hott actors..I saw Shin Min Ah with LJK in chemistry whatsoever or maybe I was blind….any way If PSH take it or not its her choice…I hope if he do the character here a Kick ass lady..I want her to kick some asses..especially those who knows how to complain only about her acting…..

    • Yay for your comment! I had watched her sageuk drama young & she’s did great! Hope to see diff role & character that will challange her more.kick ass lady like u say!! Haha i’m sure those who’s complain will shut their mouth!

  14. So Based on her schedule could be possible or impossible? Uggghhh lee jung ki park shin hye what a cast! I hope lead actress announce soon!!!!!

    • Oh yes! That would make me very happy but isn’t she starring in some other drama soon is that ways off? Anyway, that’s a pairing I’d like to see.

  15. If psh takes on this drama .. this drama will b an international success.these rumors abt her in this drama are very old. She was courted way before lee junki was courted .i see kbs is still insisting upon her . But i doubt it . She wont be doing a drama this year i think

  16. Yay for me! She will definitely pull off in a new genre. See how she performed in YAB and cyprano agency for those who haven’t. These are not exactly the same as heartstrings and heirs. If given the opportunity, she will be able to do action very well given her good body rhythmics and sporty background.

    For those who commented probably have not even seen her movie or other dramas, sounds very immature to talk about her pairing with hot stars. It’s the producers who courted her. If you know enough about her, you will have seen her dance performances and sporting endeavors. She’s a fantastic dancer and good in all sports. Her professional life is dynamic. Boring and bland? Pffftt.. She probably can win some men hands down.

    • Yay!! Hands down!! She’s great in action & sport..just who didnt know her & watch her others drama will say smthg immature n i pity them..

  17. Yes, I want PSH to do this. I want to see her in a sageuk drama; it seems like forever that she’s been doing college/high school dramas (at least, the ones I’ve watched in recent years), so to see her play an adult role would be a nice change.

  18. I love lee Jun ki and all but I was the best and potential one to b his leading lady , idgf abt PSH popularity….can’t stand her face and her acting is just as bad.
    So It’s a no for me.

  19. OH! how i wish that the leading lady will be moon geun young!!
    i think she is the best actress in korea
    and LJK now in her agency so there will be a big chance to work together.

  20. A definite nay for me. I loved TPM and I love Lee Jun-ki, but PSH is a one note actress. I’ll steer clear of this one if she’s cast.

    • Make sure you do it. Don’t give any more comments after the drama started, it will only say that yo use still watching it!!!!

  21. Yes yes yes…. whatever PSH haters said…But I would say yes…. SH very telented actresss… she deserve it… don’t only say somthing bad about her… She is popular nowadays 😉

    • She’s popular nowadays, okay good for her but not necessary a strong actress. I can give you a long list of more popular stars with less acting chops if any!
      Why do you think people who are disapproving casting her are haters! Lol they aren’t!


      • Not necessarily. People can comment on what they see. The fact that they find her acting boring does not necessarily mean they hate her.

  22. Yoon eun hye and ljk please, drama gods! These two will be a totally smoking hot couple. PSH is too bland for ljk

  23. I say bring it. I think she’d really shine in a sageuk, and it’s about time she choose more challenging drama roles especially now that she got popular with Heirs.

  24. Plsss…not PSH. I don’t dislike her or anything but her acting is so dull to me.

    I love Junki…I am still crossing my finger, the female lead is Han Ji Min!

  25. Just want to add something more…Beside PSH..please NO YEH or MGY. No matter how much I love LJK, I find it hard to watch through a drama with any of the ladies leading especially the latter two. After ‘Missing You’ and ‘Goddess of Fire’,in which both YEH and MGY shown they can’t act out of their comfort zone.

    • LMAO, MGY can’t act out of their comfort zone? Unlike other actress she does different roles and don’t stick to the same role over and over, what are you talking about? in the same year she did Cinderella sister – badass eunjo that everyone hated, she played cute Mary in Mary stayed out all night. So IDK what you are saying, judging her for one drama like GOF is stupid.

  26. Dont compare psh to other actress. She acts what should be the right act, if not the director will be the first to tell her that shes not acting properly. You should not judge her on how she looks or kissed. She’s a good person thats why she’s very blessed

  27. Ha ha!! everytime Park Shin Hye is mentioned in any new drama. There is always a lot of complains and yet the drama will go ahead. She is getting more and more popular now especially in China
    Conclusion is the drama don’t depend on just one actress alone. The director who pick her is definitely do his homework if not he will lose his job.

  28. I used to love PSH (Heirs almost killed my affection for her -not sure why, might have been all the crying- so I’d be interested to see if I could like her again) but with LJK it’s a no for me but it won’t stop me from watching. Another pairing with Shin Min Ah would be joseon heaven though! Or Park Min Young as someone else suggested.

  29. Park shin hye, park shin hye to be honest I think she is a very pretty girl, when i saw that picture of hers above I was like what a pretty girl. But we have to call a spade a spade, if her to-be co-star is an idol, an okay idol, I would check out the project if only for the cute, but this is a saguek people and not just anyone but a sageuk that has epic written all over it and PSH does not have the potential to make a drama epic. If it was any other actor I could manage her but Lee Jun Ki, huh he will actt circles no not just circles, he would act the word acting around her and that would not only unbalance the drama and drag i down it would be darn embarrasing to watch.
    Just the observation of an impartial viewer

    • hope she take it and do her best, so she can show you when it comes to her career and role in any movie drama or whatever she can do best hypocrite

  30. I agree with many heirs I kill my love for her, his other dramas I seemed good and pleasant it is true stone my backyard gives better kisses her but as I am not very passionate this does not bother me at all, I really want to see it in this does not seem a bad actress and before heirs me it looked like a great actress in asenco that crcia and was growing over the years, I’m really going to be accounts heirs existed and I quesare with flower boy next door and cyrano agency so more than gladly give it a try

  31. I like this idea Park Shin hye is very nice and has a great presence, I like it, if their performance tends to be boring, but the characters have not been very emotional, rather pretty girl the type that we were not poor gives many arguments and hues, hopefully can be confirmed and I give a great performance, I see it as bad actress as the reviews say before heirs when she was rumored to Song Jong Ki, had great positive reviews for a historical drama, I heirs to kill it, but I still remember it, so the support, and even better if the drama does not give us much hype as heirs was more hype than history
    Oh and if not confirmed, that pleasant traveling to Latin America, I’m not from Brazil but will travel there for the world, would be amazing if I know, I heard it is one of the most accurate methods for infinite challenge in Brazil

  32. I like Park Shin Hye.. but wouldn’t it be awesome if the Casting Team consider Lee Yoon Ji? She does saguek before. I felt that she is a very good actress.. her ability to “look different” in any characters she played. Anyone?

  33. I think PSH busy with another schedule this year. I read she wants finished her school and doing some activity. Not sure if she can take this. But if she take this, l’m looking forward too. New&fresh in saenguk.

    • infinite challenge Brazil, says that she will be the special guest that vijara to Brazil with members of the program for the world, I will also be pending

  34. Go!! Why not! Pretty young actress plus handsome young actor! Go for it!! Because this days only BOTC KDRAMA was really entertaining… some of the kdrama right now if not young actor old actress or handsome actor but ugly actress.. you know.. 😉

  35. Looks like my prayers for a leading lady who could match my prince have been answered 😀

    I think PSH could be a very good fit for sageuks and for Lee Jun-ki. I love them both and she’s a good actor even if I didn’t love her character in Heirs, and I’m quite ready to have my love won back again – yay, I say! Of course, a lot depends on chemistry so I’m also willing to wait and watch. I hope it’s a success, even if it hurts me that it’s going up against Gong Hyo-jin’s next drama and I want GHJ to do well too.

    (and she’s already done a sageuk back in her child actor days, she was in Bichunmoo)

  36. I cant believe the comments about PSH’s kissing scenes. Her acting is sensational. She can only act, according to the scripts given her. So her kiss scenes are awkward. There’s so many positives about her, to comment on instead.

    • For me, it’s not just that she can’t kiss on screen to save her life. It’s that in the two Dramas I’ve seen she looked at best scared of and at worst repelled by, her male lead. Even my wife, who REALLY liked Heirs said that PSH always looked terrified whenever she was supposed to be looking romantic with LMH. It was the same with FBND, a DRama in which I thought she played an agoraphobe really quite well. I could understand her wooden lack of chemistry in that one a bit better, since Enrique was a horrible and eminently punchworthy character, but to coe across like a rabbit in the headlights of a truck when paired with LMH was not exactly great acting.

      • considering that LMH himself has lacked romantic chemistry with his leading lady in some of his own dramas (notably BoF and Personal Taste), maybe it’s not ALL on PSH, y’know? And I felt she did have good chemistry with Yoon Shi-yoon in FBND, unless literally all you were checking for was their first kiss scene.

  37. I find LJK and PSH resemble each other that those two can pull very well a sibling relationship in a drama. In YAB her posters as gominam do resemble to LJK. They share some face traits and expressions.

    • Interesting. Giving the plot that Lee Jun Ki’s character has to gun up in order to take revenge for his father and sister, who knows if Park Shin Hye’s character turns out to be his long lost sister. Hahaha, am I watching another Damo? 🙂

      With just Lee Jun Ki and PD Kim Jung Min, Im totally in. Regardless whatever people talk about PSH.

      • Well, I agree with you; just with Joon Gi and PD Kim Jung Min is enough but it will be so much better with a real actress…

  38. Interesting… I’ve heard murmurs, but I’ll only believe it when there’s official news – confirmation or at least an offer. I’m totally amused with the amount of comments. Not gonna read them all, since its probably a rehash of the Same. Exact. Thing. every time a new PSH casting news come out. But as the saying goes, love her or hate her, just can’t ignore her.

    • Nah… it’s neither. No one’s talking about LJK here, and the reason so many people are commenting is because while some may ‘hate’ or say negative things about Shin-hye, there are quite a lot defending her too.

  39. If She Accepts The Role , Not Only Lee Jun Ki But All Of The Drama’s Team Will Throw Their Hats 1 Kilometer Into The Air.U All Know That The Drama With Her Existsense As The Lead Means A Year’s Hit.
    Hey Guys No One Can Ignore The Absolute Facts.

    • If she accepts the role???… lol, there’s not even an official news in korean sites that she’s given the offer. The only prime time drama that she won in rating is heirs, the exact reason is bcoz of the nation’s beloved writer and kwb is the most popular one there to swoon for the korean viewers.

    • what r u talking about?…if u mean that any drama with PSH in is a year hit then did u fodrget Moon geun young or moon chae won? or Han hyo joo? they are brilliant actresses and we don’t care anout “Year’s Hit” but good acting.

      • Friends…Friends…Calm Down, I Said That Based On Her Skills & Ultimate Crafts In This Industry, I Didn’t Intend To Harm Any Other Actor.. Every Actor Has Its Own Capabilities, Faults & Benefits & Also Place ..I’m Just Talking About Park Shin Hye & Not….
        Why Her Acting Is Great?
        If I Want To Completely Describe The Reason & Elaborate The Reality Here For U Guys, Then It Will Turn Out As A Very Long Novel, So I Just Say That From Her 1st Job(Stairway To Heaven) Till The Latest(heirs) Most Were Hit Whether Nationally Or Internationally & The Praises From Viewers By Making Her The Most Popular Actress 3 Years Constantly From 2011-2013 & Also If U Just Take A Look At Her Awards U Easily See That She Has Won Whenever They Made Her The Nominate For The Related Ceremonies..I Think Its Completely Unique Not Only In Korea But Also Globally.
        Why There’s Nothing Wrong With Her Kissing Scene Till Now?
        She’s An Actress So She Should Kiss When They Tell Her So, But Also She’s Herself So She Has & Surely Should Have The Option To Choose How To Kiss Her Costars, Since We Are Humans & Have The Choice About Our Way Of Living In This World & No One Has The Drop Of Choice To Force Us How To Go On, She is Just Herself & The Ability To Being Yourself While Acting Another Character I Think Is The Greatest Skill In The Acting World.. We Humans Should Respect To Other’s Realities.
        Its True That She Just Has Played Good Guy Roles, But It Cannot Count As Her Fault & Also She’s Not The Only Actor That Has Played Only The Good Guy, U Can Find Other Great Actress Like Her Inspiration A.Hepburn That Portrayed Just Angelic Roles Or Maybe U Can So Many Great Actors That Has The Same Condition As Her.. If We Put Aside The Examples , I Said That She’s Herself So Can Decide What Kinds Of Role To Play & What Not To.
        Ah God It Seems That It Finally Became A Novel…

    • Why Do You Type Like This Though? Seriously I Can’t Even Bother To Read Your Entire Comments Because It’s So Distracting When Every Single Letter Is Capitalized.
      All T. All Shade.

  40. You said Joon Gi deserves a leading lady as charismatic as him… I’d say he deserves an actress like him and sorry but Shin Hye is not a good actress, she was OK for Lee Min Ho as his acting skills are mediocre but Joon Gi is a much better actor. She always has the same expression, the same voice tone and as someone else wrote before, she always looks terrified when it comes to get closer to male actors. And as for ratings, Heirs was a combination between idols, CF’s stars and the most overrated writer… it wasn’t her alone the cause of the high ratings.

  41. please not with PSH, Lee Jun Ki is so strong actor and PSH can’t even act… all of her characters in previous dramas were ‘annoying’ specially Heirs. Please… he deserves better actress for leading lady.

  42. i think every actors have a room for improvement. some might say PSH cant act..but some say she’s too good for it. Lee junki has no chemistry with his leading lady and it makes the drama lessen the excitement…good that he’s good in acting and it covers the lacking chemistry….But anyways PSH might not get the role so dont worry to all Junki’s Fan..there’s a higher possibility that Junki might paired to someone you think he deserve..goodluck to this project…

    • The tension of tight writing, directing, action/thrilling scenes and acting in LJK’s dramas are the main exciting attractions for viewers, though it may not be the taste for ones who find the excitement from the OTPs…

    • To say she’s too good for this drama, it should be after she could done at least one drama that she had to carry most of its weight with her performance, not the simple cute characters.

  43. glad she turn down the drama. she just not fit for these kind of roll.
    she should just stick to good cute for the drama.

  44. PSH is a good actor, don’t underestimate her acting skills … as i watched her previous drama series/movies, she did a great acting… and if ever she will be paired to LJK, then it would be great. There are some actor out there that became popular though they are not good as PSH in acting.. They’ve been popular because of their K-POP group …PSH has a great skill in acting she can make it with LJK, in my opinion they will have a great chemistry… I’m looking forward for it. (have a great day guys^^)

  45. To me, PSH is not a good actress. . . i’ve watched most of her films nd shes always d same. The truth is that shes always paired up with popular nd good actors. I was expecting a better performance in d heirs but it was the same. i wont even like the idea of pairing her with lJK. shes is too boring.

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