First Teaser and Poster out for Baduk Gambling Movie The Divine Move with Jung Woo Sung and Lee Bum Soo

Charismatic ahjusshi loves of mine Jung Woo Sung and Lee Bum Soo in a movie together? SOLD. This movie was filmed towards the end of last year and Lee Bum Soo sported a hand injury while filming Prime Minister and I last Winter due to the intense filming on the set. It was formerly called God’s Trick but now has the official English title of The Divine Move, which works for me since anything related to God’s something right now conjures up not so good memories of God’s Gift: 14 Days. That watching experience definitely deserves a rewind in time to pick not watching and erase the hurty on the brain. The Divine Move stars Jung Woo Sung as the good guy baduk player who is framed for the murder of his own brother by gambling baddie overlord played by Lee Bum Soo. In prison he learns the skills from a legendary elder played by Ahn Sung Ki and after he gets out he slowly gambles his way up for one final battle against Lee Bum Soo’s character to exact his revenge. It’s basically The Count of Monte Cristo meets the typical HK card gambling flicks from the 90’s. Choi Jin Hyuk plays Lee Bum Soo’s right hand man while Lee Shi Young drops in as the lone female of the story and part of the crew Jung Woo Sung assembles after he gets out of prison. The teaser trailer just came out and looks fantastic, fast and furious and manages to make playing baduk tense and exhilarating. I can’t wait to see Jung Soo Wung and Lee Bum Soo chew up the scenery together and bonus points for them switching up roles as Jung Woo Sung was recently the baddie in Cold Eyes while Lee Bum Soo has been playing a string of super decent fellers like prime minister or cop.

Professional Go player Tae Seok loses his brother to infamous underground gambler Sal Soo after losing a high-stake game. He is framed for the murder of his own brother and is locked up in prison. He vows for revenge and trains ferociously. After serving his seven-year sentence, he gets in touch with his brother’s former associate Tricks, hermit and blind master player Jesus and skillful junkyard owner Mo Soo, and begin formulating a plan to get back at Sal Soo and his men. Tae Seok slowly penetrates into Sal Soo’s inner circle and his gambling joint, and eliminates Sal Soo’s men one by one. But Sal Soo discovers Tae Seok’s true identity and engages in one final game that’ll seal the fates of the two men involved.

Teaser preview for The Divine Move:


First Teaser and Poster out for Baduk Gambling Movie The Divine Move with Jung Woo Sung and Lee Bum Soo — 4 Comments

  1. Omo, another great movie from Jung WooSung oppa. He’s great in action as in daebak. Jung WooSung oppa is indeed an Action Star.

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