Park Shi Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye Considering Cross-border Chinese Romance Movie

Don’t shoot the messenger, okay? I’m as stunned at this hot off the press news release as anyone out there, Yoon Eun Hye fan or not. She hasn’t done a drama or movie all year, with the cameo appearance in Chronicles of a Blood Merchant notwithstanding, and frankly she can afford to be picky. It’s hard to fault her for being gun shy these days in accepting projects when she’s been in a series of dud almost all of which can be chalked up to terrible scriptwriting. The live filmed K-drama system forces leads to accept a project with only a few scripts produced, praying that the story doesn’t derail in the second half, which it often does.

Movies are better since the script is completed beforehand so the chances of picking a dud is less hinged on a crap shoot. With that said, I’m going to be really wary if Yoon Eun Hye does accept this upcoming movie project. The C-newspapers are all reporting that Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo are in talks for an upcoming joint production movie tentatively called Love After Love (爱后之爱). Nothing is known about it other than it’s a joint involvement of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese production talent and financing and described as a traditional romance movie about love and loss.

The movie is scheduled to go into production in early November so the casting confirmations are expected any day now. The C-insiders are saying that both Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo have accepted while their respective agencies only confirm receiving the offer and are still considering it. If both leads are confirmed, Park Shi Hoo will have worked with my two favorite K-actresses in Yoon Eun Hye and Moon Geun Young. Apparently he’s still well received in China (his C-movie Scent did well at the Chinese box office) and Japan, where he’s held fan meetings and other PR events, so I’m not surprised he’s getting offers to do more Chinese fare.

Yoon Eun Hye’s popularity in China and Japan remains strong from Coffee Prince and Goong but hasn’t built upon it since then, only maintaining the same level even with successive lackluster offerings. It makes sense for her to consider branching out to China but I’m not keen on this being her chosen project. I ventured by Yoon Eun Hye’s Baidu bar and also by her DC gall fan club and the consensus reaction appears to be “Nooooo, do not accept the project unni!” With that said, let me state the fact once again that Park Shi Hoo was never convicted of any wrongdoing in association with the rape allegations against him in early 2013. It nevertheless tainted his image and dimmed his star in Korea considerably, which remains to this day whenever his name is mentioned for any potential K-drama.


Park Shi Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye Considering Cross-border Chinese Romance Movie — 114 Comments

  1. Like you said, he wasn’t convicted….. It doesn’t mean he is not guilty but I can’t say he’s guilty when the case was eventually dropped, not proving innocence nor guilt… wish the girl never dropped the complaint so then, I can really be more against this, if he was found guilty but she did.

    Anywayzzz, if Yoon Eun Hye takes this project, I really don’t understand how his scandal should look bad on her. I mean, it might look horrible for the movie but YEH can’t decide her leading men. And I don’t think it’s fair for her to give up a potentially good project/character because of something she did not do. People may say that she’s supporting him, but she’s not… She’s doing her job… She’s separating work from personal life….

    But again, neither has confirmed yet.

    My personal opinion. That’s all.

  2. If both are confirmed..then, I can only say that good luck to YEH warriors in having to face his fans. Esp those from parksihoo4u. They better watch out their actions.

  3. I am one of those who does not want to watch him in anything. I love YEH but if she accepts it, i will take a pass. I will not blame her or shame her for taking the role…

    • Same here, Nana. Is she trying to commit professional suicide? She could do many projects, but she chooses to lock lips with this slimeball?
      I know he was never convicted, blah blah blah, but neither has LBH been convicted and I can’t stand to watch him, either. When you know too many skeevy personal details about an actor, it makes it really hard to relax and enjoy their performance. Pass.

      • I totally agree with you, I have never watched LBY in anything, mainly because I can’t stand his slimy look plus got to know about his scandals before I had the ‘chance’ to watch him in a movie.

  4. I hope its a good movie because I dont like to see Yoon Eun Hye in a bad light again whenever she does a movie or drama ita a big deal to some people.Especially if its not a good one,but if others korean star does a flopped drama or movie nobody says a bad write ups I was wondering.They only see Yoon Eun Hye. K drama today is not doing well almost all in low ratings.I’ll be praying its a good project.

  5. Yoon Eun Hye is extremely popular in Japan espescially..she even beat out Choi Ji Woo for Best Actress at Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan in 2013.

    In China she was chosen as an ambasador for Chinese-Korean Pursue Your Dream Film Festival this week.

  6. Like Nana, I’m going to pass on this if PSH is confirmed. He was never convicted, thanks I’m sure to buying the girl’s acquiescence, but the equation is dead simple and totally irrefutable: Too drunk to stand = too drunk to consent.

    The scandal is his, not hers, but she and the movie could end up being tainted by his involvement. I’m sure there are many YEH fans like me for whom that is the concern – wishing her well, wanting to see her come back with an unalloyed success, but now worried that the lead male might cause the project to be another disaster for her.

    Since I am quite literally unable to stomach watching him, I will wish her all the best and hope that the film works out OK for her, while waiting for her to be in a project I can enthusiastically support and look forward to watching.

  7. PSH presence in anything makes me react negatively (I’m so glad I have watched The Princess’ Man before this whole thing came out), I can’t watch Chongdamdong Alice because I keep thinking what happened to that poor girl and shudder.

    YHE was in a bad streak indeed. Unfortunately there is no way to predict who will a drama do. There are very popular dramas with really bad scripts and there are ones with low ratings which are actually very good. I have not watched YEH in anything after Coffee Prince. None of her projects seemed interesting to me. But I love her in Goong and CP and hope that she’ll catch a break soon.

  8. I really want to like her in something but she plays in only unwatchable stuff: Bad choices all around. Male PSH as a partner? *shudders*. Good luck to her die hard fans who will go & see this. *hands vomit bags*.

  9. My heart stopped reading this post! cos you can say I’m a fan of YEH.. but I will not watch this movie if PSH is in it.. I don’t think I can watch him touch / kiss YEH even though it’s just merely acting.

    I have zero tolerance to any guy who sleep with a drunk/passed out woman and thought it was consensual… convicted or not..

  10. not all Korean stars are angel dear, especially your bias.

    YEH also has something to hide also-true or not, just a matter of time, esp on her scandal with Lee Byung Hyun posted by Dispatch/Netizenbuzz.

    • I don’t like angels too.. I prefer tough heroines in kdramas 🙂 Of course YEH is not perfect, nobody is… she does not look tough in real life but i like her since X-Man.. and if indeed her dating scandal or private matters with LBH is true, it’s definitely consensual and it’s their private business.. and he was still single back then.

    • No scandal there. He’s single,she’s single whatever they did or didn’t do as long that it is between two consenting adults is no big deal. They are both over 30.

      She’s not the one acccused of raping anyone or sleeping with a drunk person, so whatever smear campaign you are trying to initiate isn’t going to fly, cause being accused as a rapist is on an entirely different level of scumbag.

  11. The problem for YEH is that she is probably not getting so many offers that she is in a position to reject this opportunity. First of all, despite being a big tv-star for many years her movie career has never taken off. Secondly, her last two tv shows have been abject ratings failures. So, she is likely in much less drama demand these days as well.

    In any case, it might turn out to be a good film. Who knows?

    • Not true. If you really think so… Well, her dramas haven’t been good. That’s a fact. But she’s still a top star in Korea, that’s also a fact. When you think that even people like HYS are getting offers, how in the world is it possible that YEH not get any? The only reason why she has less offers is because her status is so high in Korea that she mostly takes female-centric dramas. It’s (almost) like, she’s Jeon Do Yeon of dramaland. You’re not going to offer her a drama where like, Lee Jong Seok plays the male lead and her the second fiddle. That’s why.

      • First of all, in the future you may want to reaquaint youself with qualifiers such as “probably not” or “likely”.

        Having said that I am not claiming she will never work again. I am just saying that no matter how big a star you once were, if none of your last three dramas have managed to crack a 10& share you are on track to losing your A-list status. That’s how the business works.

        Also, why is it, do you think, that someone with as big hits as Goong and Coffee Prince has only starred in two movies?

      • @piggybackrider: I’m assuming you disagree. And I don’t think I need to reacquaint myself with the qualifiers. I use them a lot but I just thought they were unnecessary on this occasion.

        I’ll just going to present my case here. To start off, if you look at the numbers, she still has about a drama per year, so I really don’t think she’s lacking offers. Lee Min Jung’s dramas (almost all of them) have worse ratings, and she’s still appearing regularly on the TV screen.

        Secondly, YEH is a top star in Korea. I don’t think there’s a need to debate on this. I acknowledge that her recent dramas have not been great but fyi, Missing You cracked 10% so it wasn’t a total flop. I’m not a YEH fan, so I looked up most of this and it should be correct.

        With regard to movies, there are a lot of top stars who starred in very little movies. Besides, it shouldn’t be that actors need to pounce on every single opportunity to star in a movie. Shin Mina starred in a lot of them, and most were flops. A lot of Gong Hyo Jin’s movies were flops as well. It’s possible that she was never offered a role, and it’s also possible that she declined a lot of roles. You never know. Plus, she doesn’t need this role even though her previous dramas weren’t hits. PSH is the desperate one here. If you think she’s in no position to reject the offer, you are very wrong. She definitely doesn’t need the money – movies pay less anyway – and she doesn’t need to make a do or die move even if her career is going downhill. And isn’t PSH enough of a reason anyway?

        Lastly, if you’re questioning my claim that YEH is a Jeon Do Yeon of K-dramaland, I wasn’t referring to her acting skills. I wouldn’t dream of doing so, and it’s not that YEH’s acting is bad, but JDY is on a different level. I’m actually, referring to the type of roles she gets. She almost always gets top billing for her dramas. For instance, CP, My Fair Lady, Lie to Me and Mirae’s Choice. Wouldn’t you be under the impression that if she chooses to star in a drama, she will need to be the focus?

        I don’t mind if you disagree, but I’ll appreciate it if you inject less sarcasm into your opinion of others’ comments next time. Tqvm.

      • Apologies, it’s “I’m just going to…”, but I’m sure you get what I mean. There may be other grammatical errors, but I won’t bother myself with that.

      • I get it, you like her. I do too, as a matter of fact. I would enjoy seeing her in another good show. But that doesn’t change that her career is experiencing a downward trajectory. The average rating for Lie To Me was 8.4%, I Miss You 10.0%, and Marry Him If You Dare 6.2%. For a tv producer that’s not exactly numbers that will make you exited about hiring YEH. Then again, ratings are general bad these days, so maybe the fact that she’s not a ratings guarantee anymore is less important right now.

        As for every thing you say about movies I am just going to disagree. Every actor who becomes a hit on tv wants to transition into movies. I will never believe YEH has had the chance to star in movies and turned down such offers. Clearly there’s another reason why she has failed to become a movie star.

    • Oh come on. I really dislike when people r assuming things like this. As if yeh is someone so desperate to act. It’s not her fault if her dramas choices went downhill. Not everybody is having good project all the time.

    • in her recent fanmeet held just this month, she said she is still getting many offers, but declined many of them because she has been focusing on her church activities YEH sais she’s reviewing the many scripts carefully and admitted that at this time, she is extremely cautious when reviewing and selecting, hence it’s taking longer for her to come to a decision.

      She is taking guitar and english lessons, takes care of her Jacob’s Ladder Cafe in Kangnam and helping her church friend for her singing debut.

  12. At this point, they are still considering. Truthfully I am not at all excited about the project and the pairing. I am not in a position to judge PSH but I am also not a fan of his to begin with. I love YEH a lot and I do hope she will will deliberate well whether or not to take on the project. If I had my way, I hope she doesn’t accept it.

  13. If PSH confirms, I hope YEH doesn’t accept. I know that as an artist her priority when considering acting offers would be if the role and the story are good. But, whether she likes it or not, she has become a role model to her fans. So I hope she will deliberate 100x before thinking of working with a not-convicted-rapist (still a rapist, imo, just that he was able to buy himself out of the situation.) It will not send a good message to her fans for her to be working with a not-convicted-rapist.

  14. I really believe the saying “A man is innocent till proven guilty” so as far as I’m concerned Park Si Hoo is innocent. He may not be perfect but then neither am I so I’m not as judgmental as other perfect people out there. Good luck PSH and I hope you make it back to K-drama soon. You’re an awesome actor! Please PSH supporters, speak up for him.

    • Yes I agree with you. PSH good luck to you. What is the truth? Who are we to judge? Aw leave PSH alone! I sure am happy that he’s got famous internationally. Aja, Aja, Aja

    • He wont be proven guilty because he bought his innocence. Used his dirty money to bully the victim, until she no longer had a choice but to accept the money.

      • We dont know for sure what happened, so we can judge either party but if i was raped or thought that i was raped i wouldn’t want or accept anything from the person responsible, even money. i find it hard to believe ( especially after the woman’s text messages talking about how much money she could take from him) that a woman that was violated in such a way would want anything other than justice from her agressor. in his case i understand why he would want to resolve this case with a settlement after the damage it was causing his career.
        But again we cant be sure of anything, maybe both of them believe they are telling the truth, who knows.
        And since we cant know for sure i don’t think is fair to punish one party or the other.

      • Apparently most ppl making comments here are one-sided. I have no idea what systems of laws or the cultural influence have on the readers here. In the US, we give defendants benefit of doubts if no substantial evidence to prove they commit wrong doings against the law because it’s been shown many false convictions in the past history of litigation. So from my perspectives, ppl are so gullible to jump into conclusion just based on the media reports that oftentimes only intend to lure readers with juicy stories regardless of whether it’s a fact or not. PSH is presumably innocent, legally and officially.

        I personally think PSH is a charismatic actor with great talents. I’d not be influenced by the scandal when I watch his drama. Only his acting counts because that’s his work and what does really matter is if he’s professional up to par as an actor or not. I’ll continue to watch his drama. So far I just watched The Princess’ Man and CA this year even after the scandal broke out. He’s great in both dramas. I continue to wish the best for his acting career and K drama comeback. In light of the Biblical story, even King David committed adultery and murder. After he repented, God forgave him and still blessed him to be the greatest King ever in the history of Ancient Israel. He’s considered “the man after God’s heart” in the Bible. I hope drama fans have that kind of compassion and forgiving spirit and give PSH a chance to shine again. He made a huge mistake to risk his reputation by having casual sex with someone who doesn’t share love with him. I hope he’s learned the lesson and Korean fans also give him another chance for comeback given high percentage of Christians in Korea.

        Sorry for preaching.

  15. Honestly, I dont want Yoon Eun Hye to take on this movie because I hate the fact that she is being used again for her kindness.

    .When Lee Kim production was banned from making a drama, they also used Yoon Eun Hye to lift their suspension.

    . When a co-actor’s career was going nowhere, he even thought of quitting, they paired him with YEH as well to save it.

    . When Park Yong Ha, who was supposed to be her co-star commited suicide, she wasted her time and multiple offers given to her, because she wanted to remain loyal to the firection and production, so she waited a long time declining other offers.

    . Directors, actors and production companies keep asking her for help and she doesn’t have the heart to say no.

    Why is she always used as a sacrificial lamb to help others? Just because she is kind doesn’t mean that she has to let others take advantage of her.

    And after all the things she does for these people all she gets is a thank you, but her career gets ruined in the process and she even gets bashed by antis who dont know the full story.

    All these people are just using her and when the project becomes a hit, they want to take all the credit for it.

      • Nope, it’s not some childish comment. The true and long time YEH’s fans will know this story. The childish one is some people who make assumption based on what appeared on the surface & baseless rumors

  16. Producers usually have one aim to make a drama/movie is receiving a profit. if the movie will receive an award is additional plus that will bring more money and public attention. Park Shi Hoo` dramas, i.e. The Princess Man and CDDA are well-known in Japan and China. Also, these dramas are rebroadcasting in Europe. I do not know the actress, sorry, but i am sure that PSH is not making a favour to her.

    • Yoon Eun Hye’s dramas Goong and Coffee Prince gained more popularity overseas than Princess Man.

      He may have enjoyed glory in the past, but with his bad record, he will do any actress that he workd with a lot of damage. Any korean actress may it be big or small status wise will get dragged to the mud just for being paired with him.

    • Have to agree that PSH will not be doing any favours to YEH, cos’ YEH is more famous and popular than PSH both in Korea and overseas, even before his scandal. Thanks to the hugely successful Goong and Coffee Prince, YEH is not only an A-Lister and top Hallyu star, but also a Baeksang Awards Best Actress!

  17. YEH hasn’t followed the conventional path of former idol. Whether we enjoyed her projects or not, she chose them based on what the production team put before her. In retrospect, some of them were not so good, but really how could she have known?
    Mirae’s Choice, for example, had so much potential with the premise and with her co-actors. The writers slowly let all the air out of the story till it rolled across the finish line on rims. It certainly wasn’t her fault.

    This decision should be easy. PSH = HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE press. And we’re not talking “any press is good press” here. No matter how awesome the script is, she has to realize that the country she works in will connect her with his past for the rest of her life.
    She’ll be 65 years old, starring as some Halmoni on a weekend drama. The descripto will be, “YEH, who appeared in that film with alleged rapist PSH, is winning praises for her performance despite her past association…”

  18. I want yeh to take this project if she is paired with other actor. So psh u better stay low for a while and reflect. Hopefully he didn’t take this one.

  19. I wouldn’t watch it! PSH is soo sleazy sleeping with a 24 years old girl after meeting her for the first time! ‘& she was drunk eeek

  20. I am a fan of YEH, I hope she accepts the offer . I don’t it think it would affect her because I feel what PSH did was personal. Really she would go allong with it. I think this would be an interesting mouie and I look forwaqd to it. It has been quite awhile since her last drama. I miss her so much.

  21. is it too late for casting news if the movie will start filming next month? i dont know about C-movie, but for K-movie, casting news come out at least 4 months before filming starts, some movies have confirmed the casts at least 8 months before filming. This movie seems so rush aka another disaster in waiting , so hope YEH wont do it.

    • Has already gone to China many times for film,Reason for the cancellation because only organized(china organitazar) FM.. okey? you shoot off one’s mouth

      • @ilknur-Turkey…

        Yup i know…he’s busy shooting ” Scent ” and also a guest for Car Exhibition there…unfortunately it didn’t contribute much for the success of his film in BO even though his Chinese avid fans sacrifice their money to booked the tickets as much as they can so they can re-watch that movie again and again or give those tickets for free to their families and friends to watch Scent…

        About FM in China…YES Sihoorang announced that reason but if you follow his Chinese fans chatting in Baidu, you will find their disappointment because the tickets didn’t sell well…

        For me, its his loyal fans that contribute his success not because of his talents…

        My suggestion for you, don’t just read at, try to search his other fans sites ( Chinese, Japanese, Thai etc ).

    • Oh my, what are you a real hater-fantard of Park Shi Hoo? You question his talent??? Of all that’s happening to him, that’s the last thing you could ever question. PSH will not be this famous and have those loyal fans if not for his talent! After watching Cheongdamdong Alice, I became a big fan of him. So sad on that recent scandal but he’s not convicted. I wish he could get back on his feet, he’s such a big lost in Korean entertainment, only few guys left with such oozing charisma and great acting on tv! I find him even more charismatic than other fair-skinned A-list guys such as Kwon Sang Woo and Kang Ji Hwan. PSH should be back, he’s unique charisma is necessary on tv! I hope this project continues, a big fan of Yoon Eun Hye as well, so it’s too much a feast for me.

      • @thomas&lisa Even GongYoo is no match to Park Shi Hoo powerful charismatic acting! I’m a fan of Coffee Prince as I said I adore YEH, but someone had to tell you that truth, you’d thank me someday.

      • @xtin

        Compare KJH with PSH : Watch IOM and CDDA, everyone will know which one is a profesional and amateur actor…

        KSW vs PSH : you said he’s more charismatic than KSW…but why Daemul & King of Ambition got better ratings than FH & TPM ???

        GY vs PSH : this is the most ridiculous…LOL…compare an actor who can play various genres with an actor who just know how to act as a romantic guy…

      • @thomas&lisa, can you refrain from using initials, I dont understand what you are saying. This is my question for you, have you seen any of these: Cheongdamdong Alice, Prosecutor Princess, Queen of Reversals? I suggest before you make conclusions, you try to see at least one. Indeed PSH is a very good as romantic lead, but YEH specialty isnt it Romantic-Comedy as well? Both PSH & YEH have exhibited very good chemistry w/ their past romantic leads, now both of them should have an awesome chemistry as well!

      • @xtin…i watch some PSH dramas when its aired in my local and cable TV stations but just like i said before to @ilknur-Turkey, i only like 1 of his drama because my fav.actress was there too and everyone who ever watch this drama ( fans or non fans ) mostly said that its one of the best Korean drama all time.

        I won’t make a conclusion if i’m not at least watch 3 different projects from the actors/actresses.

      • I totally agree with you. I’ve just watched CA recently and was impressed. So I continued to watch The Princess’ Man. He’s even more amazing in TPM. I recommend you watch that drama if you haven’t. I hope he has K drama comeback soon and his tarnished reputation can be mended.

      • I think like music, drama taste also differs person to person. Personally I think Kwon Sang Woo is boring even he’s such a devoted actor. I tried to watch many of his dramas but could finish none of them. He always had the same sentimental and sad expressions regardless of if he’s in a rom com or a melodrama. He cannot compare with PSH’s talents even he may be more famous.

    • You’re really funny,You know the site from where? old fans a contingency?you’re so cruel and here too fans!! I really love Yoon Eun hye unni, I knowing since princess hour drama .. I hated your way.. I hope , Even if accepted Eun Hye;Sihoo doesn’t accept.. because Eun hye fans really ungrateful..really! true Park Si Hoo made ​​a mistake but your hearts stiff… You are not real fans of eunhye even

      • @ilknur-Turkey…

        I’m never be his fans, only like 1 of his drama since my fav.actress was there too and everyone who ever watched this drama, most will agree with me that its one of the best Korean Drama that ever made…

        I’ve already followed YEH since her X-Man days thats why i won’t her to take a risk her carrier by acted with him…

        About what i’ve posted above…thats the fact and you should face the reality…i’m not lying here…

        You and your delusional groups only want to show everyone that his projects always success and recognized worldwide…let me tell you, even his drama, TPM had to stopped airing in my country after just 7 episodes because of low ratings and unpleasent comments from viewers…

      • Park Si Hoo really great actor , his achievements can not be ignored..and the princess man really a masterpiece country received a number of awards and even received international awards even.. You’re not a fan, but you know better than me , his succes , lie? where are you from? comic stoppid drama hahaha? has been published countless times in my country again In 5 different channels, follow-up rates were good and this series was sold between channels ok?

      • Thats in your country but TPM was not well recieved by viewers in my country and i’m not lie…even PP was doing better here…at least the broadcaster was aired it until finished…

        Yup i know that TPM accepts many awards from local and international but almost of it are for category best drama, best director and best cinematography…

        Where is the award for Best Actor then ??? Beside awards from KBS Drama Awards, PSH got nothing…and its common in SK since TPM got better rating than any other dramas in the same year except family drama that sloted Sat-Sun…

        Then why Shin ha kyun who got Daesang not him even though his drama, Brain only got 13% on average compared to TPM which its last episode reached > 25 % ???

        I think everyone will agree with me…an actor like SHK who can be called as a talented and great actor…he got it simply because of his outstanding performance not because of the looks and fans vote just like your favorite actor.

      • you’re really comic , Sihoo Did not receive award? 3 received multiple awards Top Excellence, Actor / Popularity Award / Best Couple (with Moon Chae Won) eyes became blind and deaf in the ear or you play 3 monkey,right? he’s a real actor.. my suggestion to you,get rid of the monotony idea ,ok? change the perspective Give people a chance .. good bye!

      • Can you see my post above ??? I said PSH got some awards from KBS Drama Awards ( of course its Top Excellent Actor, Popular Actor and Best Couple that i refer to )…but thats just it. And i’ve already gave the reason why he got it.

        It was you or me whose blind and deaf ??? LOL

        When the director won in Baeksang Awards; the drama won in Seoul Drama Awards, Singapore Asian Broadcast, New York Drama Festival…did PSH win Best Actor Category ??? NONE !!!!!

        He’s just lucky enough to ever casted by TPM PDnim…i believe any other actors will get same recognition or even more better than his achievements if they have a chance to acted in this drama…

  22. I like YEH, because Goong is one of my favorite dramas of all time (Yes, indeed). But, how long can she rely on the popularity of Goong and Coffee Prince. She has had some major duds, even before kdramas took the massive nose dive, they have taken in the last 2 years. YEH is one of the few actresses, heck Korean female stars with her own fanclub, which shields her and keeps her protected. But,he needs to be careful, with earning the reputation of just being another CF actress.

    I really thought she would have blossomed into what Ha Ji Won’s career has become, but she seems to have stagnated. I don’t think this is the right come back project for her – she needs to wash away the stench of Mirae’s choice. This film won’t earn her the Chinese popularity she is looking for, and will only drag her into PSH’s drama in South Korea. So this is a lose, lose situation imo.

    YEH, needs better advisers. Strong people that can stir her career in the right direction. Perhaps, opening her own agency wasn’t the right choice, because she does not have the bargaining power to bully her way into the popular opportunities that are available to agencies with multiple big stars.

    • This is the best analysis I’ve seen so far. I agree that she needs to “wash away the stench of Mirae’s Choice”, but this film is not her detergent LOL 😉

  23. I used to wish PSH n YEH team up before his scandal broke out, still fresh to forget, I am feeling selfish that he can drops this movie or wishing YEH not in.

  24. I am not saying that YEH is supporting PSH if she decided to take on the role. I love YEH and I want the best for her. I wil respect whatever her decision is….. I miss s6 much since Marry me if you dare.

  25. Oh..YEH..WHY? WHY?? WHY with him? sigh. I am trying to understand the reason she’s accepting the project (if she is) but I won’t ever know it. Good luck YEH..and PSH, I don’t want to see him in either a big or small screen ever in my life.

  26. So why PSH????? When i heard the news, I was so pissed when PSH’s name drag here. So it’s a 100% no! But I’ll be happy if YEH and JJH will teamed up on this but it’s impossible. Let’s wait for the news gals!

  27. Sihoo , no rapist! watch your mouth!ms A said : ” I will present my best acting at the station” also , A’s best friend went to parksihoo’s side and miss B : A tricked me, PSH victim and me too victim said.. do you know?she confessed everything they did for money .. park si hoo proved to be innocent.. okey?
    also , my favoritte unni Yoon eun hye.. I hope, accept!!

    • @ilknur-Turkey

      Police statement : Ms.A passed polygraph test while PSH and Mr.K failed.

      The result of police investigations : indicted PSH with semi rape ( 1st time when Ms.A was fully unconscious ), rape ( 2nd time when Ms.A just woke up )and injuries resulting from rape while Mr.K indicted with sexual molestation. Then sent the case to prosecutor.

      While this case had been investigating in prosecutor office, suddenly Ms.A dropped her charge followed by PSH dropped his charge against her too…( settlement indeed ???? )

      The presecutor never said that Ms.A had lack evidences, its just because she dropped her charge so they can’t continue the investigations or prosecute the case…then case closed.

      Let public give their opinions about PSH case and everyone should respect it…I personally prefer to believe the police result since this case were settled out of court.

      • police , PSH’s human rights abuse .. violate.. dropped suddenly? haha So why the lawsuit lasted for months?aim , shoot someone all to hell ok? and they succeeded in.. K too liar , Park Si Hoo If criminals can not be justified.. A’s a close friend of B , why she changed sides?why? Miss A why the same night,wanted to go to a nightclub with K an A someone else did the same trap 3 years ago.. do you know? You have long been familiar to any of you believe or else new familiar person? I believe Sİhoo ok? forever

    • Same old excuses from his another delulu fans…why not add that the police was corrupted too…just like your other friends said before ??? LOL

      WOOOOOOWWWWW…everyone lie only PSH who tell the truth…clap clap…

      I think the lie detector was broke during its test, right ???

      Who was abused human rights ??? Its him and his dirty lawyers who leaked Ms.A identity by showed her phone number during the presson who they claimed they didn’t mean the netizens and his fans were searched her true identity and bashed her crazily…

      About B testimonied and something that you called Ms.A video…the police already reviewed it but unfortunately it can’t change anything to save your actor…

      • I know everything,you’re just close your eyes to the world.. You should know that the , PSH’s fans Never blind and not ungrateful..eun hye you to accept the role will always love you , but you and your like , it never will understand.. bad your heart and your mind.. ah , don’t forget no matter what , Never have no right to humiliation a human park si hoo or else person okey? Go read some books

      • Is it PSH fans or many of us here that won’t see the reality ???

        Before you suggest me, watch out your action 1st…how about your comments above for the police, Ms.A and Mr.K ???

        Do you think its not abuse their human rights too ??? You can bash everyone but not PSH…LOL

  28. PSH I support him as a fan.YEH must count yourself lucky.Last dramas was bad.PSH is a great player.PSH always stand by.Be strong

    • count herself lucky being paired with an overrated douchebag whose delulu fans insist if his innocence and fame even up to this day? let me just remind you that his drama CDDA sucked as well.

      I pity any actress that’s going to be paired with him, cause this guy has nothing to lose…after his scandal everyone except his fans in korea still supports him…any actress to be paired with him has everything to lose.

      • Demeris demeris demeris…Head from his body no allocation:)You can live for a long time this brain.I’m not very hopeful.

    • Why should YEH or her fans feel grateful to get an acting partner like him ??? Its just like a night mare for many of us…He’s not even A list actor, acting just so-so plus scandalous actor…

      We must be very very blessed if YEH can act with Hyun bin, Kang dong won, GY, HJW, JIS, JJS, LJK, JDG, Jang hyuk, Won bin or some top excellence senior actors like Shin ha kyun, Han suk kyu, JWS, LJJ, UTW, Choi min soo, Ryu seuong ryong, Lee beum soo, Seul kyung gyu, Song kang ho etc.

      But definitely NOT PSH.

      • Thomas…
        PSH is a good actor.I don’t care about your thoughts:)The greatest actor to cast aside names PSH:)So the actor,why was named PSH?I always look forward.And I suggest you do the same:)
        The case attracted Mrs.A.Did you give up.I would not give up.

      • A silly comment.Psh is a real actor.Because you don’t love him,He’s not an actor?Very funny:D He will continue.I’m laughing at you:D:D:D:D:D

      • Private life does not concern us.I look at the film and emerge.PSH is not a killer.The court did not say you are guilty.You also didn’t say innocent lady!You hear that.Good aktor.Good akirisit.Great movie.

      • @kekeke :

        Me, should watch him on my screen ??? Its just like there’s no other actor again in this earth…NO, THANKS.

        Its up to you to defend a jerk like him…

        @florensa :

        You say that my comment was silly simply because your is not on my list…i’m laughing back at you…LOL

        Why should i love him ??? There’s not even a single worthed reason for me to do it…

        Go ahead to continue his career but i’ll always pray that my favorite actresses will not ever act with him…

        If YEH finally accepts this movie…i hope she will be the only one and the last of my fav.actress that ever work with him…

        @Natalia :

        Of course PSH is not a killer but a possible rapist…how can the judge prove him guilty when both parties already settled out of court ???

        Its so strange and very funny that 3 of you want me to have same thoughts with you that he’s a good actor…

        Someone will admire the actor/actress acting by their personal POV not because someone else ask them to do so…

        Aigoo…PSH fans mentality…hufft

      • Guys, dont mind thomas&lisa, if there’s any douchebag here, it’s not PSH but this thomas&lisa who acknowledges him/herself as a hater-fantard of PSH.
        Became a fan of PSH after watching Cheongdamdong Alice, then I also watched Prosecutor Princess, I havent even watched ThePrincessMan which was well received; all I can say the man can really act and so charismatic-sexy on-screen. It would be very good for YEH’s portfolio if she gets to work with him. When I was watching Cheongdamdong Alice, the old flame of PSH’s character there really looks like YEH, I was imagining YEH & PSH can also work together, this should be it. The Best of luck on this!

      • @xtin…typical PSH delulu fans…just because i have different POV with you about his acting skill and his scandal then you just insult me personally…LOL

        Am i attack you as a person ??? Just back to the topic for the actor himself…

      • Discuss the unnecessary.Are you certain you’re insulting your level.Anyway YEH agreed.YEH” I don’t care about the discussions”said.Keep talking to yourself:D

      • I couldn’t pray Thomas:)YEH accepted the role of:)I’m sorry for you:p
        I hope you never in your life you won’t be framed.

      • @thomas&lisa so you make yourself a judge & executioner now? PSH is not convicted, tell me w/c court have convicted him aside from baseless/unreliable haters like you who rants conveniently online at the comforts of your desk. you dont know for sure what really happened as you dont have the facts in your hands either.
        now you gave me an idea, the hate campaign against PSH were most probably carried out by some insecure fantards of other actors who’s too stubborn to accept the fact that PSH is a great actor and were riding on PSH’s misfortune! PSH deserves to be back, it’s long overdue. Chooo to you, if you cant be happy on this news, nobody’s forcing you, you’re not welcome to drop your shit & trash-talk in here!

      • Thomas
        You’re an asshole:/ Show me some proof!Everybody is very clean so innocent:/Die making the mistage.You’re the one who’s strange-_-

      • And is the latest kdrama trend for 2014/2015 (IOIL/HJ&M/KMHM etc.) affecting kdrama fans too? LOL!

      • Florensa PSHpshpsh nihahaha sailor Natali____________________________________________________________ YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
        That’s all I:p O_o

      • @xtin…this will be my last post for you since @koala ask us to stop responding this thread even though there are many things i want to tell you.

        Try to respect other POVs…why you push me so hard to accept your thoughts ??? Thus i’ve never asked you to agreed with me that my fav.actors/actresses are great actors or not…

        Why should we ??? Everyone have their own taste…

        I’ve already told you before, i’ve already watched some PSH dramas but it still can’t make me to considerate him as a great actor.

        For me his acting just so-so and i’m glad that its not annoyed like some other actors ( did i ever say that his acting bad ??? NEVER !!!! ). But thats it, nothing special for me.

        As for @kekeke/florensa/Natalia/NIHAHHAHA…since i finally know the real you and your intention…will not care your post again from now.

    • @Areyouatroll

      The following commentators are the same person posting under different aliases: Natalia/florensa/kekeke/NİHAHHAHA.

      pshpsh and sailor are just different PSH fans.

      I personally suggest the sane commentators simply stop responding and let this comment thread die a natural death until the casting is confirmed, since the very premise of having a discussion is that one party is not mentally addled. Which is not the case here.

  29. PSH is a great actor.Private life is none of our business.YEH is so lucky.You’re evaluating right in this:D YEH is not populer.Arrays not being tracked -_- Sorryy.Pain facts:)

    • YEH is lucky to be paired with him? Like are you serious or actually joking right now? His fans are just so friggin delusional I can’t even believe they still exist.
      He is the lucky one to be paired with Yoon Eun Hye. YEH’s Goong and Coffee Prince were much more popular than Princess Man and CDDA internationally.
      YEH won Best Actress at Baeksang and Hallyu 10th Anniversary Grand Prize Best Actress in Japan along with Bae Yong Joon in 2013. Her acting awards surpases his.

      Her 3 dramas may not have done as well as the others but she is not branded as a rapist. So if she ends up accepting this fil, Park Si hoo is the lucky one for finding an actress in Korea who is willing to overlook his scandal. He is damn lucky that Yoon Eun Hye is a devout Born Again Christian, her religion tells her not to judge that’s the only reason why she can overlook what he did.

      You say that what he does in private is none of our business, but that scandal that he did will affect any actress that he will work with so that makes it our business, cause his scandal is still fresh in Korea, so his participation in this project will affect the film.

      To say that an actress is the lucky one to be paired with him in his current situation where most koreans hate his is utterly absurd!

      • awards and all that crap.PSH taken his award. The most votes get removed PSH withdrew his candidacy.Priven will be given to how reliable? I’m laughing at you arewriting.

  30. Comments most of the blind.She’s a hunter.Not a victim:/Search for a little better.Good acting will be exhibited at the police station:)She’s very innocent YES:D

  31. Bu ne arkadaş salak salak konuşmalar. PSH olayını hortlatıp duruyorsunuz.Sizle ilişkiye girmediği için mi bu tantana.Nekadar kıskanç varsa toplanmış.Yok bence oynamasın yok izlemem.Sen izlemedin diye gişede düşüş yaşar değil mi:D Yeh umurumuzda değil.PSH siz istesenizde istemesenizde dönücek.Hatta en iyi şekilde.Çakma netizenler.Çok cahilsiniz keşke geberseniz.Moron topluluğu

  32. I am also looking forward to seeing any drama with them since I like how they both act. But I would prefer to se YEH in a drama.

  33. i like both of them & besides park shi hoo, will pass as brother of kang ji hwan who has an incredible on-screen chemistry with yoon eun hye, so i might look at this movie after all 🙂

    • Now that you point that out, it’s interesting to know that ‘Lie to Me’ was also offered to PSH, I think the second lead guy. For some reason it didnt continue because of ThePrincessMan I think. I guess PSH & YEH would have worked together earlier on ‘Lie to Me’. I guess fate is just correcting itself, I hope this is it!

  34. I personally feel PSH is very very honoured to be acting with YEH if ever she accepts the role. Yes, a Christian is not supposed to judge others. I sense she might accept this project, YEH: I really admire and respect you for YOU ARE STILL THE “BEST”.

  35. For PSH, I don’t want to judge him because in this kind of case we have never all the facts… I really loved him in Prosecutor Princess and Princess Man was good.
    For YEH, I loved her in Goong and Coffee Prince but not so much in her other dramas. She has a great chemistry with her co-male but for me she’s not the best actress.

  36. YEH has always seemed like being a role model is important to her? Am I wrong about this? Unfortunately, in many cases right or wrong, you are judged by the company you keep. She is taking a gamble and must feel her fan base will, in the end, support anything she decides to do. Maybe she is at the time of life, where she is just plain tired of the restraints fan clubs put on their stars. It is a double edge sword for sure because if YEH wants to be famous and earn a future nest egg for her and her family, she has to walk within the boundaries, many stars find themselves walking. But of course, if she wants to go rogue, then she will lose fans, in Korea her homeland, this isn’t rocket science. PSH has now a very negative reputation, so much so, he isn’t finding work in Korea. I have always liked and have watched YEH, but plan on passing on this one, it is her business, but by virtue of her career choice it is also her fans business…whether actors like it or not fans keep their lifestyle, which they all seem to enjoy, alive and active. Who knows maybe she wants to do something else with her life…I wish her well.

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