Written and Video Preview for My Lovely Girl Episode 14

It’s clear following My Lovely Girl from the very beginning that this screenwriter was interested in manufacturing a narrative platform around the world of Korean music entertainment and song producing. I can’t feel anything organic to the story that was either Se Na or Hyun Wook driven, as if she had an urge to share this really lovely tale of healing and second chances. I don’t know why folks still have a problem with Se Na falling for her sister’s former boyfriend, nor are my issues with Se Na and Hyun Wook in any way, shape, or form connected to that. I’m just so underwhelmed to the point of wanting a reprieve.

The problem with the central OTP is that the journey never sold me on their healing love or great love down the road. It was building up well initially but totally dove off a cliff once the relationship got mired in Hyun Wook trying to keep the truth from Se Na. That was a huge mistake, and the drama narrative got bogged down by it for too long when we need to see Hyun Wook healing (he hasn’t) and Se Na growing up (she hasn’t either). Shi Woo is just a fun presence but that doesn’t mean I think Se Na should suddenly transfer her affections over. I’m stuck with feeling so exhausted by a drama spinning its wheels on much ado about nothing.

Preview for episode 14:

Written preview for episode 14:

Going on a radio talk show, Shi Woo reveals to the DJ that there is someone he has a crush on. The picture of Se Na and Shi Woo taken in the hospital is revealed and their scandal erupts. The agency prepares to go public and confirm they are dating. Sang Jin feels bad for Hyun Wook who is preparing to let Se Na go and goes to see Se Na hoping to clear up the misunderstanding she has about Hyun Wook and So Eun.


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  1. So apparently Hyun Wook needs his friends to do his job and help him with his messy love life since he’s so sacrificial now to let her be and think of what’s best for her. Now. Not before, but now. Okay.

    And scriptwriter, no idol is going to go on public broadcast admitting that they have an unrequited crush unless it’s about an ideal type or someone safe. No other option to bring that picture scandal into the third to last episode (what) than Shi Woo saying what shouldn’t be said? I can’t.

    This will not only be detrimental and dangerous to Shi Woo’s career, but also the company, who is already dealing with investors dropping their money into another company. AnA’s stocks drops will drop further. We also still have to resolve character arcs. Why is this unnecessary love triangle being dragged this far at all? Loose ends should ALREADY be tying up.

    And I didn’t it find it that big a deal before, but the Shi Woo/Se Na baiting is wholly unfair to the viewers at this point in time. I hope those scenes of interaction that I saw on gif form are friendly because otherwise it’ll be unfair to the characters as well. If you’re not going to make them endgame, just don’t bother! Either make them real or stop using them to keep the audience watching if you don’t think your OTP is enough.

    And the drama is STILL trying to paint the problem as the misunderstanding between Hyun Wook and So Eun instead of his actions these past few episodes. That’s really all Se Na needs to understand to get back together with him?

    Here’s to them maybe covering everything without it being a mess. That way the drama can be borderline passable instead of a drag.

    I think my best bet is just not to think with this and just watch cuts and read recaps. I need to get through two days to finish it in some way. That’s all. And it’s over.

  2. Even as a fan of Rain, I couldn’t get myself to watch this show. There is something about kdramas lately nothing is amusing or interesting anymore. The only show I’m watching now is Liar game. Rain! boy you got some delicious lips but please pick good project next time. I only click on the recaps for Rain’s pics and lips. YUMMY!

  3. Ok here’s a question. Why are too-long stringy bangs now the trend? Why? Because I cannot understand it on any level and would like to know how it ever got popular. Thoughts??

  4. This scriptwriter…an idol, with four years and counting in this sort of career, goes to a radio show and talks about his personal love life? Did they actually really research into the entertainment industry or…

    Then again, when you think about it, this drama doesn’t have the best writing. So I’ll ignore it and be like, “okay, whatever”. i

    And someone above is right, why would they bring this picture scandal issue up this episode? It would have made more sense a couple of episodes earlier, but in the three remaining ones? I thought they even dropped the idea, lol.

    Anyway, I just don’t want them to ruin Si Woo and simply give him a good ending. Se Na can go into this apparent amazing love of hers, I don’t care for her or Hyun Wook or their relationship anymore. I haven’t for a long while. Time to fast forward again when the episode drops.

  5. Some Dramas, like Yoona’s Street or Misaeng, I watch mired in frustration at my lack of Korean, knowing that the subtitles aren’t really doing it justice and that I’m missing so much. OTHER Dramas I rejoice to be watching with English subs which enable me to follow the story with my finger on the FF button. My Lovely Girl is DEFINITELY one of the latter. I have nothing but sympathy and deep respectful admiration for all those who’ve waded through this in real-time, how you’re going to survive TWO hours of glacially slow nothingness on Wednesday I don’t know.

    • LOL.My aunt endures this in real time 😀 and we’re still on ep 4 here in my country. I googled for recaps to just know how the story goes. And so glad i found this blog. YEAH, finish them quickly 🙂

  6. I sooo luv dis drama 1 of my favorite kdramas this year afta my luv 4rm anoda star nd is okay dats luv seeing gorgeous rain wit his cute self being paired up wit cute lee bo na 4rm heirs make my heart d happiest bst pair up evvva nd bst storii eva nd am luking 4wrd 2 d outcome of opppppa shi woo’s performance oopa u re so gorgeous nd cutely rudeee:* luv d casts y is rain such an ADoNIS

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