Sageuk K-movie The Tailors Releases Colorful Posters and First Intense Trailer

The first major promotional push has started for the upcoming sageuk movie The Tailors (Sanguiwon). Starring Han Seok Kyu, Go Soo, Yoo Yeon Seok, and Park Shin Hye, the production released four beautifully rendered colorful individual posters for the cast along with the first video trailer. Everything looks good but nothing takes that extra step and captivates my interest beyond the aesthetically pleasing.

I decided to use as the post-topping picture the one cast member out of the four leads who hit it the hardest in the trailer and that’s hands down Yoo Yeon Seok. It’s pretty ironic given that I just wrote of my indifference and limited exposure to him in the Blood casting post. He plays the Josen King and likely not a very nice one at that with the captivating controlled glower shown. Park Shin Hye plays his wife the Queen but the central plot driver is the competition between Han Seok Kyu and Go Soo as royal tailors with different aesthetic styles and political underpinnings.

I so madly in love with the colors of the individual character posters which resemble watercolor fabrics backgrounds.

Sanguiwon movie trailer:


Sageuk K-movie The Tailors Releases Colorful Posters and First Intense Trailer — 25 Comments

  1. Wow! They all look great! It looks interesting. I’m not really into Sageuk but I heard the Queen will have an affair with her tailor. I love those scandalous stories so I will definitely watch it!

    • I’m not sure if they have any affair or just an affair rumor cause by others to harm them though… It clearly he likes her but we don’t know if she likes him or even if she does, does she dare to take that far? If so, I’m ready for a tragic ending

  2. I think it’s pretty amazing they managed to make making clothes look both sexy and tension-filled. Looks like this will be an interesting movie, though I think more than anything I want to check out how PSH does in a sageuk role.

  3. The teaser and its tension are enough to get my attention and curiosity. I love that bit between PSH and GS. Never knew I want this until now. I’d take this over Pinocchio promotion so far

  4. If park shin hey has a kiss scene where she keeps her eyes open as if she is being assaulted for the millionth time in this movie, I am flying to Korea and pull her hair.

  5. It looks good, I think Park Shin Hye actually suits sageuks quite well.

    Though the ‘sexy clothes-measuring scene’ in sageuk has apparently become a trend after the one in episode 2 of Arang and the Magistrate.

    Too bad we don’t get to see Lee Yoo Bi at all except half hidden by a screen in a one second flash though. She is talented, that girl.

  6. This looks awesome! I hope I’ll be able to see it some day. Thanks for blogging about movies also Ms. Koala. I actually love, love that first photograph and the tailored pieces are all exquisite in those promo shots.

  7. The first thing I noticed in those posters is the clothes, which are incredibly gorgeous. I guess that’s appropriate, considering the subject matter of the movie. So even if the story doesn’t turn out to be good, at least hopefully we will get to look at lots of pretty clothes?

  8. After watching Jang Bori, I want more shows about the history of korean tailoring, especially when you add in intrigue and salacious gossip.

  9. I don’t like Saeguk but I’m willing to watch it for Yoo Yeon Seok (Omg that stare) Go Soo and Park Shin Hye looks great too! The clothes looks so pretty.

  10. Park Shin Hye manages to pull her signature ‘deer in the headlights’ look in an 80-second sageuk trailer. I can only hope that her character in Pinocchio is different, getting sick and tired of damsel in distress roles.
    Yoo Yeon Seok looks intimidating as a king, where did sweet puppy Chilbong go? Not much to say about Han Seok Kyu and Goo Soo, these two slay any role that they are given. Gorgeous posters.

    • seriously? I went to rewatch the teaser to see her signature deer in the headlights look like you said. And I only see they crying sad and lonely eyes of the queen that have no one in the palace… Stop picking on her! Jesus!

  11. the scene with Go soo and PSH was so intense.the movie looks promising though..i’ve always love sageuk dramas eversince i watch Jumong and Dong Yi..

  12. Isn’t PSH doing Pinocchio! I know this drama is set for 2015, so I guess it must be sometime Feb or March. Wow talk about Bk to Bk! I will love to see her in this drama, something different:)

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