Dream Girls Make First Performance Splash in Korea at the Asia Song Festival

I don’t follow K-pop unless one of the idols shows up in a drama that I’m watching, and the same goes for TW-pop which usually pops on my radar when the songs are used for drama OSTs. The closest thing Taiwan has to a fascimile of a Korean girl pop group is Dream Girls with Tia Li, Song Mi Jin, and Puff Guo. The looks, talent, and personality, if you will. The trio was in Korea this past weekend Asia Song Festival and had a chance to rub shoulders and mingle with the K-pop idols across the way.

Puff Guo’s name recognition and popularity really is no joke after exploding this year from starring in the second season of the Global edition of We Got Married with Super Junior hubby Heechul. She actually MC’d a segment with Super Junior members Henry and Leeteuk, which was cute and all but I’m just wondering where the heck Heechul is? All in all it was a decent debut, the ladies were sexy as all out and their performance was sultry without too much overkill.

Dream Girls “Something”:


Dream Girls Make First Performance Splash in Korea at the Asia Song Festival — 5 Comments

  1. The floral and long dresses are nice but the short shimmery ones look too much like ice skating custumes … bad ones to boot

  2. Puff! <3 I honestly love her so much. Wish Heechul had been there too but thankfully Zhoumi attended. Seeing as the two hit it off as friends on WGM, we'll hopefully get some videos of backstage interaction!

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