Healer Drops Exciting Sleek and High Tech First Drama Teaser

KBS has been an abysmal failure in the prime time ratings this year but I like to believe the next promising drama from the network can change the tides. It’s either that optimism or acknowledging the network is basically incompetent when it comes to lining up dramas. Tomorrow’s Cantabile is thankfully just a 16-episode drama so the Mon-Tues time slot will be switching over to Healer the second week of December. My interest in Healer grows little by little with each new tidbit released about the drama starring Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Min Young.

It’s not a must-see cast for me but all three are looking great in the production stills. Especially Ji Chang Wook, the all-black high tech hacker look suits him nicely to highlight his balanced appeal of masculine intensity with pretty boy looks. The first official drama teaser is out and the high energy intensity is a great change of pace from the placid mood that’s going on with all the currently airing dramas. Writing Healer is famed screenwriter Song Ji Na while directing is a veteran KBS PD who helmed Man of Honor, Ohlala Spouses, and Baker King, Kim Tak Gu. Those three dramas were makjang central in terms of writing but I remember enjoying¬†the fluid visuals of the¬†directing.

First teaser for Healer:


Healer Drops Exciting Sleek and High Tech First Drama Teaser — 5 Comments

  1. I’m honestly excited but I tried to keep my expectations down. Many dramas has disappointing me so far in 2014.
    KBS isn’t really great in ratings lately, but so does other networks. I think only MBC has decent ratings on Mon-Tue and Wed-Thu.
    I’ll watch this for Ji Chang Wook surely! The boy is really underrated!!

  2. It’s true, he looks really good here, but Ji Chang Wook would look good covered in bird poop so that’s not really saying much. I’ll watch anything with him in it, even if it’s crap (coughEmpressKicough) but this actually seems decent so yay for him picking a good project this time.

  3. Awesome preview but will it depicts the real issues pf broadcasting more than being cool and awesome, realistic approach will weigh if the drama is watchable.

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