Bathing Beauty Kirsten Jen Freaks Out on Kingone Wang in Someone Like You First Stills

I love how SETTV appears willing to make the effort with upcoming Sunday night drama Someone Like You. The concept promos already look classy with every pretty penny seen in a bevy of couple stills featuring leads Kingone Wang and Kirsten Jen. It’s been a long time since a drama captured my attention and interest this completely from the first still on. The drama premieres on January 7th so I’m expecting substantive trailers to be released next week. For now pictures will have to do and the production dropped the first batch of scene stills over the weekend showing the first meeting between the OTP.

Kingone plays a blind department store president who has been living in seclusion mourning the death of his fiancee and eyesight from an accident two years earlier. So Howard from Zhong Wu Yen, Kingone should get tips from Chris Wu. He’s dragged out to tour the department store to convince his board and public that he’s not blind and doing just fine, and during the tour he accidentally stumbles upon Kirsten’s department store employee taking a bath for a promo. She flips out on him until he can explain that he’s blind and didn’t see a thing. I find it adorable that the network is basically making Kirsten act out her scene with Lego Lee in In a Good Way except gender reversed. I totally approve! This drama looks cute even with all the rehashing of typical SETTV drama tropes.


Bathing Beauty Kirsten Jen Freaks Out on Kingone Wang in Someone Like You First Stills — 8 Comments

  1. Finally he gets to lead a drama. He is very goodlooking and a very good actor but he was always the second lead. Gonna watch this for sure. Does anybody know how many episodes there will be?

  2. @Marie67 – given SETTV’s hatchet jobs on both IAGW and Pleasantly Surprised this year, I fear the answer to your question “how many episodes will there be?” is going to be “too many”

  3. The poster stills conveyed a totally different tone from the scene stills, but still excited about this drama. You really can’t accuse Rong Rong of being robotic, she’s so animated even manifested with pictures. And I’m liking her and Kingone’s apparent chemistry.

  4. I was wondering for a very long time, but what does OTP stand for or what does it mean? I read many comments about dramas and their review but I don’t understand it, can someone please me please

  5. Good to know Kirsten has a new drama. I’ve only watched Kingone in Drunken to Love You and he was ok. They seem to have chemistry. Hope this would be a good one. Still wishing for another Lego & Kirsten drama though.

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