Pretty Previews for The Legend of Fragrance with Li Yi Feng and Tang Yan Airing Early February

I’ve gotten my optimism back up with the surge of C-dramas I’m looking forward to as well as a handful of silly but watchable ones recently. Perfect Couple with Tang Yan and Wallace Huo as well as Incisive Great Teacher with Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu were enjoyably cute and much better than I expected last year while My Sunshine was cotton candy crack disguised as a drama. I genuinely laughed a lot which hit the comedic side of the rom-com, and the romance bits managed to soar on the great OTP chemistry.

I’ve also grown to like Tang Tang a lot and she’s in a few of the upcoming C-dramas I’m interested in. One of them is the about to air on February 4th early Republic era period drama The Legend of Fragrance. The Chinese title is 活色生香 (Huo Se Sheng Xian) which is a phrase describing something as alive and bursting with fragrant aroma. Starring Tang Tang with Li Yi Feng, Shu Cang, William Chan, Huang Ming, and Sierra Lee (Lee Wei Dong), the drama revolves around an exalted family famous for producing perfumes in a town.

Li Yi Feng starts off as a useless rich boy type that falls first for Tang Yan’s hardworking girl who infiltrates his family to steal a invaluable perfume concoction recipe. There are birth secrets (of course) and the usual bad guys of the era in the form of Japanese spies looking to steal Chinese traditional artistic fragrance secrets. The first character stills from the drama were absolutely exquisite, I loved the colorful and dashing outfits on the men and the elegant and intricate designs on the women.

Leads Tang Yan and Li Yi Feng looked great together in the stills, but in the previews for the drama I’m getting a bit of noona-dongsaeng vibe between them. Tang Yan is just four years older than him but they play the same age in the drama and it would be believe if his character wasn’t also quite immature so the baby-face combined with the childish antics give off the impression that she’s his sister trying to wrangle a wayward little brother. I’m still hoping first impressions can be overcome once the story ties everything together.

Previews for Legend of Fragrance:



Pretty Previews for The Legend of Fragrance with Li Yi Feng and Tang Yan Airing Early February — 14 Comments

    • I know Feng and the actor who played his older brother warrior in Legend of Ancient sword. Is there anyone else?

      This looks very colorful.

    • I really liked Boss and Me even though I know I shouldn’t have. I just wanted to put Shan Shan in my pocket; she was like a tiny stuffed animal. I usually have no patience for characters like hers, but she was great at her Boss? Yum on toast. Wow. I have degenerated and sound like a middle school girl. My post about My Sunshine will be better.

      • haha i agree with you. actually characters like shan shan can get annoying fast but the girl that played her acted really well. Just enough amount of cute and spunk. she make the male lead much more attractive than he usually is to me, and i watched a couple of his work already.

  1. “Cotton Candy Crack disguised as a drama”: I don’t think there is any better way to describe My Sunshine. I have spent way too much time in the last couple of days on this drama–rereading recaps because I cannot get subs past ep 9 and reading the novel translation and looking up Wallace Chung as if I had turned into the president of his fan club. I need another (and available) drama that will break me from this sad addiction.

    This looks lovely.

    • I just Google it and it’s ended at ep 36. May I ask should I watch the last episode? Or from the beginning. I don’t know where to watch it subbed except on viki. Thanks. If worse comes comes to worst I can watch it raw.

      • Actually i believe its only 34 eps? The last two are the condensed version of the drama which is basically an excuse to use the Wallace-Tang Tang college footage.

  2. I’m okay with Tang Yan too, but I think her dramas are airing WAY too closely together! The one with her and Hawick Lau is also airing soon -___-

  3. Woowww, I’m really like Tang Yan. Can’t wait this drama airing. Tang Yan’s another drama (Lady and Liar) will be airing soon ^^. Finally finish watched My Sunshine yesterday, so sweet love between 以琛 & 箫默 ^^.

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