Pretty Previews for The Legend of Fragrance with Li Yi Feng and Tang Yan Airing Early February

I’ve gotten my optimism back up with the surge of C-dramas I’m looking forward to as well as a handful of silly but watchable ones recently. Perfect Couple with Tang Yan and Wallace Huo as well as Incisive Great Teacher with Liu Shi Shi and Nicky Wu were enjoyably cute and much better than I expected last year while My Sunshine was cotton candy crack disguised as a drama. I genuinely laughed a lot which hit the comedic side of the rom-com, and the romance bits managed to soar on the great OTP chemistry.

I’ve also grown to like Tang Tang a lot and she’s in a few of the upcoming C-dramas I’m interested in. One of them is the about to air on February 4th early Republic era period drama The Legend of Fragrance. The Chinese title is 活色生香 (Huo Se Sheng Xian) which is a phrase describing something as alive and bursting with fragrant aroma. Starring Tang Tang with Li Yi Feng, Shu Cang, William Chan, Huang Ming, and Sierra Lee (Lee Wei Dong), the drama revolves around an exalted family famous for producing perfumes in a town. Continue reading