MBC Long Sageuk Splendid Politics Starts Filming with Epic Cast

Currently MBC‘s Mon-Tues fusion sageuk Shine or Go Crazy is comfortably leading the ratings for its time slot, but fifty episode long sageuks don’t just materialize out of thin air so all eyes are on followup drama Splendid Politics (Hwajung, or could be called Princess Jungmyung). Usually MBC does its long sageuk earlier in the year but Splendid Politics won’t arrive until mid-April. If it does well then MBC can breathe a sigh of relief that it hasn’t lost the touch with respect to its stranglehold on the long sageuk series. The network released a statement this week confirming that the main casting is complete and the adults are headed into filming.

Starring Lee Yeon Hee, Cha Seung Won, Kim Jae Won, Seo Kang Joon, Han Joo Wan, Jung Woong In, Park Young Kyu, Kim Chang Wan, and many many others (see full cast collage picture below), this drama cast is bursting at the seams with veterans and younger stars alike. Too bad Lee Yeon Hee’s two leading men in Cha Seung Won and Kim Jae Won are both playing her male relatives, and this ain’t no Flowers in the Attic series of incest on the horizon. Her love interest is instead going to be pretty Seo Kang Joon, who hopefully can raise his acting ability massively in the next few days to rise up to this challenge. I have the same hopes for Lee Yeon Hee herself, that she can continue her Miss Korea improvement. I’m super looking forward to this epic line-up!


MBC Long Sageuk Splendid Politics Starts Filming with Epic Cast — 18 Comments

  1. All the ajushis from all the dramas combined will be acting in this drama.
    What will the other dramas do without them?

  2. I hope seo kang joon acting improved, why not form a love interest between kim jae won and lee yeon hee instead of seo kang joon. If this one does well, lee yeon hee can cement her position as a top actress. She has the look that netzs approve of.

  3. with 50eps, hope it gives Yeon Hee enough time to show her improving skill, which she showed in MK. I was so sad to see her bland performance in Detective K after the brilliant acting in MK

  4. Not going to lie – I’m a bit disappointed I won’t get to see Kim Jae Won as a romantic male lead. Bt
    But I recently finished Cunning Single Lady in which Seo Kang Joon was adorable so maybe I’ll give it a try.

  5. Lee Yeon Hee is really an EPIC Legend in acting. Most sponsors loveeeee her.They know she’s so good in everything.

  6. This isn’t really a romance sageuk so I’m expecting to see as little of Seo Kang Joon as can be managed – which is as it should be.

  7. Ah…Flowers in the Attic, brings back memories of my schooling days. So disturbing. And weirdly, i went on a doughnut binge for a week. I would love to see a Korean version of it though. I wonder how the complexity of each character would transcend through culture….oh wait, they have makjang.

  8. I am not sure about Seo Kang Joon in the lead.
    I think its still a little too early.
    Well maybe he will prove me wrong.
    The rest of the veteran cast are awesome.

  9. I agree with Seo Kang Joon being a bit inadequate for a lead role at the moment. Maybe in the future when he gains a little more experience, but since Cha Seung Won is in the drama, I’m pretty sure he’s the lead and not Kang Joon. Being a saguek I assume it won’t have much of a romantic plot anyway.
    Also, I think some of the veteran actors’ characters will be killed off along the way. If they keep them all for 50 eps there won’t be any older actors left for other dramas.

    • I love seeing you pop up in all sorts of places, Mary. It’s like finding cash in a coat you haven’t warn in a year. I love this cast. It should be fun just to play “spot the award winner.” I want this to be good because there is so much talent here.

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