Send Off for Hardworking Sung Joon and Preview for Episode 17 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me

I’m guessing that Sung Joon‘s part in Hyde, Jekyll, Me is basically done, despite the drama having another four more episodes left his repetitive revenge arc finally limped to a definitive close. Like all things wrong with this drama, his role was written and executed so wacky it must’ve made for some amusing internal reactions from Sung Joon every time he got the script for a new episode. He made the most of the role in the same way Hyun Bin is earnestly acting his pants off despite nothing making sense, which for me is always an admirable effort no matter how silly the result is for the audience to watch.

To thank Sung Joon for his hard work, and for gamely doing the hypnotizing and the repeated kidnappings week after week, here are the last batch of drama stills showing him in character and on set playing Dr. Yoon Tae Joo, aka angry former bestie Lee Soo Hyun. I couldn’t really buy him as either a doctor or as Seo Jin’s same age best friend, Sung Joon is young in real life and definitely looks way younger in gravitas than Binnie, but when he acts there is intensity and fire in his eyes that smooths over the incongruities enough to sell the package. This role is less wasted than his turn in Gu Family Book so all in all it’s another solid exposure for him. On a side note, I don’t even want to talk about what was shone in the preview for episode 17, other than we need a potato sack to shove Ha Na in before tossing her into a ditch.

Preview for episode 17:


Send Off for Hardworking Sung Joon and Preview for Episode 17 of Hyde, Jekyll, Me — 16 Comments

  1. Well, he did make for some very interesting conversations with all his hypnotizing and kidnappings and discussions with Dr. Kang. I’m glad he tried his hand at the villain type. Too bad it was in this drama but I think it turned out well for him since he isn’t shouldering the pressure for ratings anyways. He is and does look way younger than Binnie so it was hard for me to buy that he was the same age. But all the craziness happening, that was probably the least of the issues.

    Anyhow, glad he took the role. 🙂 I still liked him best in CWM. Still can’t believe it’s the same guy in LTM… he has grown up well.

  2. what the? so does this mean tae joo might not be making an appearance in the future episodes? on one hand, i’m glad to do be done with his whole revenge thing but on the other hand i don’t want the story now to focus on ha na and robin’s annoying romance and seojin constantly declaring his love to hana who fails to respond to this feelings in any way….ughhhh!!!! and i agree miss koala. hats off to hyun bin for saving what’s left of this drama. aw feel so bad for him that his come back drama ended up being a failure, especially with 3% and 5% ratings! i wonder how much this will affect binnie’s image and popularity! sigh, i guess i’ll have to wait another 3-4 years for him to do another drama then?

  3. I wish Binnie had been offered Super Daddy Yeol, I’m one episode in and actually feel a sense of relief. It’s like….oh yeah, this is why I love Kdrama. Lee Dong Gun is doing a great job, just wish Binnie had a good script like that one.

    • i wonder why binnie can’t pick better dramas argg!!! i mean he must get a lot of offers right? why this? it may have looked promising in the beginning, but still….. 🙁

  4. Poor Sung Joon. I still love him though. Next time, please choose the role that match with your age. Eric or Hyun Bin overshadowed you too much, darling. Looking forward your next project.

    • I love Sung Joon in Discovery of Love. He showed very impressive acting. Yes he looks like a boy next to Eric, but he and Eric has male-male chemistry whether as rival or bromance. And I don’t mind to see their collaboration again (if this could happen someday). But in this series, I don’t know. I gave up after some episodes since he just appeared few minutes per episode.

  5. Last sentence totally agree. I’m with you on that ms koala

    I think Binnie needs a new manager or agent or whoever that screens these projects for him. could be himself that chose it. Either way I’m looking forward to his next drama (You have to do one Binnie! I’m erasing this from my memory. )

  6. Sigh I hate the whole revenge kidnapping plot which got so repetitive towards the end of the show, but I’m really sad to see Sung Joon go. It wasn’t exactly a waste of talent since he did prove to be a pretty versatile actor. Maybe he should have listened to his agency in not accepting this role. 🙁

  7. I stopped watching this after the 2nd episode, but now I’m curious to see this little fellow (he’s a model so he’s probably not THAT little but I digress…) in a villain role. He never impressed me in a role before, but he does have like an intense aura that surrounds him…or maybe that’s just his deep voice. Anyway, I hope he’ll get a good part that will help him truly shine as an actor next time.

    • I like Sung Joon but his acting as a villain isn’t that impressing. He overacts his scenes. I actually found him boring and not scary as a villain. The writing for his character didn’t help his acting too. :/

      • Agree with you. Sung Joon as villain is a NO. But, he has potential. I guess if the PD is better, he could perform much better too.

  8. Sorry for saying this. There is no dull moment in Kill Me Heal Me. But with this drama every moment is dull. Hyun Bin is acting his pants off but I am pulling my hair off watching HJM.

  9. I think any talk of Binnie’s future Drama land projects is pointless after this debacle. I feel it will be a very long time if ever again that we see Binnie in a drama. That’s sad but I’m looking forward to his long and illustrious movie acting career.

    • I think it is time Hyun Bin focuses on movies instead and this drama is clearly an indication of it. At least we won’t have to torture ourselves with 20 episodes of nonsense.

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