Kim Woo Bin Declines Hong Sisters Drama, Eom Ki Joon in Talks as Second Male Lead

Pairing bummer news with good news doesn’t actually lessen the bummer-ness of the initial bit of disappointment. After getting all excited about Kim Woo Bin‘s return to dramas, and in a leading man role no less, the excitement turned to dismay when news broke today that he’s officially decline the offer to star in the Hong Sisters upcoming drama Feeling Good and Warm (formerly known as Jejudo Gatsby). Now the wait is on for the drama to find a new leading man, not to mention reported leading lady Kang Sora also hasn’t officially confirmed yet either.

Kim Woo Bin’s agency gave a pretty weak explanation for why he turned down the project. Apparently Woo Bin needs a long lead up period to immerse himself into preparation for any upcoming acting role, and he was supposed to play a restaurant owner and chef for this role so he wanted time to take cooking classes and really get into character. But the scripts have not come out yet, plus he’s still promoting the upcoming comedy Twenty, so Kim Woo Bin ultimately passed due to scheduling concerns causing him to not prepare properly.

The happier news with this drama is hearing the always awesome Eom Ki Joon being offered the role of the second male lead. Love him to pieces even if he’s not in enough dramas due to having a thriving stage career as well. I’d be more mollified if the news was Eom Ki Joon being confirmed to join this drama. I’m not going to extrapolate that Kim Woo Bin used a lame excuse to turn down the drama because there might be concerns with the story or script. That could be the case, as always there are no guaranteed drama successes and the Hong Sisters are notoriously for being wildly inconsistent in quality. With that said, I like the sisters enough to check out this new drama regardless of who ends up being cast. Am just sad it’s not Woo Bin mostly because it delays his return to drama land.


Kim Woo Bin Declines Hong Sisters Drama, Eom Ki Joon in Talks as Second Male Lead — 79 Comments

  1. First Pinocchio, now this. His agency is ridiculous. Why media play so much if was not considering positively? I’m not buying their excuses. They keep messing with productions. Hope this drama will be as much success as Pinocchio and they regret this.

    • Huh what? He was offered the lead role, that was confirmed by MBC/production company, not only Sidus. I looked forward to seeing him in a Hong sisters drama but he already has two successful films under his belt, it might be that heprefers to stay in films with bound scripts andno live shoot?

      • Hmmm.. I hope he sticks to movies then.
        Better for his career. Hong sisters project is worth
        risk taking even if there are so many failures in
        dramaland these days.
        But still I don’t like the way his agency handle
        things. Unnecessary media play.

      • How is it media play when Sidus only confirmed that he was offered the role and considering? They only backed up what the production itself said! Or do you expect them to remain totally silent about their actor’s potential activities? Because by that standard every star who is ever offered a role and takes time to confirm is ‘media playing’, including Kang Sora who is courtedfor female lead and also not confirmed yet.

        I would like someone like Ji Chang Wook or Kang Haneul for the role, they could match well with KSR and can look like young men not boys.

      • That what I think also…He probably prefers films with bound scripts, and if he has good movies offers, why bother with the uncertainty of dramas’ scripts.

        Look at what’s happening to Hyun Bin.

        That’s another one who would never come back to dramaland for a long time, if ever.

        I bet you KWB received another great movie offer.

      • I think so too. It’s in MBC. It is similar with kill me heal me. The drama start to air soon. They still find the lead actor . Finally, our talented Ji sung took the role and showed the great acting. It is possible that LJS can be replaced his best friend role like in Pinocchio

      • And if i am LJS i will not accept this drama.. I’d rather that he do a movie and savor some more the success from Pinocchio 🙂

  2. It’s weird he keeps turning down roles. Not sure what they are thinking. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the script. Hong Sister’s drama usually start out very strong. It’s no great loss for the drama though since there are tons of other young actors who can step in. No biggie.

    • Umm, how would anyone know what is not wrong or wrong with a script that hasn’t come out yet? If his agency claims he hasn’t even read the script, why would he sign up when his stars are so high these days and probably gets a lot of offers. I don’t find that weird, but rather smart. There’s no need to make rash decisions specially when he’s rushed.

      • Because they have a good reputation. Other than Big (which started out just fine) they haven’t really failed and can be trusted to deliver. More so than a lot of kdrama writers out there. Anyway, I say weird since this is the 2nd drama in a row this happened with him and his excuse isn’t believable. You are right it’s probably more him thinking there is something better for him to do, which is possible… who knows~

        Anyway, it’s not really a big deal either way This doesn’t sound like a drama that is exactly challenging. He didn’t want to do it. I’m sure he’ll do something else.

      • As big a fan I am of the HS, I do think they’re repetitive. If I were him getting movie offers and most likely many drama offers, I wouldn’t agree to accepting my first lead role in a drama I have no script of. The HS aren’t KES. They don’t guarantee ratings and neither do they always have great quality. So I can see why he’d be weary.

        I’m assuming he’s probably going to accept a different project soon. Honestly, he’s doing quite well in Chungmuro. I say establish a career on a bigger stage. Not everyone can do it…

      • I suppose, though I’m not a fan of KES, but no doubt she brings ratings.

        I’m not too sure he’s ready to be a full fledged movie star yet. Even KSH is still doing dramas. I’m sure he’ll pick something soon.

      • @ xxx

        I’m truly wondering if Korean movies are the “bigger stage”. K dramas definitely get more international (esp chinese) attention, which leads to more endorsements. LMH, KSH, LJS, and KWB are all where they are now because of dramas. If KWB stick with movies, I wonder how long his popularity would last. Movies probably earn more domestically, but that market is very limited.

    • @Ivana you think Korean movies don’t get sold to other countries, or lack international attention? KWB last movie The Technicians got rights sold to several other countries in Asia.

      And I am amazed at the mentality that a young actor trying to stay with Korean mobies bcause of maybe putting out better quality work, is somehow limiting because “what about the cfs?” This cf oriented mentality is limiting talent in so many ways.

      And anyway Jun Ji Hyun didn’t do a drama for 15 years and she was a cf queen even without YFAS.

      • Well I do think the vast majority of korean hallyu stars have gotten their big break through korean dramas. One can certainly have a solid career through movies, but truthfully the access to korean movies is a lot slower and limited than k-dramas. The exposure to an international audience is limited to the countries that buy it. I’ve probably watched 100+ k-dramas and I’ve watched 4 korean movies.

      • JJH is different. KWB is still a rookie basically. He’s not a movie star who can afford to pass on all dramas roles.

    • Also, what’s up with the buzz about Jo In Sung or So Ji Sub? First Lee Jun Ki takes something that Park Hae Jin rejected and then one of those two taking Kim Woo Bin’s leavings? Say what?!?!? I hope this one ends up being Ji Chang Wook.

      • I consider Lee Jun Ki and Park Hae Jin on the same level, so I don’t see the problem there, but as for JIS or SJS considering this, aren’t they a bit too old for this part? I thought the character was a 20-something guy, otherwise why would you offer it to a 25 year old? I’m sure the buzz is just fans’ wishes. If the writers wanted those 2, why didn’t they court them from the beginning? They’re way too famous to be considering as a second option.

      • @ Joly
        Park Hae Jin is good, but certainly not at the level of Lee Jun Ki, seeing that he hasn’t starred in any prime time dramas yet. He has also never acted in a sageuk, which Lee Jun Ki has already proven himself in.

      • @Ivana Have you seen Park Hae Jin in Bad Guys? I’d say he’s definitely on Lee Jun Ki’s level.

  3. Long lead up? That is the difference between a rookie and a veteran actor, I guess. They gave Ji sung a script for kill me heal me for what felt like 2 weeks before airing, and he showed and said I’ve got this.

    But I can understand if he hasn’t vent seen a script yet. He can’t just go on faith. He needs something. Or maybe he is trying to focus solely on movies now and doesn’t want to do dramas.

    • Yeah I wouldn’t confirm without a script either. I was totally disappointed in Big, though I’ve love some of their other dramas. But you really never know.

    • veteran actors also need long lead up as well, such as Kang Dong Won. It s a matter of style and how fast one connects to the character. It has no thing to do whether the actors are newbies or veterans

  4. That’s such a huge bummer when I really expected him and KSR to have such great chemistry. Now I wonder who they’ll court. After the casting spree the past week and a half, I feel like everyone’s taken lol.

    If the HS decide on casting someone they previously worked with, I’ll take JGS!! For an actor that capable, he just desperately needs a decent drama. If not a melo or a sageuk, his best bet would be HS.

  5. I literally yelled out NOOO when I first saw this news! 🙁 Sigh so devastating, was totally looking forward to Woobin’s comeback to dramaland and with Kang Sora!

    Now that HJM is coming to an end I’m secretly hoping that Sungjoon will sign on to this. It’s a pretty long shot though, considering the fact that he might not be popular enough to be in a Hong Sisters drama, BUT I AM KEEPING MY FINGERS CROSSED! 😀

  6. Nooooooooooo! !

    I was looking forward to this but I guess after succeeding in films he might be reluctant to do a drama where he hasn’t seen the script and in this current condition where tv ratings are all so low.

    I hope Kang Sora accepts though. And they need to find a male lead who’ll match her well.

  7. park hee jin or jin yi han?? haha.. i just love those boys ups, men. ah, havent seen kim man gil.. i think he’s good also 🙂

  8. Hmmm.. I hope he sticks to movies then. Better for his career. Hong sisters project is worth risk taking even if there are so many failures in dramaland these days.
    But still I don’t like the way his agency handle things. Unnecessary media play.

    • Media play? The guy was offered a role; his agency, the channel as well as the production all confirmed that. He considered positively and is now declining. Can you please explain what you mean by accusing Sidus of ‘media play’. What he did is a normal routine that: PHJ and KSH just did for Vampire Scholar, YAI and KSH did for Frankenstein, YYS and JIW did for Blood and LSG did for KMHM. Unless you’re a newbie in the kdrama industry, there’s no ‘media play’ in considering a drama positively and then declining.

  9. Sad. Woobin this is your time.

    Just want to tell you ockoala have you seen lee jong suk and park shin hye instyle hope you cover that news also.

      • Well we, LJS fans know our actor can do any projects to be perfect even when there is no time to prepare and the drama begin to air soon. There are many great offers that are waiting for him. Why don’t you guys think LMH can do this one??

      • @ Lydia

        lol I read somewhere that LMH said he needs a long time to get into a character, so if LMH said this to turn down a project, I don’t think it would be an excuse.

    • LJS won’t accept this. He will have the projects a movie or a drama with a famous director and solid script more than this one. I’m sure LJS and LMH won’t act this role that their supporting role guy declined.

      • Jongsuk will accept it if the story is good just like Pinocchio, the first choice is Woobin and there is a new that woobin is still in talks with this drama.

      • well i am not an avid fan of LJS or Kim Woo Bin, but I think LJS has better acting ability from what I’ve seen. Kim Woo Bin has more bad boy charisma, but he’s always plays the rakish sarcastic guy/student with a ‘heart of gold’.

      • @dal you are a JS fan but you don’t know Pinocchio was never offered to KWB? It was just his company’s media play. The writer had him in mind while writing Dalpo… He is the 1st choice, not 2nd

  10. I think he has something way better then that in store and maybe being the reason why he declined? maybe to much pressure as wel or scared could be possible but I hope that he has something good in store for us and something better.

    Maybe he wants to re-team with KES and IMO his more fit to her rule then SJK

  11. He’s probably got some movie offers lined up and prefers that medium, better working conditions and oportunities for meaty characters than most dramas. He’s doing pretty well in the movie industry so he’s probably trying to preserve that momentum and establish himself further. And if it’s true the HS are trying to cast him without a script, you can’t really blame him for not wanting to stick his feet in. He’s not in a position to be desperate for roles right now.

  12. This is bullshit. I cant believe that woo bin will turn down or already turn down the lead. Whyyyyy????????? I am about excited for his comeback in drama whyyyyyyyyyy. He is suitable w the lead male , kang sora also. They suit together

  13. Noooooooo! I just hope they get a good actor in the role and not a idol. Hopefully Kang Sora confirms. Uhm Ki Joon can be funny so that’s not too bad.

  14. he declined it?! hooray!!!!
    I cant see him playing chef, seriously wth! …… never liked hong sister project anyway! no offence to sister hong fans, i just cant fathom why I don’t like them.
    i am sure KWB is looking for a better script 😀

  15. Nooo,,,what’s wrong with him or his agency?
    I think he prefers movie over drama, but yes as someone mentioned above that drama has more mass appeal and bring more fans, especially in china and international…
    I really need you in a freaking drama woobin-ahh,,

  16. okay guys little bit off topic. Why in the hell is Song joong-ki so overrated on this board?

    Since Ockoala is cheerleading him into DOS along side SHK who is A veteran and dosen’t deserve to share the small screen with SJK?

    the question is what has he done like? Supporting roles + 1 movie and 1 drama… The innocent man and the werewolf boy? thats about it?

    Koalas campaigns gets weirder by the day.

    • I’ll take quality over quantity any day when assessing an actor’s skills. TBH I kind of find it insulting for SJK to be compared to LMH, KSH, LJS, or KWB when they are on totally different levels. Those 4 are closer to idols than actors with massive public appeal, whereas SJK and LJK are more on the skilled actors end.

      • what quality you talking about? His got many fans backup because he is in running man. If you notice, majority his fans just want him to return to running man after his military service. Running man fans tend to high praise running man cast even their acting is shit. for example Song Ji Hyo. Do you think she is a good actress? No. His most notable acting was in werewolf boy. In nice guy? I cannot even finish that drama. Additionally, how old he is? He is 30 years old already. But why his acting cannot reach hyun bin? If you compare with all the actors, he is not in their generation.

      • Quality over quantity always people. I like the other actors too. But why this insistence that SJK needs to do X amount of dramas before he is considered “worthy” of being cast against someone? You need just one drama to identify good acting skills. If they were not evident in SKKS, Tree with Deep roots, Nice Guy and Werewolf boy then can’t help you. Why do koala’s comment boards devolve into fan wars now a days?

      • @KDramaNewbie Tree with Deep Root is contribute by Han Suk Kyu performance. How can song jong ki’s fan gives the credit to song jong ki? He is obviously overshadowed by Han Suk Kyu performance. The only noticeable song jong ki performance is werewolf boy. He is not even reach hyun bin level of acting even they only 3 years apart. And his fans comparing him to his junior instead his batch? Laughable…

      • I don’t quite understand. What does Han Suk Kyu’s performance have to do with SJK’s? Its not even like they shared screen time. No one is claiming TWDR is SJK’s drama. He had a special appearance which gave him a chance to show his acting skills is all I’m saying.

  17. An artist has to want to do a project for it to end in a beautifully successful one. The way KWB prepares for each in detail ………..I am not surprised he turned it down because he finds the time inadequate. Surely, he has many projects with him to be able to pick and choose at his convenience AND enjoy doing so too.

  18. KWB has a potential. From what I read so far, he’s eager to learn even senior actors said he’s very polite. Not a fan of him in Con Artist (CYD all over again), but seeing Twenty trailer, I can say he’s definitely getting better.
    What’s wrong if he wants to concentrate to movie? Big actors in Korea mostly do movies. Maybe he thinks movies are more challenging and have clearer concept.

      • they are unknown to young/kdrama fans, but they are not unknown to international moviegoers or industry insiders. American moviegoers know more about Song Kang Ho or Choi Min Sik than LMH, KSH, LJS,…

    • It’s bullshit. His agency just didn’t like the negative feedback they got from then fans and they’re backtracking since Twenty is coming out soon and had its VIP premiere today, but he still won’t do it.

  19. That excuse is just so lame, I mean did he go back to high school to prep for Heirs?! Come on.
    I wonder if their trying to land him a big project for his first leading drama role. Anyways, I think.they should try and get someone new and talented. Maybe I’m Shi Wan?

  20. Maybe he’s going to do another project instead? What’s wrong with that? I’m not a fan but maybe he felt or his management felt like this was not the right fit role.

    I strongly believe in the right fit. Just because 10 top stars turn down a particular role and someone else picks it up, doesn’t mean it will turn out badly. It could cause who knows if bad script is why they turned it down in the first place. Maybe there is another project that would be a better fit for him.

    Wonder who they will get? I did not like Big, so the Hong sisters are a gamble for me.

  21. God, They lose Kim Woo Bin and got Uhm Ki Joon instead. Such a blessing in disguise.. Why don’t they cast UKJ as the male lead???

    Kim WOo Bin, as handsome as he is, his acting is still very green…

  22. long life the ahjussi…..
    I see nothing wrong on refuse a part in drama production when get choice
    since it is his job to act and he need to deliver a better performance on his part due to his popularity and his ability
    schedule is acceptable reason since he also work in modelling and movie
    I see this as making an opportunity for another actor, who might be better at portraying the character,
    didn’t said he can’t but he at this time decline so let’s hope for the best

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