Kim Hyun Joong to Enlist in the Military on May 12th Just as His Ex-girlfriend Sues Him for Emotional Distress

I can’t believe there is more to the Kim Hyun Joong saga, and then arrives more to the Kim Hyun Joong “reality is crazier than a K-drama” personal life. The first update is that Kim Hyun Joong is for sure enlisting in the military, to happen on May 12th in a very low key manner as per the statement provided by his agency KeyEast. He already got his summons and postponed before, so now is as good a time to do his civic duty and hopefully get his messy personal life out of the limelight along with him. The second update is that his baby momma ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi has gone on a litigious spree in the past week.

She’s suing over 100 netizens for posting malicious comments online, and throwing in an additional lawsuit at Kim Hyun Joong personally for the psychological and emotional pain and suffering she’s endured during her pregnancy. I may not know the Korean civil code but I can’t believe there is a special law for that, she’s likely just suing for the catch all tort claim of intentional infliction of emotional distress, probably from back-and-forth questioning her pregnancy and whether he was the baby daddy and all. She’s seeking damages of a whopping $1.4 million US dollars, by which I suggest it would probably make more sense to ask that amount and call it child support.

I found the domestic violence case last summer worth writing about since it was a reflection on Kim Hyun Joong’s personal character, and being an entertainer naturally puts personal character on display. But his baby momma drama earlier this year felt like personal laundry being unnecessarily aired to the public, there was no legal case pending around it and the issues of co-parenting are intensely personal between the two soon-to-be parents. I only wrote about it because the baby momma happened to be the ex-girlfriend that he beat up last summer, making it hard to imagine she would reconcile with her abuser and get pregnant with his baby.

Now that she’s safely gestating, it would be nice if this entire matter remained private and no updates of any sort is leaked to the public. I don’t care if Kim Hyun Joong accompanies her to the OB/GYN or does/does not go to lamaze class with her. As for her suing more people than she can count on her fingers and toes, good luck trying to win netizen troll cases, much less suing her baby daddy so publicly not sure for what end result. To teach him a lesson? I’m hoping Kim Hyun Joong really throws himself into military service and comes back a better man, even though I doubt his career will ever be resurrected. There’s at least no harm in improving oneself, yes? Let’s hope this is the last of his personal life matters aired for the world to rubberneck since there is still an innocent baby arriving soon and all.


Kim Hyun Joong to Enlist in the Military on May 12th Just as His Ex-girlfriend Sues Him for Emotional Distress — 34 Comments

  1. have you read the text messages between KHJ and his ex? It was released by dispatch and it shows just how selfishly effed up KHJ is. You should check it out.

    • I’d be interested in reading the messages. Do you have a link? For me, the jury is out on this one. While admittedly he has his issues, SHE sounds like a looney tune as well. Seriously? Take him to court because he beat you, then get back with him, get pregnant and sue again? Honey, you too have issues. Seek help stat.

    • God forbide I’m taking sides here, but those disturbing text messages were a two-way street. So I guess the whole drama is really the bitter fruit of a totally unhealthy relationship that was going back and forth, on and off and/or on an ad hoc basis. No one can tell what exactly was happening.Though I’m convinced by now that his agency is involved in that(undoubtedly!) and those text messages have shown quite clearly their big role in this mess imho. Not to mention all the other bizarre hints I sensed about his “work” on the island and what exactly he had been doing ever since his career went into decline, something that miss Choi probably have known for the most part. I got dizzy just writing all this vortex of decandence let alone someone who lives in it. Go figure!

  2. She’s crazy but he is really a huge a**hole. Now even his agency sounds like they are fed up with having to cover for him.

  3. I just think of Tajinyo and I’m all for suing netizens for malicious comments…since he’s getting sued too they are probably his fans

    It is kind of unfair the media is tracking her court actions and publishing them when she isn’t a celebrity and asked to be left alone

  4. Idk, Suing netizens isn’t that uncommon. A lot of celebs and agencies threaten it and then the trolls have to end up apologizing. I remember JYP did it with Suzy a couple times. Though in this case I’m not sure how she can win since she’s not known at all.

    I know people are hating on her for daring to speak, but eh I’m kind of glad she didn’t give in and marry the guy. Now he’s gone for 2 years so hopefully she moves on with her life and escape the cycle of abuse for good.

  5. I ‘ve been saying for the longest that he’s an asshole!!! She’s only human when it comes to matters of the heart but damn he’s a dog!!! He’s only worry about his image and not really concerned about the baby or her that much!!! (Read the texts)! She’s only doing what she needs to do to get him to realize her pain!!! I feel for this child will be praying for all three!!!

  6. I can’t be the only one who thinks of HEALER when I see this case. The way the victim was helped by a gossip news site and leaked info through them is so similar, and a GOOD strategy may I add, otherwise it would have all been swept under the rug. I am not following the news of the stars so I found out about that today and went to read Koala’s old posts on it, I’m still in shock, as an initial SS501 fan – now FORMER one. KHJ needs help, and his career – sorry to say – deserves to be over.

    It is pure evidence that we don’t know these stars and the fans need to wake up. I don’t care if it was my favorite singer in the whole world, I would have removed myself from the “fanbase” just as fast.

    This typical “blaming the victim” attitude that people have, calling her a gold-digger, questioning her words and motives because she’s a woman, is exactly why most victims of domestic abuse won’t speak. They either provoked it or deserved it somehow. Or it’s their fault for staying. And if it took a long time for them to speak up, they are questionned again.

    I just can’t deal with this nonsense.

    Anyway, he lost all cool points. He needs to be careful he might get whooped in the military for being a coward who hit a woman (some men don’t take another man beating up women too well).

    • It’s not so much victim blaming but this chick has issues. I didn’t say anything when it went public the first time. She was nuts for getting back with him after he hit her once. Then she gets back with him and he hits her again. Then she gets back with him and gets pregnant and verbally abused. There comes a time where victim blaming actually makes sense. He full on cheated on her and she let it go to consider marriage with him. Are you kidding me? She’s not a victim anymore but a psychologically disturbed person for going back again and again and again and again.

      First time: horrible, what can I do to help
      Second time: why did you go back?
      Third time: are you nuts?
      Forth time: lock her up

      • So much ignorance I can’t even begin. You should actually go educate yourself about why women got back to abusers.

      • @mel, you and me both. I have known cases of domestic abuse around me (2 men, 2 women). Victims are mentally abused before the physical abuse begins. I really don’t have time for this.

      • Research shows it sometimes takes 7x (repeat) in the cycle before women actually leave the abuser.

        Abused women can’t be viewed with a normal mindset, and their actions judged accordingly.

  7. So you want comments, you little dumb teenage Kdrama blogger?
    Here is my comment for you:

    1. Kim Hyun Joon is the scum of the earth and the worst actor you could possibly find. I hope he dies during his military service. The earth will be a better place without him. No, this is not “haters gonna hate”. This is “abusers gonna abuse”.

    2. She is suing him for 1.4 mil? Good for her! She should leave him high and dry, take everything for him, everything he owns, everything he ever owned and everything he will own. Why? Again, abusers gonna abuse.

    And when you, little brainless girl, grow up, you will find out that abusers deserve such treatment. I hope you meet your own Kim Hyun Joong who will abuse you before, during and after YOUR pregnancy. Let’s see how you are going to like it. Don’t forget to post after your divorce settlement.

    • Veebs, you sound like you went through something similar. In her blogging, Ms Koala seems to be on the side of the person who claims to have been abused in this instance. She seems to be consistently on the side of the victim in criminal matters. I reread her posting and think you may have misunderstood what she wrote. Are you disagreeing with her questioning the amount in the lawsuit or her speculating that it may be hard. I think since all the original physical cases have been settled, in my opinion, it may be difficult to come back to court to get money for emotional abuse which may be harder to prove. Does your knowledge of the Korean judicial system cause you to have a different conclusion?

      I think you personal attack on the blogger is wrong. I think you should apologize.

    • Hey, Veebs, are you KHJ’s ex-girlfriend? Is this the cliché part of a KDrama were the star goes online, reads stuff about her and gets mad because of being misunderstood?

      I think you are too much if you wish for someone to be a victim of abuse. True, you may have been a victim of abuse (hence the anger!)but it does not give you the right to wish for someone to be abused.

      And you are totally off the mark about Koala…she’s just reporting news about KHJ and his ex-girlfriend. This is a site where people get information about KDrama entertainment and anything in relation to it.

  8. Did we miss the part where she is the one that has been going to the media and talking to them about her drama? KHJ Is a douche that can never redeem himself in my eye but she is an attention seeker. All she had to do was respond with a “no comment” and Nets would just see her as poor KHJ’s confused baby moms. She is 50 shades of mentally ill and the money she is suing him for isn’t going to fix it.

  9. Ugh, I have no sympathy for the girl.

    I had all the sympathy in the world when she was first dealing with the domestic violence and her physical wounds.

    But when she was stupid and got back together with him and even is having his BABY after all he did to her? And now she’s suing him for being the jerk that he had already shown himself to be?

    Women need to smarten up and start thinking with their heads instead of their vagina….

    People change VERY, VERY, VERY RARELY. Betting on that to happen is a loser’s bet 99% of the time.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….

  10. It’s so disheartening when I read comments putting the blame of the assault and the whole issue on the victim. Clearly fangirls who have been sheltered their whole lives and think that Oppa can do no wrong, have not looked at the issue objectively. Abusive relationships have long term effects that don’t just disappear the next day and those who say she deserves it cause she went back to him etc. Go and do some research on domestic violence and then come back, abusive relationships are a hard cycle to get out from and it takes a lot of power and support from those around to even leave a relationship that has been both physically and emotionally traumatic.

    • I agree with people already in a relationship having problems getting out of a physically abusive relationship. The issue is that she was already out of that relationship!

      She had already cut ties with him and had even gone to the police with it.

      I lauded her for having the strength and bravery to do that.

      I was OK with her forgiving him if that’s what she wanted to do, but I said she shouldn’t forget about what he did. But when I heard that she went back to him and was having a baby with him, I just shook my head at her decision making and guessed that something like this would happen.

      Why should I support women making really dumb decisions and going with guys who treat them badly, when I see good guys all the time get passed over for those same bad boys?

      And Fwiw, if the genders were reversed, I’d say the exact same thing. People need to respect themselves enough to say that this is not OK behavior, and it’s better to be alone than with someone who had proven to be an ass to you.

      If they choose to not respect themselves, why should I respect them?

    • Don’t worry as soon as he gets out in two years, they’ll be plenty of pictures of him in sweater vests and glasses while holding the baby, to soften his image from beast idol (irony, sarcasm?) to reformed manly gentle daddy…or mabye not honorable/horrible mention Ryucifer and a few others that went right back to work afterwards.

      It’ll be interesting to see how they spin it for him since views about domestic violence and sexual assaults are slowly changing. Park Shi Hoo still can’t act in his country and it looks like society may have finally given up on the Ryucifer; but, then you never know.

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