Sneak Peek at HK Superstar Andy Lau’s Cameo Appearance Opposite Chen Qiao En in TW-movie Our Times

The production of upcoming Taiwan old school coming-of-age movie Our Times is certainly not stingy with spoilers. First came the peek at A-list actress Chen Qiao En as the grown up female lead in the movie, with the high school version played by rising actress Vivian Sung. Next was the reveal that Jerry Yan was the trump card as the grown up version of the male lead played by Darren Wang in the high school years. I feel like that isn’t just perfect cameo casting, it also scratches an itch of many TW-drama fans who have watched Jerry and Qiao En headlining dramas at the same time but never with each other.

Taiwan fans who followed along with the movie filming already knew about Jerry and Qiao En’s involvement since they were spotted filming in Taipei last year. The third big surprise is the special star cameo by Hong Kong singing-acting superstar Andy Lau, playing of course himself, since the leading lady fangirls madly for him all during her high school years. Apparently this movie is loosely based on the life of famed drama producer Chen Yu Shan, so hopefully the cinematic retelling of her teen years will do it justice, and potentially hit it big with the audience much like Gidden‘s You Are the Apple of My Eye. Check out the official pics of Andy’s cool meeting with Qiao En’s grown up leading lady.

Official BTS of Vivian Sung as Lin Zhen Xin:

Official BTS of Darren Wang as Tai Yu:


Sneak Peek at HK Superstar Andy Lau’s Cameo Appearance Opposite Chen Qiao En in TW-movie Our Times — 10 Comments

      • @peppa you know that actors and actresses do not pick the outfits they wear in movies, they have costume personnel.

  1. Not an Andy Lau fan but if I see him irl I’ll be *OMG IT’S ANDY LAU, OH GOD*

    How did they get all these people to appear? First it’s Vivian Chow in CWL then Andy Lau here.

  2. Wwow I will watch this for Joe and Jerry.. Excited to see their chemistry.. Hope they have more than little screen time!!!

    Plus, Andy Lau! This movie really fortunate to have this mega stars <333

  3. Andy!!!!!!!! I was his fangirl in middle school, high school etc… he was my only idol. 🙂 I will watch this just cause it’s a tw movie but I think I will enjoy it for the young characters as much as the adult characters. Andy cameoing is icing on the cake.

    Did he dress himself or that’s how the movie styled him.

  4. If half of the young male leads age as well as Andy has, they will be lucky….he is still a sexy lookin dude. I have never thought of him as fitting into, “the trying to hard,” category.

    I will look for this drama, thank you for the heads up about it.

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