She Was Pretty Shows Off Handsome Park Seo Joon and Pretty Go Joon Hee

Goodness is there a lot of pretty going on in upcoming MBC drama She Was Pretty. I’m thrilled Park Seo Joon finally gets his prime time drama leading man role, and playing a model good looking magazine editor feels like extra eye candy on top. The first stills of second male lead Choi Siwon played up the comedic side, but for the first look at Park Seo Joon the drama is just going with so handsome it hurts. It appears the drama is saving leading lady Hwang Jung Eum for last as the first look at second female lead Go Joon Hee was released just after Park Seo Joon’s drama stills. It takes a brave woman to pull off an updated pageboy haircut, but the lightened hue on her locks helps modernize the super short cut so she retains a breezy femininity.


She Was Pretty Shows Off Handsome Park Seo Joon and Pretty Go Joon Hee — 5 Comments

  1. Isn’t the bottom picture showing HJE’s “ugly” features? It looks like they have actually changed the look of her face, rather than go the classic frizzy-haired, pimply-faced, unfashionable = ugly route. *Squints* or at least it seems that way? If that is the case, I wonder if she’ll look this way for the whole drama, or miraculously become pretty again 🙂

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