Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi Headline Fuji TV’s Fall Getsu 9 Romance Dorama

The J-dorama gods have answered my prayers – Fuji TV‘s next Getsu 9 (Monday @ 9) dorama is not only a romance, it’s going to star two of my faves as the OTP! Hallelujah for the rousing production news to juice me up for the fall 2015 dorama season. Fuji TV’s current Getsu 9 Koinaka is by and large a disappointment, I checked out one episode and found it okay but mostly boring. Doesn’t help that male lead Fukushi Sota has gone back to having barely any charisma, and not much chemistry with female lead Honda Tsubasa either. Hope the next Getsu 9 fares better with the confirmation that it’ll star Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi.

Fuji TV is pulling out bigger guns for the fall season and the dorama to follow Koinaka will be the adaptation of ladies romance manga From Five to Nine (5-ji kara 9-ji made) by Aihara Miki. It tells the story of capable English teacher Sakuraba Junko and her odd but compelling romance the handsome Buddhist monk Hoshikawa Takamine. In Japan monks are allowed to get married, but in this story Junko has no intention of being a stay at home temple wife so rejects Takamine while finding herself attracted to and falling for him. Apparently the manga is quite realistic about romance/marriage issues in modern Japan, and quite steamy as the characters are all adults and behave that way in terms of skinship. Nice!


Yamashita Tomohisa and Ishihara Satomi Headline Fuji TV’s Fall Getsu 9 Romance Dorama — 35 Comments

    • me too..i watched it without expectation, just randomly watching it when the first epis airing on tv but then im following it to ep 7 now with engsub.
      i just miss jdorama with this kind of storyline, it tastes like manga but actually not manga adaptation..

      i’ll recommend koinaka for those who love a light simple storyline without much ‘drama’ hehe..

      but yups, cant wait for our yamapi-kun’s new drama ne.. havent continued his previous drama cuz the subber stopped subbing 🙁
      but with ishihara satomi in it, i bet, the sub will be as fast as takuya’s i’m home 😀

  1. OH now that’s a jdorama to look for..i haven’t watch jdrama for ages. i think the last new one i watched was last cinderella and the ones in the last years didn’t appeal to me so much so i think i’ll watch it!

    • IMHO, pigs will fly before his acting improves. He is actually regressing, if you watch his early dramas he was a much better actor in his younger days.

      • hmm I feel that way when I watch him in romance dramas like Kinkyori Renai or getsu9 dramas but he’s usually better in TBS dramas and SPs.

  2. I haven’t watched jdoramas in forever, but I might watch this because awesome cast and sounds like a good story. Also? Pi! ♥

  3. isn’t that mangaka the author of ‘Hot Gimmick’? It’s been some long years, but I remember that manga didn’t sit too well with me; characters were sick or stupid and abuse seemed to equal affection. I’m not sure I’ll ever be willing to sit through another of her love triangles, unless she radically changed how she portrays characters and relationships.

    • Ugh just skimmed through the manga, but holy crap that is the worst main couple/romance I’ve ever read. The monk character is just messed up …

      The secondary romances are so much better than the main one …

      So, no, not much has evolved since Hot Gimmick …

    • She’s a shitty mangaka. All her male characters are sick misogynistic guys. I love the drama leads, but I already hate the plot after reading 2 chapters.

  4. I think it is time to try jdoramas again because these days K-dramas are boring for me. If I am not wrong, she is in Attack on titan movie. Right? How about the part 1 of Attack on titan movie? Did anyone watch it? Is it good?

    • You are right .I love Jdramas but the very slow sub turns me off.
      But again Yamapi is another story . Just seeing him on screen brings smiles to me.

  5. Yay to both leads but a big fat NO to Aihara Miki. 5ji kara 9ji made was so hard to stomach because it borderlines on romanticising abusive relationships. The male lead was such a controlling and selfish rat that I just can’t imagine why anyone would want to be with him. Granted, I’ve only read like 4 volumes, but knowing the same author also did Hot Gimmick, I doubt the latter chapters are any better.

    • Its true that the monk character is absolutely despicable, but all the other characters are pretty good. This manga is a huge improvement over Hot Gimmick (but the again the bar is low haha). I hope the scriptwriter changes some details about the monk because storywise,the romantic conflict is very compelling (dream vs romance, moden cs traditional, career vs housewife )

  6. The manga is not romantic at all, the male character is physically and verbally abusive towards the female character and when she expresses disinterest he basically stalks her. He critiques everything about her etc.
    Basically they’ll have to change a lot.
    and Pi as the lead ahahahaha, he still can’t act and well I guess this is quite a typical part for Satomi.

    • The stories of this mangaka are really abusive and cringy I don’t know why she have many volumes with every manga that published.

      • That’s what I’ve been wondering as I’ve read Hot Gimmick. I haven’t finished her previous one (Honey hunt) to see if it’s similar story wise.

  7. I have always liked Yamapi. I haven’t watched his latest dramas but I thought his acting in his earlier work was pretty good. As for Satomi, she is a very charming actress and is fun to watch. Her drama “Dear Sister” is one of my favourites in recent years. So I’m definitely looking forward to this.

  8. Oh man, if it was the secondary couple I would be all over this. The fujoshi and the playboy couple is super amusing, especially since the playboy thinks the fujoshi is super experienced and jaded.

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