The Leads of She Was Pretty are Adorable in Colorful and Charming Character Posters

The brightly colored character posters for She Was Pretty confirm one thing off the bat, that leading lady Hwang Jung Eum‘s post-makeover look in the drama is basically Oh Ji Rin from Kill Me Heal Me wandered over to the SWP set. I don’t mind since I adored her Oh Ri Jin, not to mention that look was one of the better visual styles Hwang Jung Eum has sported in her long list of being uglified for roles. I still shudder when thinking of her mushroom cap in Can You Hear My Heart or the frizzy monstrosity on her head in Full House 2.

I don’t think talking about the visuals in this drama is focusing on the superficial, I’m hoping along with everyone else that the story will be good and the directing snappy, but the premise is about a chubby boy who grows up into super model handsome and a gorgeous young girl who transforms into an unattractive adult woman so the looks aspect will be front and center in this drama whether one likes it or not. I’m just hoping the handling is respectful, and the humored mined at the expense of the pretty and not so pretty. In which case, I hope the character of handsome but schlubby looking Choi Si Won delivers plenty of laughs because looking at him in this drama already makes me smile.


The Leads of She Was Pretty are Adorable in Colorful and Charming Character Posters — 7 Comments

  1. going by what has been released, i hope and assume that it wouldnt be so superficial, cause hye jin jung eums character is too embarrassed to show herself to ji sung park seo joons character, as she pretty much fell from grace and was not the goddess that she was in looks, talent and education back then. now she is more plain jane down on her luck and insecure when it comes to her first love. im sure there will be visual stuff but i think they will do the inner beauty discussion after the trials hye jin goes through in the rough and critical fashion world.

    also if that is her transformation, im fine with, it just looks like she got more polished instead of unkempt similar to what happened to ugly betty. it doesnt seem like a huge crazy supermodel transformation.

    i hope *fingercrossed* its good, cause im in a kdrama slump and also i love these actors.

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