Seolhyun and Kim Go Eun Reportedly in Talks for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds with Park Bo Gum

Two leading lady names, both currently very popular, yet it elicits opposing reactions from me. KBS is prepping romantic sageuk Moonlight Drawn by Clouds for Mon-Tues in late summer, airing in August after Beautiful Minds wraps up. Rising actor Park Bo Gum turned down Entertainer with Ji Sung to take this drama so hopefully it’ll be worth his while. As a romance driven story his female lead will be critically important both for acting talent and chemistry needs, and right now I’m not certain who will land the role. Reportedly Seolhyun of AOA and mostly movie actress Kim Go Eun are both in talks for the drama’s female lead. Both actress agencies have either denied or been cautiously responded to the casting rumors so I’m going to chalk this up to another Girl Who Sees Smells situation, where a parade of potential female leads strolled past before the drama landed on the perfect choice of Shin Se Kyung for that role. If I had a choice then it’s Kim Go Eun all the way. Ink her now, KBS!

Kim Go Eun and Park Bo Gum have been friends since they costarred in the movie Coin Locker Girl, followed up by doing an adorable CF for brand G9. If she lands the female lead of Moonlight it’ll be her second promising drama casting following Cheese in the Trap. I still think her decision to pick that drama was 100% correct, it was a fantastic role for her plus there was no way she could predict the second half of CitT would go of the rails.


Seolhyun and Kim Go Eun Reportedly in Talks for Moonlight Drawn by Clouds with Park Bo Gum — 13 Comments

  1. get Kim Go Eun, she’s a 10000 times better choice than the other girl even if she gets hate.

    (I saw orange marmalade and her ‘acting’= hardly opening her mouth when she speaks….like she is afraid that if the camera catches her actually speaking, she won’t look pretty. What a weird approach to acting..)

  2. I don’t wanna be too negative but why Seolhyun is everywhere? I mean, if we compare with Suzy or Yoona, I can understand. They’re idol yes, but they at least have one hit drama. Suzy Dream High and Yoona You’re My Destiny. And Both from huge girlband, Suzy-Miss A and Yoona-SNSD. But Seolhyun? Or maybe I missed something?

  3. Seolhyun already denied she received the offer right away so I don’t see the reason to mention her in your article but I’ll have to go with Kim go eun, I would love to see park Bo young again as well .

  4. Wasn’t it already confirmed the lead role for Descendants of the sun’s Kim Ji Won?
    I had no idea she turned down the role….shameee

  5. Seolhyun is KBS darling though
    And the team who will be doing this drama is from school 2015,the one that FNC produced
    Kim Go Eun will be a much better fit though as she worked with PBG before and a pretty good actress

    • HOW is she KBS’ darling when she’s only done one (which flopped btw) drama with them?

      Her name thrown in the mix is all noise marketing. No one in their right mind will cast her opposite PBG, I’m sure even his side will oppose if she’s cast seeing as this is his 1st lead role and I’m sure he’s looking to be very careful about casting choices so that this drama doesn’t flop.

  6. Only this week 3 articles about seolhyun. “Soelhyun might be song joong ki’s no 1 fan” “comparing butt campaign between seolhyun and suzy” “seolhyun might be in MDBC”. What is so special about her? I found she is overrated because of her beauty. Well she’s just average. And seolhyun stop being too sexy. How sad nowadays, talent is just based on appearance (sexy and pretty) and popularity. Just talentless…

    • What the heck was that butt campaign? LOL…I knew this girl b/c she was broadcasted out loud to be a huge fangirl of Song Joong Ki and basically she confessed that on each variety show and interview. She does have a model figure though.

      • Yes. Model figure is acceptable but the rest is just either a no or xoxo. Well most people (including actresses) tend to have song joong ki syndrome but airing seolhyun might be joongki’s no 1 fan repetitively are so obtrusive.

    • exactly. her management tries hard to build her an image, but what kind of image? sexy? innocent? and they even compared her to suzy lols… ah, this two girls are just the same. pretty but with flat acting. sorry not sorry.

      i hope bogum will get a good co-star. seolhyun’s last drama was so bad. aigooo… they need a stable actress!

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