SBS Plays Up the Romance Between Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye in New Doctors Drama Posters and Long Preview


I think I can get over one supremely unpalatable drama trope as long as it’s minimal and everything else works. That means upcoming SBS Mon-Tues drama Doctors has to limit the high school scenes where Park Shin Hye‘s younger rebellious self bonds with her high school teacher played by Kim Rae Won, because even if they don’t have actual romantic feelings towards each other then when she’s still underage the whole teacher-student forbidden romance is one of my most loathed story ideas.

It’s annoying that SBS is playing up that angle in the latest drama stills showing the two in science lab blanketed by warm sunshine looking way cozier than any student and teacher should ever be. I don’t know anyone who thinks it’s cute that a student has a crush on a teacher, and vice-versa is just illegal and gross, so please just gloss over it drama and give me all the relationship building for ten years later after Park Shin Hye grows up and becomes a neurosurgery resident under Kim Rae Won. Then I can ship them as intensely as I want to after seeing how they continue to spark onscreen in the long 5-min trailer.


Long 5-min trailer for Doctors:


SBS Plays Up the Romance Between Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye in New Doctors Drama Posters and Long Preview — 104 Comments

  1. So they are teacher-student in those stills with microscope? Errrrr.. I will wait for reviews first before deciding to watch this.

    • just dont say anything if you dont understand..pls make sure you see trailer before make any comments..there is no romance between teacher student..their romance exist after 10 years later..

  2. Oh but Hye Jung here is supposed to be 18, of legal age and as Ive surmised from the several bts and teasers as well as description from the casts, the actual romance will happen 10 years after (though I could be wrong). But the attraction is certainly palpable which sometimes can’t be helped. I have observed many instances of these happening in RL as this is one’s world for many hours of the day. But the question is if the teacher acts on it and date the student, then that is where ethics and question of morality comes in. Anyway…the drama looks awesome to me. Fighting Doctors!

      • Absolutely, the teacher/student relationship is there until at least graduation. And saying she is 18, it is fine is wrong, it is with this kind of mindset that bad things happen and the line is crossed.

  3. I’m already addicted to the it already.can’t stop repeating it.
    hope the drama has a gripping story.still don’t trust the writer.

  4. Ewww I thought the romance between the leads only happened when the actress is a resident and the actor is the mentor but if it started when she is a student in a classroom then it’s a big no to me
    To me the teacher is a highly respect figure so I’m allergic or feel gross if both parties develop feeling toward each other

  5. Yeah….I run away from teacher-student relationship type of dramas lol I like Kim and he looks so good…but yeah…

  6. I think the teacher who will help her rather than have feeling toward her in this phase ,the one who will open the road to make good future I think this phase is like To rescue JH from continuing her attitude and being a human .

  7. I agree, OST is so good. This is a healing story…I dont just focus with one scene, i see it as a whole and where the story goes…That’s what it matters to me. DOCTORS FIGHTING…

  8. I don’t think romance would form in school phase. I’ve watched the 5 min teaser and it sounds that his feeling will develop when she becomes a resident.

  9. First of all there is not going to be a student-teacher romance and I feel that people are so focused on this on this one aspect that they are not even going to try to see the big picture of what the show really is about.

  10. if u watch the videos with subs then you will.l understand that there is no romance between both of them when she is in highschool…lets just wait and see..can’t wait to watch running man with the leads and then doctors…Monday is just 3days away…finally..

  11. I think koala is getting it wrong, both of them don’t have any romance feeling towards each other during the high school days but later when they start to work in the same hospital when they become adults,from the teaser i watch

  12. What is wrong if a teacher has feelings to his student…as long it is pure and real love.She’s 18 years old in this drama…..

  13. Park Shin Hye is still suitable role as a high school student when he was already 26 years old now .. still cute!

    so curious about the first episode ..

  14. Kim rae won and park shin hye really spark on screen. Watch the 5 minutes trailer and it’s soo good. The scenes where they first meet is so funny. But the ending..ooh my heart breaking, already in love with the ost no way by urban zakapa.

  15. Yeah me too. Its going to mislead innocent students in real life. What if the teachers they like in RL are paedophile? Those who loves young girls..yikess..?. On a different note regarding other dramas airing lately, I think these drama people must stop pairing very young actresses with adult men. Gross!!!

    • She isn’t minor she is 26 years old and he 35 years old what is the Gross here.
      2nd if you see the teasers and long preview in English you you will that there isn’t any romance he will help her only but after 10 years he realised that he shouldn’the let her hand I think that refers to the accident happened before 10 years and JH is involved in it so you guys if you want to imagine it like gross don’t follow it.

      • I don’t see a problem w/their ages either. She’s a 26 year old woman. She is not a little girl anymore and he’s 35, I would not call him an old man.That’s not a bad age difference at all. I guess if you are 15 or 17 it’s a big difference but I think this ” he’s too old for her argument is ridiculous”.

      • evie7 : who are repying ??
        of course I agree with you I won’t have problem that is what I mean

      • I totally agree w/you too. Just adding little back up because this He’s too old for her complaint just drives me crazy too.

      • Please that is too much calling his character a pedophile. If that is what someone gets out of watching the trailer or reading about the drama. I wouldn’t waste the energy it takes to type a reply.

    • Maybe your lovely bias are in real life relationship, that he or her boyfriend can be seen as a pedophilia? That is stuck in your head, and you seeing it in any relationship? Get help, please.

  16. Pretty sure legal age in Korea is 20, so even if Hye Jung is 18 is still illegal…. on top its the student teacher thing. I don’t find it gross that a student has a crush on a teacher (I reckon Kim Rae Won is gonna be a student teacher) because its actually pretty common…. There was a pretty good looking teacher during my high school days and everyone had a little crush on him. But these high school days of Hye Jung will be about teacher that will change her life, the teacher she looks up to, it’ll be Lee Sung Kyung’s character that will have a bigger crush on our teacher.
    But I also do not want these high schoool scenes to last more than 2eps.

  17. If you watch the teaser there isn’t anything happen between them during high school… Their relationship is actually better than romance but let just look at that aspect and not seeing this is a human drama
    The teaser look great. Even my friend who wasn’t a fan really liked it.

  18. if you watch long preview treaser in english sub.. you will recognize there isnt any romance just teacher whom want to help his student

    I more curious what will hapend before they met again 10 years later

      • taylor swift (26) and tom hiddleston (35) age gap 9 years too.. people didnt complain, they looks good togehter, this normally happend in RL
        I think that make this drama more realistic

  19. seems okay… i like kim rae won since attic cat and he looks so handsome in here. although, imo, psh’s face is distracting me, i dunno, she looks different that the usual psh i’ve seen.

    • She lost weight and has bangs…
      Google her press conference photos and videos for Doctors you can see how she really looks right now

  20. How about we all wait for the drama to air and watch it before we make conclusions? Yes,I can see how the microscope scene might gross some of you but honestly we don’t know the context of it so don’t jump to conclusions yet. From my pov the trailer showcased more of a friendship bond between them than anything romantic.And the reason he seems to regret letting her go is because Hye Jung took responsibility for something she shouldn’t have? Or maybe because she disappeared suddenly? Either way,lets reserve our judgement until after actually watching the drama please.

  21. How about a comment from a real high school student? I think some want there to be something illicit in the scene with the microscope so they can say “I can’t watch because this is wrong and these actors should be more responsible” – it’s a way to diss the drama and sound all high hat about it. But I don’t see any illicit romance going on. I see an 18 year old (really that isn’t legal age in South Korea?) I saw a smiling teacher who was happy the student was interested or maybe grasped what he was trying to convey to her? She was surprised by the closeness as any student would be and backed off fast – which she did.
    Jeez, there is a male French student teacher at our high school and the number of crushes on him can’t be counted but it is all giggly fun and so far no one has made a fool of themselves over him and he realizes there are crushes but he smiles much like KRW does in the drama and continues on. Real life is being depicted in this drama and I most certainly want to watch this.
    I think people should take a deep breath forget they might not like PSH or KRW and just watch. Give it a couple of episodes before labeling anyone or anything as a pedophile or disgusting. I’m 15 and I sure wouldn’t be fooled by a student teacher with something beside friendliness and trying to help. I can see that isn’t what the drama is trying to show.
    Actually, I had my Mom and Dad read the different articles posted and watch all the previews then asked if I had permission to watch. They gave their permission because they saw beyond what the naysayers were thinking or wishing to happen. Dad is a professor and Mom is a lawyer so I trust their opinion. And they are teaching me to think for myself and not believe everything I read. They also like that I have chosen Shin Hye as my role model in life.

    • Wow, you’re just 15?! how precious. I’ve seen your posts on here before and given they way you write, you sound like a mature young accomplished woman. I agree with your sentiments. I also find it totally adorable and precious the kind of relationship you have with your parents, which is built on trust, freedom of expression and transparency.

      For a teenager, you have a good head on your shoulders and I hope you continue to evolve even more as a woman as the years go by. It is important for all of us to have real role-models that are present in our everyday lives. I take it that your parents are that for you. But should you decide to have one in the form of famous celebrity…I think you’ve certainly made a good choice with PSH. Believe it or not, I actually prefer PSH the personality , the person a thousand times more than the actor/celebrity, and that is not saying that I’m not a fan of her acting at all.

      • @Ameera -thank you for the comment. I totally adore my parents and trust them without fault. I started watching Park Shin Hye’s dramas when I was 12 and will continue to watch her dramas or movies. I really like her as a star but I like her real self much more and that’s why she is my role model. I know there are other stars – Western and Eastern who do good things and live their lives right but there is just something about Miss Shin Hye that grabs your heart and mind. I think I will do well in life if I use her as a guide for myself. Can’t wait to watch Doctors – excitement overload!!!

    • Classof2018 How many times have I told you this? You are my hero. You have more common sense that many over 15 s here, and your parents are raising you well. Understandable you look at Park Shin Hye as your role model. Honestly.
      Looking forward to June 19 and 20, to delighted myself. Park Shin Hye in the house. Fighting Doctors.

      • @Scar99 – Thank you very much for your comments. I am also looking forward to June 19 and 20. Doctors – Fighting!!! I am going to live stream the shows (well if I am lucky and can keep a connection – sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

  22. A lot of closeminded comments being thrown left and right ….just don’t watch the drama…since you’ve already decided it’s “eewww” and “grosssss”.

    • Definitely Lolz ,
      Close minded people Are the ones who cannot take a simple criticism and different opinion from viewers
      people are entitled to their moral conduct belief
      Don’t like that then simply just ignore it
      No Need to get oversensitive and defensive and getting personal

      • Hypocrite, you are defending you opinions too but hasn’t really watched the teaser properly.

      • Close-minded people are quick to judge without seeing anything properly.
        Wait until the actual drama won’t kill you before making judgement as ewww and gross.

  23. Actually,during my high school days,there are so many girls that have crush on student teacher in our school and some may know or not;and if I was yoo hye Jung at that scenes too,I will be very surprised and from the teaser with English subtitles,I don’t think there is anything between them during the high school days.
    Koala,let’s enjoy this drama together and forget the student teacher relationship
    I’m in if the drama is good,plus can someone tell me the name of the writer and is she good?

  24. @abc ,, how would you know I haven’t watched the trailer properly ? people watched the scene and most of them agree it’s not right according to their belief so I guess most of them haven’t watched the trailer properly?
    getting aggressive and attacking people personally just don’t make you look any better

    • You mentioned the leads had feeling in that scene. What did he or she say in that scene that made you think they had feelings there???

      • do they have to say something to show us that they like each other?
        The roles of Actress and actors are to convey messages to the audiences not just by words but also thru eyes , and body languages
        based on the trailer , what I saw is that she starts develop feeling for him when he saved pregnant lady
        Their gaze at each other when both of them were so closed to each other in the microscopic scene showed me that they have something
        i was a Student myself before and there is . No way my professor and I look at each other like that if we work in the lab
        Having all said , some may say it’s okay
        Some may disagree
        Everyone is entitled to their belief
        Based on the trailer it can sway some people away because it went against their belief but it don’t make them closed minded or anti PSh or KRW

      • I beg to differ, I don’t see any developing of love feelings from PSH character when KRW was doing CPR with the pregnant lady. She might have suddenly become impressed by his life-saving skills but when someone is needing chest compressions the last thing to do is fall in love.

      • @ Ta: You assume too much on your own.
        My suggestion is that watching the subbed video or wait to watch the actual drama lol
        Hyejung said he and her isn’t in that kind of relationship in the teaser to prove that you are wrong.

    • In the scenes before that scene PSH and KRW characters disliked each other but suddenly they sit in a lab together and you think they have fallen in love with each other? Somehow, I don’t think that’s possible.

      • The comment section is a mess
        My wording is wrong . She starts liking him after the incident of pregnant lady , she may look at him as her role model and inspiration for her career endevor
        But well you will see and make a justification yourself whether or not my analysis is right or wrong
        Thanks for your time and response

  25. I’m going to reserve judgement for later…all I know right now is that I can’t wait for this to start…Gimme Gimme more!! I can’t wait to see their love story unfold in hospital settings 🙂

  26. @ evilfan : already watched the subs before I made a comments
    So you based on her denials to come to conclusion they don’t like each other ?
    And you are telling people closed minded when you are no different

    • Well, if u watch and pay attention to the dialog religiously, replying to her granma, PSH said she hasn’t met good teacher during her school day. When he first met KRW, she didn’t like him at all, so I assume what happen in the lab is the change of her dislike toward him slowly melted. It isn’t love yet. It’s a sign that PSH as Hye Jung start to change her perspective about life and find out if her life goal is to make her granma happy. Only before they separate, they realize if they feel something. However, THERE IS NO ROMANCE DURING HER HIGH SCHOOL DAYS. in the new stills released by SBS, they will show more about Hye Jung changes not only to be open to KRW (JiHong), but also by making friendship to LSK where they study together to achieve their dream. So, although it’s your belief, saying “gross” is honestly disrespectful.

    • NO I don’t assume.
      There was no romance during their high school day based on all the information SBS has been releasing. People assume he has a crush on her bashed on the conversation in the 2nd teaser. But if you look at the last part of the long teaser, the concept would be totally different. They will fall in love when they meet again. Even the long teaser said that.
      I don’t just based on a merge teaser to make an assumption like you, at least but gather a lot information.
      We can wait for the drama and see who is the judgmental one here

      • But no romance I mean no dating and definitely no romantic feeling on Hyejung part.
        PSH said it herself Hyejung doesn’t know how to love or give.

      • This a human drama that show you how real love can change and make people better person
        But people are too shallow to see that
        By true love I don’t just mean romance. It’s also the love from the grandma and the sincerity of a teacher

  27. @Ta, interesting conclusions. How I see it from the teaser is this gangster girl at the beginning knows nothing or understands nothing about love. She only knows force. But, after meeting this teacher, from bunking off school she has decided to attend school. What has made this sudden change? Like you said, a teacher is a respectable figure who leads by example. He must have gained that respect/trust first. It’s just a teaser, not the full episode so yes, we have to wait and see what the writer really implies.

    • Using the term “pointed a gun at her head” does not go across well especially in view of the mass killings we have experienced in the US. Please do not use such wording even in jest. In the world today that is a crass and cruel thing to say.

    • If she can’t act and I saw your comment with the same content in previous article why are you bothering yourself to check her drama updates and comment without anything new and the term “pointed a gun at her head” are you really need to use that term seriously.

    • It’s so sad ppl like you filled with hatred say these words. There has been shocking incidences of hate in US and UK. Please get a mental health check up before it’s too late.

    • I’m sure you are acting better than her. That’s why she is a popular actress across Asia and even got an offer acting along with Choi Min Sik- one of the most respected actors in Korea.
      And who are you? A warrior behind the computer? haha

      • Low mentality ….so because am not an actress that means park shin hye is better than I am?
        Celebrity idolisation at its finest .

      • @hye jin: you criticized her so much means you must have been better and way successful than her, right?

        Oh I guess not?
        What are you doing here fighting behind the keyboard when she is making her own career and have her name known internationally?
        There are things better to do to improve your life.

      • @hyejin – I don’t think anyone bases the remark “low mentality” on your criticism or your outright dislike – they are basing it on your vulgar and irresponsible usage of the threatening phrase “point a gun”. No matter what you say or do you can never unsay such words. You should think hard on how you would feel is such words were said toward yourself or a loved one. Such actions and words leave a bad taste for everyone and will never go away. Perhaps you should choose another venue to state your dislike. After your comments I can’t take you seriously.

  28. The teaser does exactly what it intent, that are creating curiosity, controversy, anxiety, mix feelings, questions, discussion, arguments, conflicts, and inducing people to take sides. What it is? What could be? What should be? OMG I love this writer and Director soooo much. This is a drama like no other, be ready for one of the greatest ride of our life to the dramaland. With Park Shin Hye, Kim Rae Won , and all the cast rocking the life out of us all. Are you ready? Let me hear it again. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? Come on DOCTORS.

    • I do love the drama.Whatever it takes I definitely watch it.It may help me or other people in their lives.I am very curious what the story tell us so if everyone here is curious lets watch before we judge.I love Park Shin Hye she is my first korean actress on my list

  29. to people who think she can’t act…oh please I don’t know if u are aware of this but she is offered a very important character in a film directed by Jung ji woo and you know who is playing another important character-a very critically acclaimed actor Choi Min Sik…so you get ther role is going to be an equal to CMS’s role if she accepts it..that shows how good she is at acting….hope she takes it…and again i cant wait for doctors

  30. People here are old fashioned, were on the 20th century and if you watched the full trailer there is no romance between teacher student.The teacher was helping the student to focus on study and he was a big help for her to open her heart for everything, And not only that old and young couple now a days are common and their more matured and their love lasted long.and how about old womem younger man Its ok but the other way around is not.Be open minded this story happens in real life.Once in your life you had a crush on your teacher and vice versa so dont make a fuss about this drama your not helping with the show..Goodluck Doctors on monday on your premier telecast.

  31. hmmm.. I think I would have been more comfortable if they were in university instead of high school and if he was a teaching assistant rather than her actual teacher or professor. Idk… doesn’t matter to me if they develop feelings 10 years later or whatever.. just gives me shivers when I think of a teacher having feelings for his “ex” high school student. It’s the same way how fauxcest relationships in dramas irks me.. eventhough there is no blood relation, but still..

  32. Wow, tonight is the night for ep 1 of the doctors. Really really excited… PSH and KRW, you both are my facorite couple. Waiting waiting…

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