SBS Drama Doctors Keeps Increasing in Ratings and Breaks 20% AGB Seoul in Episode 5

Looks like the next legit prime time drama hit is here after the runaway success of Descendants of the Sun on KBS. This time the glow is over on SBS as Mon-Tues drama Doctors has increased by around 2% yet again to hit 18.4% AGB nationwide on this Monday’s episode 5. Even better is the drama breaking 20% AGB in Seoul, increasing 2.2% to hit 20.2%. It’s yet early to say whether this marked episode to episode ratings increase will continue as the drama could possibly break 30%, but even settling into comfortably netting ratings in the 20% range for the rest of its run makes it a bona fide success in this day and age. A big congrats to Park Shin Hye and Kim Rae Won, who are evidencing incredibly sizzling chemistry that now doesn’t come across as icky in the adult era.

Kim Rae Won sells his warm commanding presence and Park Shin Hye’s character is better written as an adult, and overall the story line is less aggravating in the present than in the childhood section so I’m happily onboard for the rest of the ride.


SBS Drama Doctors Keeps Increasing in Ratings and Breaks 20% AGB Seoul in Episode 5 — 136 Comments

  1. Koreans love a romance drama….that is what I take about their week day dramas that do well at least in recent history. I am enjoying this drama due to the good chemistry of the cast, but it is a pretty standard drama thus far. I do love seeing PSH play such a confident, take-charge gal.

    • Honestly, the drama is in range of ok to good, but not excellent. And this is coming from someone who really likes both Rae Won and Shin Hye. It feels like the romance was written by a man. The male lead comes onto her too strong, and honestly, the women doctors don’t seem very doctor-like. But I do like it better than Decendenats of the Sun which I dropped at episode 5.

      • However, I am happy for the show’s success because I like both lead actors a lot. I hope they work together again after this drama.

    • Sigh, u musn’t watch the drama. Starting from the end of episode 3 the story took place in the hospital, introducing head, fellow, interns, as well as neurosurgery activity. Watch it first before comment, Suzy.

      • And the news i read. It’s not Doctors but Doctor Crush. That’s more matched

    • Calm down you all psh fans.
      i watched it, but i think the romance part was more important and and get the hype from netizen specialy Kim Rae Won’s flirting.

      • oh park shin hye doing great job and the netizen love both chemistry both make that rates high so take it or leave it shin hye role is awesome of course KRW is big actor and the netizen in love with both so calm down suzy

      • @nilechocolate yeah right psh doing great job, but Kim Rae Won more know well than her in Doctor Crush.

      • No honey she is well known very well of course fan girls will put down shin hye as their usual habit but shin hye is much more and of course KRW and shin hye chemistry is blowing and please don’t use that game to make fan wars

      • I’m not make a fanwars. That’s my opinion.
        Tbh, psh fans are easy to get angry. when someppl make comment about your psh, they called them haters lol pls

      • @SuzyPretty maybe you should keep up with news instead.
        PSH has been trending since the beginning of the drama.
        KRW only just started from last week.
        And it’s normal when actors are more talked since most of the people commenting are ladies.
        If you don’t believe me go to Naver and check.
        And they love the chemistry and their scenes between KRW and PSH, not him alone. They also show how much they love PSH and YKS scenes this week too.

    • As you become angry when your bias offended of course you don’t know who is shin hye 1st you said she became popular bcz her Co stars so the doctors won’t be popular bcz she is alone now the tone is changed and using words to make shin he is nothing actually pathetic try as much as you can .

      • “1st you said she became popular bcz her Co stars” omg when i???? Do you mean psh popular because jang geunsuk???

        i said in doctors, KRW more know well than PSH. because viewers (more than 50% are woman) loves cheesy charming guy. PSH’s character is cool but netizen in love with KRW’s character.

        huffft PSH’s fans really..

      • Have you ever thought, Nilechocolate, that some people (including myself) do not appreciate Park Shin Hye simply because of her own personality and her acting style (and not because of the actors she works with)? You seem to believe that Park Shin Hye is the cat’s whiskers and everybody hates her because she has acted with some popular actors.

      • Try to bash my bias. I dont care.
        And i’m not bash your psh, psh’s fans dictonary: Opinion = bash.

      • To saganarel if she isn’t your cup of tea don’t bother yourself to read her article from the start beside the majority you don’t know hate her for that reason so please don’t write as I accuse some one here .

      • To suzy I don’t bash or trying to offend a woman I don’t know bcz disliking she is woman at the end If I don’t like someone I ignore her articles bcz I don’t like these childish comments beside ahh park shin hye fans blah blah yes we are tired of people who coming her articles and we know those who dislike her coming every article and tell us the story of their disliking seriously as this related to main topic yes the woman love KRW but it doesn’t mean shin hye isn’t well known .

      • Please read the news.
        Kim raewon is everywhere right now.
        Just accept it Kim Raewon get the hype from doctors not your psh.

      • I like your psh! i watched her dramas, i like flower boys next door a lot!!!!! But why i’m forbiden to give honest opinion about doctors???

      • I read everything from the start KRW is big actor in korea and he is respected so I won’t enter in your ugly plans shin hye well known read comments of netizen from episode 1 you will find how big is shin hye I won’t clarify more but either you like it or not shin hye is slaying her role make people attached to her character

    • Of course there’s romance even if it is a medical drama. Just like suzy’s new drama wont just be about a PD. You are in a psh article and your saying that if it wasn’t for KRW the rating would be low. When you share your opinion others will share there’s and there will be discussion(on a discussion/comment section, I know shocking right!?) And you can dislike psh and find her annoying etc. but you keep repeating that shes not getting any recognition for this drama and that the success of the drama has nothing to do w/ her which fans will have a difference of opinion and share it w/ u

    • typical suzy stan. ya just can’t stand it when there’s another female beside suzy that knetz like. worry about suzy’s acting instead of spending all your time in other articles

  2. I love Doctors. I have a good feeling about this drama from the moment they releasd the stills and the trailers. The drama is consistent and solid and I love Park Shin Hye. Shes getting prettier and she has great chemistry with Kim Rae Won. Keep it up Doctors and give that rating heads up to Scarlet Heart, please.

  3. If anything, doctors is an example of sleeper hit. Nobody expected it to be this successful even me as her fan. As for dots’s successor, just leave it to hallayu oppas to compete for it. Im so ready for the battle between UF and W. Anyway im rooting for doctors team to make its own name and has nothing to do with dots comparison

    • Agree, hitting 15% is the most I expect at first as the promotion came late. Never think it will have monster rating as DOTS too just wish they’ll do well. Em happy they hit rating they deserve.

  4. Such a heartwarming human drama. It just feels good watching this. All characters are also so well delivered. I hope the story goes strong and be able to keep viewers interested.

  5. Period… Doctors the best 2016 drama I have ever watched.
    The story lines touching and make us to take a look how important Family means.
    KRW act never fail me, but the surprise PSH make it even better. This drama make her shine the most i think.
    Doctors may also have flaws, but every episode executed surprisingly very well. So… I also don’t want to compare it with DOTs. Since Doctors winning viewers heart in a very interesting way.
    Welcome to Yoo Hye Jung, the most charming heroine ever.
    And male lead who’s cheesey overload but so to the point when speaking. Love this OTP JH/HJ so much.
    Whatever haters said, just shake it off. ^^

      • Weren’t you the one said PSH couldn’t pull off the role?
        Seems like Korea disagree.
        Keep being bitter while the girl is slaying left and right.

      • Possibly; I don’t really remember everything I write. And, actually, I’m not bitter at all. Do I sound bitter? I just like making comments from time to time, and I can’t really ignore Park Shin Hye (as she is rather popular, and there are many articles about her).

  6. @suzypretty
    What do you mean by krw is know more better than shinhye??? And excuse me the drama is still female centred and shinhye is playing her role well likewise krw,so nobody is riding on one skill here…

      • This article about shinhye, didnt you embarassment spread hate here? What do you want here? why are you Come here? Salt Ent must to do something to people like you who spread hate to other, Haters is cyber crime, whom harrasment psychology actress/actor,haters is terrorism

      • @rere omg, when i bash your psh? Please read again my comments. I didn’t said bad opinion about your idol, hufft you’re so blind.

      • I’m being honest psh fans always like that, like some kpop idol fans. lol

      • “Salt Ent must to do something to people like you who spread hate to other, Haters is cyber crime, whom harrasment psychology actress/actor,haters is terrorism”

        LOL i called JYP then. you said suzy is mousquito when i didn’t said bad anything about psh.

      • She isn’t God but she is someone is admirable and talented.
        She has proved it herself.
        That’s why some people like you are insecure and can’t stop bashing her

  7. I don’t think u guys get it. Doctors is a romance drama,period. they just use the hospital as a sitting,that was why the original title was Female gangster hye Jung.but netizen was way too distracted by it and ask they change it instead.that was why they use the hospital setting. cos Doctors is a warm hearted feel good family drama. so,don’t expect any suspenseful or thriller’s just a romcom drama.kinda a feel good drama. cos if u’re expecting some thriller suspenseful grabbing story,I suggest u watch Beautiful Mind. cos the two med drama are completely opposite.

    • I agree for the most part and definitely agree that the romance is the key ingredient. I think they will throw in some mystery with PSH’s character wanting to find out about her grandma’s surgery though I thought we already knew the dude mucked it up and her parents got paid off. Also the business aspect is boring and done to death with hospital politics. I got enough of that in Dr. Stranger and Good Doctor.

      Beautiful Mind is primarily a suspense drama and character study with, at this time, any thought of romance definitely being put to the side.

      I like this site but there is something about certain actors that causes mayhem.

    • It’s actually a human drama about growth.
      But sure people only care about the romance aspect when it was barely a thing in the first 4 episodes. They only started the romance this week

  8. Gave this a try. Not going to lie. Wasn’t a fan. Hopefully like Koala said the adult portion will continue to get better because the school portion is turning me off.

    KJW is really selling his character, if PSH’s character becomes more likable I might stick around for more. Right now her character is too disjointed for me.

    The hospital theme is really only a back drop, this drama feels very much like Surgeon Lee Bong Hee with Lee Yo Won and Kim Bum Soo.

  9. @suzypretty
    You really have so much time,uncontrollable fond is tomorrow don’t waste your energy on shinhye articles because haters will be there for Suzy tommorow

    • I am so disappointed it’s not even funny anymore.. These scenes are pretty important for a romcom but the direction, writing (she didn’t show she had feelings yet) felt like they were not trying at all. Ugh So annoyed..

    • Yup the kissing scene lol…why act like a tenage girl been kissing for the 1st time….is’nt psh act as a 30th year something…does’t her character so focus in studying that she never date someone….
      So far i liked psh character in this drama…liked the chemistry between her and the 2nd lead actor…hope for a better kiss scene between psh and krw character….krw usually make a hot and steamy scene xexxexe…krw please teach psh how adult kiss was like….

  10. @suzypretty
    Lol,shinhye is slaying too and thank you that you wrote Kim rae won is everywhere,that shows how shinhye co stars shine after working with her.I can’t hate Suzy because of your nonentity words cos she is way better than you
    Doctors keep getting those ratings,shinhye keeps getting more popular and Kim rae won should keep on rising tooo

    • Nah you don’t like it when psh get comment but you make comment about other her co star lol tbh those young guys make her more and more study about acting.

      • Study really of course shin hye is know how to act before you are knowing korean drama you want call this an opinion beside shin hye everywhere honey so revise netizen comments from episode 1 and before it Ok

      • haha
        Stop trolling and worry about your bias’s drama.
        You wrote more than half of the comments here… Must have been obsessed with Shinhye than her fans

    • Why drag those “young boys” (that are actually her same age but w.e) just to bring psh up. Whatever just leave it alone after scrolling more I realized that she just keeps commenting to get attention. No matter what PSH is killing it

  11. Yas, i hope female actrees always slaying.
    I can’t hate shinhye too, why choose hate when there’s love?
    I just hope psh fans more open minded about opinion/comment from kdramas fans. Opinion make someone better and better, not always praise idol like God.

    • You can’t share your opinion and then complain when people share theres as well. Thats being a hypocrite. Its not like anyone is telling you names its just discussion. Are you sure your not a secret fan since you seem to be taking up more than half of the comment section and when you do that you can’t expect fans to get annoyed

  12. Lol,opinion make someone better but you can’t take it when Suzy was being dragged down on the article about uf ost, are you kidding me???

  13. You don’t hate her but you have dragged her down numerous times, this is not the first time I will be reading your comments about her and seeing you loitering around her,you are a really a troll!!live your life better,fans like you creates hate for Suzy???

    • Makes her acting more good. That young boys = her experience from her job as actress.
      every her co star are different.

  14. You don’t have to drag someone down to appreciate someone you admire. What is supposed to be a insightful exchange of ideas turns into an ugly mess. Being honest about your opinion is different from maliciously bashing someone.

  15. Half of the poster reminded me of The Heirs, where Park Shin Hye stood in front of Lee Min Ho and springkle came on during the scene πŸ™‚

  16. People can keep being bitter and try to discredit PSH.
    This drama is about her character and she had the most screen time and there was barely romance in the 1st 3 episodes. Yet the rating kept going up
    That proves her credibility and popularity.
    Of course people will talk more about KRW ( and he deserves so) since most of the commentators are ladies and KRW role is almost perfect.

  17. so it’s yet to break the AGB 20 percent mark nationwide? It has a good shot at doing that, though 30 percent is a bit much to expect.

  18. I am happy with krw and psh, congrats both of them. But i think BM deserve better rating too, maybe BM fail this time because PSD not famous yet like psh πŸ™

    • Have you watched episode 4? I almost stopped watching it bcuz if PSD’s character. Jang hyuk is the main reason why i keep watching it.

      Honestly, psh’s character in doctors is more strong. She wont fight if she knows she wont wib. While psd’s character, typical korean heroin…
      But janghyuk saves this drama!!!

      • +1

        Not talking about acting skills, but just focusing on two heroines’ characters. PSH’s character is strong, smart, and likable in general while PSD’s character is typical of a dimwit. I wonder why K writers have fetish to write air-headed heroine, great discrimination against women and an insult to female audience.

        Nevertheless, Jang Hyuk is perhaps the best actor among all the K and C actors I’ve watched who ever played a person with psychological disorder. All others can’t compare with him since most of them are too dramatic and overacting.

  19. WOW!!! 19.7 rating for the latest episode….kudos to PSH , she was the main promoter of this drama and to be honest , if this a bomb….She would shoulder the blame….so it’s just fair that as her fans, we are allowed to be giddy happy about the result. It seems like in the eyes of some, she can’t do anything right but the important thing is, in the eyes of people who matter….her co actors, directors, producers, crews etc. she is someone special. I can’t help but be reminded of last time she attended that Baeksang award night, how the director of 3MAD, winner of the grand prize was all praises for her…even use her to promote the show in front of all their industry colleagues ….how she was friendly with her now leading man, KRW, on that table……and by coincidence, the great movie veteran actor, Choi Min Sik, showing in the background is now maybe her next leading man! PSH to me showed great respect to her co actors by staying till the end, that is why she in turn, earned their respect! What we say here is really irrelevant , no bearing at all! What is!!! Is what the Korean audience and the people who will work with her. Haha!!! If we believe KRW interview….young and old alike Korean actors are lining up to work with her! Now! That is power.

    • +10000 % agree with you and bravo@math… your comment.
      to all psh fans,just ignore that troll. We’re better than her, let us enjoy how psh’s drama have good rating and everybody all over the world love her new drama, shout out from NYC.

  20. Well deserved rating actually! Acting wise, story wise, chemistry wise.

    No stupid heroin, no VERY CHARMING and RICH hero, the villain is uderstable…

    This drama is good. Better than a poir girl who falls for a nerd or a nerd than finally fall in love. Better than a story about a man with his revenge. Better than some other stories.

    Perhaps bcuz my taste in drama is just the same with koreans, so i like this drama.
    Try watching it first before judging. Dont judge based on other comments or other reviews.

  21. I can’t quite understand these fan wars but interesting…

    I am watching for KRW but I like PSH just fine. Watched a lot of her dramas and while I wouldn’t say in my opinion she is the best actress out there but who cares if she is or not. She seems really sweet and fun and I have liked her in some roles a lot. I am not sure how much I will end up liking doctors but I will keep watching and am enjoying it so far. I like the romance factor too cause sometimes I just like watching it. PSH and KRW have good chemistry and that’s good enough for me.

  22. “She is the not best actress out there but who cares if she is or not. She seems really sweet and fun and I like watching her drama”

    Agree agree!!!!!

  23. Well everyone is entitled to their opinions.We have biases and we like that we like this.The most important thing is everyone who’s watching Doctors are satisfied,.happy and have smile on their faces.Shin hye is Shin hye she is well loved in korea and around the globe that matters most and her passion and dedication towards work is unbelievable..Most actors have good words about her and not only that she is the superstar of her generation and yet she still manage to be humble and respectful to others whether crew staff she is like that.I am so proud of her

  24. Happy for Kim Rae Won, sad for Jang Hyuk.
    And do they really have sizzling chemistry? I’m not seeing that from the stills though.

  25. Love watching BM, haven’t started with doctors, might wait it out till ep 10. Reading all this comments, smh I’ll just wait till doctors end as much as i love KRW…oppa i can wait ?

  26. Love love love Doctors. Thanks to park shin hye, The drama immediately became an hallyu hit. A female centric drama with a 20’s actress topping the ratings is enough to make me soo proud. And she has proved fair and square that she indeed is a talented actress. Also seeing her with a veteran actor like kim rae won is so refreshing. She is having chemistry with almost everyone in that drama that i end up shipping her with all. haha..

  27. Uggghh people are really losing it !!!
    Why would beautiful DRAmas like healer six flying dragon jackpot etc have low ratings but this mess is almost 20 percent .
    PSH is the new Kim tae hee …people will watch anything she is on cos she is pretty but without any talent.

  28. If I wasn’t a fan of ShinHye, it would make me bitter too! the drama Was not even heavily promoted by the station and then get this kind of rating? ……. Heck !! The only one who did was PSH herself ! She knew that it this fails…..everyone would point at her . The thing about her is she seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to being a partner….not that the guys were not popular, but these actors exploded after co starring with her. That is why what KRW said was actually believable, he knows what she is worth. This drama is like the little engine that could…..not a big production , almost nada publicity but getting this kind of rating is just awesome. So, for the fans of ShinHye, continue to support PSH and the show…..just ignore the bitter and happilly enjoy the sweet smell of success! ?…. Shin Hye is what one can actually call a “King Maker” not a lot of actresses have that feat. …..yikes , if I was not her fan…..Ill be green with envy too! ??

  29. I’m glad the rating for ep 6 nationwide almost hits 20%. I like hye jung because she’s strong, no bulls**it attitude, and she have strong willpower to became better person. I thought that her character growth is really inspiring and we can learn something from it.

    I’m sure some ppl don’t find doctors that good. But I think for psh fans, hye jung is like a savor from candy roles typecast that psh played before. And that it’s really show the matury of her acting and what she could do.

    For @sganarel, “(including myself) do not appreciate Park Shin Hye simply because of her own personality”.. To be taking about psh personality, isn’t it bit too much ? Do u even know her on personal level to be commenting about her personality ?

    To @suzypretty, doctors crush is only used by dramafever. In Korean, the drama called doctors. For KRW, I think everyone know that he’s more well known than psh but to say that “If there’s no KRW the cheesy charming ahjusi,the rating is low” is unfair. The drama main plot is about hye jung and her growth and Ji Hong is the one that help her grow. If there’s no adamant hye jung, there will be no cheesy ahjusi Ji Hong. So they both have their fair share contributions to the rating too. And I do agree with u that flower boy next door is a really gooooddd drama that showcase psh acting skill.

  30. YHJ is a well written female character for a k-drama and PSH has done a really good job of her role so far. KRW of course is a veteran and his acting is undeniable. Their chemistry together make this drama stand out and makes viewers anticipate more.

  31. @hye jin

    Too bad I couldn’t reply to you. You are the stupid one. I just find you hilarious. You go on every single article about PSH although you “hate” her and spew your hatred on her. You must be obsessed with her. Keep being bitter while she’s living the life! πŸ™‚

      • LMAO. Typical you always responding to people who respond to PSH haters. You must really care about them. I am not a fan of hers, FYI.

      • Don’t worry we won’t ruin her image but some trolls and haters won’t come to her article to write hateful words .

      • guess all the news articles about cyber defamation hasn’t sunk into your brain yet… means if you spread lies or defame a person’s reputation -even words like “stfu hoe” – you can actually be charged with a crime. And you do know that should the person you are calling names files a complaint you can’t hide behind an anonymous avatar because the cyber division of any and all police departments have access to your IP address…..fines are pretty hefty for these sort of stupid comments and if you are a working person it would lead to you probably being fired and if you are a teenager it will follow you for the rest of your life…….choose your words and your actions with a thought for your family and for yourself……

  32. @Classof2018 How many times have I told you that you are my hero? Saying it one more time: You Are My Hero.period.

    Park Shin Hye is the Queen, and however she touches it shines . Can’t stop her. Fighting Shin Hye and the cast of Doctors.
    Mrs. or Ms. Writer, PD, and all the crew thanks for an excellent job, that is keeping us entertain week after week.God continue blessing you and shower you with strength, to not let ignorance and nonsense affect you anyhow.

    • @Scar99 – thank you. I am aware there are people on here making ridiculous comments that sometimes might be construed to be defaming – and some of those making those statements are probably no older than I am. The authorities that be don’t always laugh such matters off as a joke or that the writer didn’t mean any harm. I really hate when someone lacks such judgment and might just ruin there lives over their dislike or resentment of an actress. Such a sad comment on their lives.
      On the other hand – I am loving “Doctors”! Can it get any better? This has to be Ms. Shin Hye’s best performance ever!!! I am live streaming the show here in the US on Monday and Tuesday mornings and I have been very lucky to not have any lags…..does anyone else follow the Soompi forum for Doctors? I signed up but wasn’t sure if the “conversation” might be over my age….

  33. what i have observed here, psh haters made destructive criticism not constructive one. just a piece of advice, if you do not like psh do not waste your time watching doctors, it wont make the shows’rating drop.

  34. park shin hye is a gud actress i hope after dis drama hope,next newdrama to actor more chimistry,congrats shin hye go shn hye,

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