Japanese Female Fans Vote Ishihara Satomi as Most Beautiful J-actress Beating Out Three Time Winner Kitagawa Keiko

There was a great bit in the recent episode of K-drama Goblin where a deceased woman asks the Grim Reaper to make her into Kim Tae Hee in her next life. The Reaper gives her a look and then hands her a waiting list number in the hundred of millions, lol. For well over a decade Kim Tae Hee has been the South Korean ideal in female beauty from actual South Korean women, which is a feat since ladies can be catty but with her it’s nearly universal in the desire for her particular set of natural features.

There’s been an annual poll in Japan of the female ideal of beauty among Japanese stars and for the last three years the winner has been Kitagawa Keiko. This year there is a new number one and it’s none other than Ishihara Satomi, moving Keiko down to second place, still a formidable presence. Coming in third is Aragaki Yui followed by Ayase Haruka with Fukada Kyoko rounding out the top five. It’s a who’s who of popular J-actresses but always interesting to see what the domestic female fans find the most enviable in beauty.

Japanese female fans most beautiful 2016 poll:

1. Ishihara Satomi
2. Kitagawa Keiko
3. Aragaki Yui
4. Ayase Haruka
5. Fukada Kyoko
6. Kiritani Mirei
7. Arimura Kasumi
8. Nozomi Sasaki
9. Miyazaki Aoi
10. Igara Haruka


Japanese Female Fans Vote Ishihara Satomi as Most Beautiful J-actress Beating Out Three Time Winner Kitagawa Keiko — 21 Comments

  1. To me…the most beautiful Japanese actress is still Nanako Matsushima. But Satomi Ishihara is definitely prettier than Keiko Kitagawa.

    I never understand the buzz over Kim Tae Hee and her beauty. To me, the most beautiful K-actress is Sung Yuri.

    • I always thought Keiko Kitagawa looks like KTH. For me, she is the beautiful version of KTH. KTH is beautiful, but KK is prettier.

    • +1000000 for Nanako.
      Since the first time I watch her in GTO, she’s what I call the Yamato Nadeshiko to date.

      And she’s aged beautifully. Sorimachi is so lucky to get her.

    • Everyone has different taste, I don’t think Keiko Kitagawa is the prettiest but to me she’s prettier then Satomi Ishihara.

      Prettiest Korean actress to me is Son Ye Jin. Not even a fan of hers but first time I saw her thought she was super pretty.

      Then there is also Kim Hee Sun, who has aged so beautifully.

  2. Pretties.. But gotta question, where is Emi Takei? Is she not popular/considered beautiful in Japan? Fukakyon, been a long time and still up there, congrats. Congrats to Satomi too.

  3. I would have choosen Satomi over Keiko too. Satomi may not have the features that is considered classic beauty but she is very charismatic and photogenic. I like her personality as well. Aragaki Yui and Ayase Haruka are other actresses that I would have put high up on tje list too. As for the newer generation I like Tsuchiya Tao the most.

  4. Yay for mireii… She’s the beautiful girl around shibasaki brothers hahaha..
    Hopefully she can make it to top 5. Ganbatte mirei chan!

    No nagasami? I think she’s kinda irrelevant nowadays, right?

    Yui aragaki is also pretty. Keiko too. But how about the boys? Any info?

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