Top K-Stars Attend Chanel Exhibit at the D-Museum in Seoul

Another high end couture media event in Seoul and another reason for the fashion conscious Koreans stars to don their brand outfits out for a strut. This time it was the Chanel exhibition titled Mademoiselle Prive held at the D-Museum. Because K-stars can and often do dress oddly, and high end couture also can and often is designed oddly (also described as experimental), this seems like a nice fit and the Chanel event certainly highlighted how combining too much of one brand’s items may be overkill. The various types of Chanel outfits are fun to peruse, one one end there is G-Dragon looking like a Chanel version of a hobo and the other end is Jennie of Blackpink decked out like a high end Chanel young newlywed, and most everyone fell in between. I appreciate Yoona‘s attempt to over-accessorize and like Park Shin Hye‘s outfit minus the jacket.


Top K-Stars Attend Chanel Exhibit at the D-Museum in Seoul — 21 Comments

  1. Jennie looks great, it’s like she’s born for wearing branded stuff. I also like the denim jacket on Park Shin Hye, anyone knows how much is that?

  2. I like Jennie of Blackpink’s outfit the most. I like her bag too.(I’m not so sure if it’s really a bag but it looks like,hahaha)

  3. All i can say is that Gabrielle Chanel alias CoCo as always said “less is more” and the one who embodies the best, in my opinion ,this concept are Keira Knightley and Inès De La Fressange.

    • @cahill, I am intrigued. What does ‘mademoiselle prive’ mean in the fashion world? They have a similar collection 2 years ago in london and it was about Chanel’s first jewellery collection. Is it the same here – about jewellery? I don’t really like the clothes, there is no female elegance anywhere which was what I loved Chanel for.

      • Mademoiselle privé is just an exhbition , a retrospective about Chanel and the 1st collection of Gabrielle Chanel dite ” Mademoiselle” through the years with the best items made by the very best “artisans” of jewellery , Chanel no5 perfume ,.. which are the “quintessence” of la maison Chanel. A few weeks ago there was in Seoul an exhibition of Louis Vuiton with a lot of stars too and it has alredy been showed in paris a few years ago too. Now we have fashion weekssss ! and exhibitions!!!

      • Chanel used to be a conservative brand and they’re trying since a few years now to apeal younger people ! Asia is a big market and stars like Shin Hye , Yoona or GDragon are a great to promote the brand. In Europe they use LR Depp and Kristen Stewart.

  4. haha, this actually looks fun. It’s boring to dress so standard/pretty and it makes it oddly fun to just wear whatever you think can possibly be the ugliest/oddest look.

    Out of it all, I like PSH and Yoona’s outfits actually. I think they are quite young, odd, and attractive in a way. haha

  5. I like what I can see of Han Ye Ri’s outfit – it looks like Chanel is supposed to, chic and classy. Same with the Jennie girl.

    Yoona otoh doesn’t suit her outfit at all – the OTT accessories and edgy outfit are completely at odds with her very ‘I’m an inoffensive kpop girl next door’ face.

  6. Park Shin Hye and Yoona look really fresh and young, a trent to follow, indeed representing mademoiselle to the teeth, and I soooo love their” and what ” pose and attitude. And GD, just himself.

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