Stars Descend in Beautiful Fashion in Beijing for the 15th Annual Bazaar Charity Night

The Chinese-speaking glitterati was out in full force this weekend at the 15th annual Bazaar China charity event held in Beijing, with many reasons to check out ranging from couple sighting to once again C-stars showing that they do high fashion right. Married Taiwanese acting couple Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo stole the spotlight by making their first public appearance as a couple at an event, with Ruby sparking questions about whether she was pregnant with their second child but she later explained was her hand over her belly so she can better display all the Bulgari jewelry she was wearing. Other couples included Ni Ni and Jing Bo Ran as well as Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy, but top star Fan Bing Bing was there solo without her boyfriend Li Chen and same goes for Yang Mi who hasn’t made any appearances in quite some time with her actor husband Hawick Lau. On the fashion side, all the outfits were near universally fun or pretty to look at, making this yet another win for the C-star side in event dressing.



Stars Descend in Beautiful Fashion in Beijing for the 15th Annual Bazaar Charity Night — 31 Comments

  1. My fave dress is going to Ni Ni. And with Boran in her side, huaaaa… So envious lmao.

    But, the pic between Huang Xio Ming cs and luhan, is she Angela Zhang? I think it has been a long time seeing her in dramas so i kinda forget her face.

    • Depends on your definition. Writing wise, Taiwan uses traditional chinese characters while China use the simplified version. Spoken language wise, both speak Chinese, but Taiwan also use the Hokkien dialect alot as most of the Taiwanese Chinese are descendants from Fujian, China. China itself also has many different dialects which differs from province to province.

  2. Completely unretaled but I don’t ever see Chen Qiao En and Ming Dao in these kind of events or even in dramas recently. I don’t even mean together obv but just individually. Same with Jerry Yan but he’s never usually visible anyway.

    • Yea, can’t expect much from Jerry, I mean has he been to one of these things in the last 5 years? I see him randomly in a candid shot around the US or personal social gatherings (which is still rare) but not at star events. Though that’s one thing I actually like about him. *shrugs*
      However, if you’re talking about dramas, all three definitely had dramas air last year. Maybe 2 for her, 1 a piece for the guys? I was just thinking all she does is Chinese dramas now and I’ve seen her quite a lot. But this year, for Ming Dao I’m pretty certain I just saw a photo floating around of a BTS from some filming. Not sure what it was *sorry* but that would mean he’s doing something right? And I’m watching Chen Qiao Ren in currently airing In Life and Love (or Love Actually) with Tong Da Wei right now.

  3. Take note Kclebs and their stylists!!

    Some of the gowns are a bit questionable,looking at you Victoria, but I’m just glad to see so much variety and color. Everyone looks beautiful.

    I feel sorry for Yang Mi sometimes.She is questioned everytime about her marriage and I’m sure it must be stressful to both her and Hawick Lau.

    • Victoria’s dress is actually one of the most modern and stand out in the event…
      It’s not something for everyone nor my pick but is a better fit with the term “fashion”. In fact she is in the list of one of the best dressed by many bloggers.
      She might not doing very well in drama right now but she is still leading on fashion side.

      • I agree that Victoria’s dress IS the most fashionable and modern looking at the event. Again, most people don’t have the eye for fashion 😉 Because I seriously think most of the dresses at the event were “similar gowns” except for Victoria’s dress, very different yet elegant/modern!

  4. I would be so sad if Yang Mi and Harwick divorced but it’s better to live separately than force yourself to stay in a marriage that’s not happy ((not saying that’s the case for them)).
    But she has been picking up a lot of work lately and staying busy, they don’t attend public events together, the scandal. Those happen to be bad signs.

    • Yang Mi has always been a workaholic and even before they very rarely do events together.

      Yang Mi gets a lot of bad publicity when her family is brought up. Many accused her of neglecting her daughter for work. It doesn’t help that her on screen son in 3 Lives gave her some more bad press. I won’t say what he said, some people just aren’t good with children. Like my older sister who doesn’t find any kids cute unless she is related to them. Lol.

      • Not everyone is good with children but she likes him enough to him her child more than once.
        Sometimes kids don’t know better… and draw to people that play with them only.

      • Let me correct myself. She likes him enough to introduce him to her own company production for the 2nd time work together. Reset was filmed before Eternal love which was partly produced by her company. She was the lead and a share holder. I’m sure she has a say on who she want to be in her drama or not.
        We shouldn’t judge base on what a kid say. I’m sure his parents appreciated and thankful for her. The drama made Hummer is even more popular. They also wished her Happy birthday in the name of Ali yesterday.

    • That’s not true.
      She actually has reduced her work load ever since she has a child…
      You can look at her wiki and compare
      She only has average 1 drama per year now when she has many more in the past.
      I read that she chose to keep her private life private after people took photos and called her daughter ugly. She said she want to give her a normal life and want people to focus on her work instead of her personal life

  5. Omg Wallace Huo ?, he looks so darn fine. Zhanilia Zhao is pretty too.. well, my shipper heart may have broken but Wallace and Ruby look so fine together

  6. Who’s the hot guy next to lady with roses dress? Omg, he’s so good looking. Lol

    I love ruby but her style always seems to be boring. They have access to best designers. I guess some people just have style and some don’t.

    • @ Alyssia: The actress in the roses print dress is Qiao Xin & the actor is Zhang Yun Long (Leon). I really like his acting. Yes. I don’t really care for Ruby dress & hair style that much either. I wish WH & Ruby would share at least one picture of their daughter to the fans.

      • It’s not recommended to share their kid’s photos…. Imagine if someone had bad intention and the kid will be in danger.
        That’s why most celebrity parents don’t show their kids faces until… they at least knowing

      • Zhang Bin Bin is another looker too. She does have good eyes. They aren’t so bad on acting either.
        I heard Qiao Xin might go to Yang Mi’s company too.

  7. I’m suspecting Zhao Liying has a boyfriend in power keeping her away from walking the carpet with her “guys” team, she happened to walk alone every single time.
    All the dresses were very pretty and elegant.

  8. So many beautiful peoples and dresses except Jolin. What’s that green dress but I think only she can fit into it although not my style.

  9. some very beautiful dresses, definitely more interesting than the K-awards shows. Very nice jewelry as well, mostly sponsored I guess (e.g. Ruby Lin)… I wonder why the Koreans don’t usually wear expensive jewelry at awards shows? It is common for Oscars or Grammys to have lots of sponsorships in gowns and jewels… just a thought… hmmmm…

    • Because no or very few sponsors.
      C-biz have many more and bigger brands of sponsorship that Korea doesn’t have.
      It’s simply because China is a market all the big brands wants to break while Korea is too small in comparision
      As you can see some of these celebrities here are the endorsers for Jewelry brands.If my memory didn’t fail me NiNi and Zhang Zi Yi for Tiffany and Co. Ruby Lin for Bulgari. Yang Mi for Piaget. Victoria for Damiani. etc. So obviously they wore and showed off those brands.

      • Thanks. That’s explain it. It’s so much more interesting to see these beautiful outfits than the Koreans’… K-dramas are so boring this year…. i will switch off ?

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